How long does tiredness last in early pregnancy

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Till kids get grown and leave home. :joy:. Joking but about true. It’s different with each child. I had 3 the 3 one I stayed tired and sick the whole time. The first two lasted couple months and I worked with first two, I couldn’t with the 3 rd one. Everyone is different

Until around the 4th month. Months 4-7 you’ll feel pretty good but those last two months will become hell again. Then you start getting up all hours of the night to go pee and because you were just uncomfortable that’s prepping you for a baby that’s going to get up every couple of hours through the night.

This one time I was in the frozen food section of my local grocery store and I was tired and my toddler was freaking out and I asked this older lady “it gets better right?” and she said “oh honey no, it gets worse” :rofl::rofl::rofl: so there’s that :tipping_hand_woman:t2: Happy Mother’s Day and welcome to the club!!


Till they move out… Lolz… Really it’s different for everyone. With me my only peace came the last 2 months of each pregnancy. (×2)

You can, now, expect to be tired for the rest of your life. There may be some seasons more tired than others, but always tired. Post Malone got the tats correct.


With my pregnancies, the first trimester I was exhausted. Second trimester, not as bad. Third trimester was exhausted again. Now 3 out of 4 are grown and I’m still exhausted :relaxed:

Welllllll my oldest is 10 and youngest is 5… when I hit the point I’m no longer tired I’ll let you know! Lol I wouldn’t change one second of it! It’s a happy tired


The first trimester you feel most tired. You get your energy back when the progesterone levels out heading into the second trimester.

The whole time :joy: I’m im my third trimester and still haven’t had that spurt of energy once :joy:

With my boys i was tired the whole time but i was extremely sick with my boys my daughter i wasnt even nauseous but for a few days and my second and third trimester i had a normal amount if energy all pregnancies are different

It honestly varies. With my son I was constantly tired the entire pregnancy. With this one I haven’t been tired like I was with my son. I have more pain so it’s harder for me to do a lot of stuff I’m used to doing but I have more energy

Mine was the first half…in all honesty, expect to be tired everyday after your baby is born. On the plus side eventually you get used to being tired.


Forever!! My kids are grown and I’m still tired.


This is just preparing you for the rest of your life. Wait until they drive and your waiting for them to get home. :sleeping:

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Pregnancy, raising children, husbands… it wears you out. Life will forever be different, in a great way!:sparkling_heart:

My first response was to laugh… it never goes away! Congrats! You will be tired for the rest of your life! :champagne:


Does it ever go away? I had it up to week 16. Then it became tired from extra weight. Followed by no sleep Bc baby up at night. Then baby born and no sleep for a good six months. Then toddler hood. Followed by nightmares as an elementary school student. Then not sleeping Bc worrying about them.

Yes it is absolutely worth it.


pregnancy gets more exhausting each day. Mine are now 17 & 16. Very involved in activities, sports & both work. I have been exhausted through every age. I have a physical job & determined to not let my exhaustion hold them back. It does get better but really depends on your lifestyle.

I had a burst of energy the day before I went into labor and cleaned everything from top to bottom, did all the laundry rearranged drawers and cabinets anything i could find to keep busy that’s how we knew the baby would soon be born,happened that way with all four of mine.up until that point I only did what I had to do to keep the household running good luck

I’m 27 weeks and I’m still going through spurts of it. It isn’t as horrible as the first trimester.

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For me, that overwhelming fatigue faded around the second trimester. Maybe halfway through the pregnancy for sure.

I’m a grandma and I’m still tired. 4 amazing grandkids keep Hubby and I busy with their activities…but love every minute!:heart:


It could last entire pregnancy. I work every day while pregnant so I’m constantly tired bc I’m on my feet all day. But usually first 3 months

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You just learn to function on less sleep. Meaning you will always be tired, but can still do everything you’re expected as a mother. It’s worth it though.

Idk my second is over 2 years and I’m still exhausted all the time so I’m thinking maybe somewhere between never and ever.:woozy_face::woozy_face::woozy_face:


The tiredness never goes away. Not even after they’re born. :joy:


Forever lol our oldest is 18 n it’s getting worse


Honey it lasts forever. My eldest is 13… i am still tired :rofl::rofl:


Our son is 16 months old and we’re still tired :rofl::joy:


It never goes away, even after the baby comes!


It will never be the same! But it is SO worth it! Being a mother and now a grandmother-it’s the absolute best!

the next two decades… and it gets worse lol But it is worth it haha


Until they move out, maybe not even then.

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It doesn’t end. I had my first 8 yrs ago and I have 3 kids. I’m always tired

Somewhere between 20 Years snd Forever. :rofl:

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Honey, I’ve got 2 in their 40’s now and I’m still tired.

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It varies. I felt great the whole time. My son was born in August. Hot muggy time of year. But yes after giving birth quite a bit until they’re sleeping through the night.

Each pregnancy is different. My first and third left me tired all the time…my second, I had lots of energy.

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About 18 years or until they move out


With my first around month 4 I started to gain energy back. With this one I’m exhausted all the time.

The first trimester of pregnancy, then forevermore. Waiting for garage doors to go up, the ups and downs of sports, making treats for birthday treats❤️ Love it all.

Should end around when child hits 25 yrs old. Sleep now!!

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Until the child is approximately 35…and then you’ll be tired from old age. :sleeping:


Months 4-7ish are ok but then 7 months pregnant until I think when they graduate, it returns. I’ve heard some even beyond high school graduation :grimacing:

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Lol, it will pass :blush: mine did after the first trimester. You’re making a human.

Forever! But seriously it varies from person to person and from pregnancy to pregnancy.

Almost 16 years postpartum. It never ends.

The next 30 years-at least


First 3 months maybe. It’s natures way of slowing you down so you get plenty of rest.

Until they move out, Then it turns into worry!

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my oldest is 9 and it hasn’t gone away yet.

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My kids are 6,9, and 10 and it has not stopped. Still tired!

The whole pregnancy and the next 18 years lol :laughing: I have a 10 8 5 and 1 1/2 year old I feel like I haven’t slept in years :sweat_smile:

Forever. From the point of conception until the kids move out of the house.

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Mine are 9 n 5, im still waiting for it to pass, i think u get used to it around 16 weeks n it comes back about 26weeks

Until they’re 18 and/or out of the house…

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About 18 years and 9 months? Hahaha, it usually turns around when you hit about 12 weeks or so.

I was tired all the time for most of my 1st pregnancy beside a month or 2 in 2nd trimester but my 2nd 3rd and 4th pregnancy even 2nd trimester was and is exhausting especially when you have other kids to care for while growing a baby

30+ years but totally worth it

I was too sick to be tired lol I didn’t feel like sleeping all the time until late term and then it never went away Katrina Shields

9 months and then it gets worse for 18 years

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Mine, when I was taking several naps a day and still falling asleep if I sat still long enough, lasted for about a month.

Your always tired unless for some reason or somehow have energy, im in my 2nd trimester and im always tired

Til your kid moves out of the house, sometimes longer🤷🏼‍♀️


You eventually transition to empty nest syndrome…

Forever! My baby is now 19 years old and I’m still tired.


It’s unending. And suddenly you realize there is a second level of dead tired whole pregnant and dealing with a sleepless toddler

Until they are 18 :rofl::crazy_face:. But seriously every pregnancy is different. I felt better about week 15.


Wait, it’s stops?! There’s a time where your NOT tired?


It’ll get better after your first trimester!

I’m 62 and I’m still tired lol once the kids grew into adulthood they became parents and now the grands wear me out :upside_down_face::joy:

For me it was only about 2 and a half…decades.

Had my first baby in 2015…still tired :upside_down_face:

Until you go to your finally resting place.


When they turn 21 your energy will return.

At least 18 years but probably the rest of your life!!!

Never! and when the babies are born you’ll be more tired. So yes NEVER but Happy mother’s day to all you tired of being tired mommas!

From conception till the day you pass on, as a mom, you will always be tired.

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Get used to it. It will last for the next …oh rest of your life. You’ll lose sleep because they’re little and keep u up screaming all night. Because they are 5 years old and want to sleep with u during nightmares. Because their teenagers and are driving and out with friends. Because they’re adults and you cant fix every bad thing that happens. Because they’re older and they’re just not with you all the time. You will never sleep good again, and that’s ok.


Just during gestation and the 18 years that follow :wink:

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My youngest is now almost six…so fingers crossed its six years

The next 18+ business years


As the father of a nine year old, it’s lasted for about ten years now.

My oldest is 18 and I am still exhausted


My youngest is 45 years old and I am still tired.

Welcome to parenthood! Tiredness will last from day one to the end of time lol!

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Until your children are grown!


Well, I’m 129 months post partum and I’m still exhausted! :sweat_smile:


Until you give birth and until they go to school.

It probably won’t go away until your child is about 5 and in school… but by then most people start all over with another :woozy_face:

The rest of your life!


Usually the first trimester.

Until the child is about 35


From conception until you die from old age.

Forever! I never have energy, but I love being a mother. My daughter is definitely worth it. :heart::two_hearts:

The rest of your life. :joy::joy::joy:


Well my youngest is 28 and I’m still waiting to get my energy back!! Oh wait 3 grandkids now so guess I’ll keep waiting and hoping lol

Wait, it’s supposed to end?

Tiredness never ends when you’re a mom!