How long does your teenager nap?

Does anyone have a teenager aged 16 that naps everyday?? And for how long?


Their circadian rhythm is off and he’s growing. Just like they sleep a lot when they are babies because they are growing so much, same with teenagers. Let em sleep


i did when i was that age. how long i napped just depended on how tired i was and how bad school & everybody else stressed me out.

i also tend to nap when im in a bad mood. school literally used to have me in the worst mood when i came home.


I’ve napped every day since I was 12 probably. I still nap every day. Some people need it more than others. I used to nap for 3 or more hours after school now it probably is 1.5 hrs a day. Normally when my 15 month old naps I take advantage and nap too.


Extreme fatigue can be a sign to other underlying conditions. If your momma gut says something is off, get it checked out.


Does he/ she get up for school on time?
Just curious

My boy is only 12 & plays sports year round. But if he’s able to, HE NAPS. HE NAPS HARD. we call it a “sleep” instead of a nap since it’s usually 2-4 hours.
Their bodies are changing so much at this time. Let him sleep as much as he can❤️


My 15 year old naps three days a week when she gets home from school. Sometimes she will wake up for dinner. Sometimes she will sleep right through. I think she stays up late, as do many from this new generation.

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Lmao both of my teenage boys take a nap after school. Like 2-3 hours. I want to wake them up so bad for all the sleepless nights they put me through as babies.


When my kids were that age they were to busy to take a nap. But they could sleep all day when they had nothing going on.

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My 14 yr old comes home from school and takes about an hour nap then gets up and goes to work. My 17 yr old doesn’t really nap occasionally she will for a few hours

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I used to nap at least an hour everyday after school at that age. I was always drained by the end of the day but also had slight depression. Some people need the energy reboot while others don’t. Excessive sleeping could be signs of depression or other underlying conditions that might be worth discussing with primary care physician.

I use to nap at that age whenever I could. Now, as an adult I nap every afternoon once I’m home from work and before my kids get home. I desperately need that a hour to recharge

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My 16 year old sleeps a lot when she’s not working, in school or playing sports…. I slept a lot at that age as well

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Both my teenagers do. My 15 year old sometimes naps for like 4 hours

I did when I was that age, I was exhausted and would fall asleep every day at about 3 in the afternoon


My teen kids still nap lol usually few hrs

My kids aren’t that old. But I was 16 once and I slept a ton cause I was ungodly depressed

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Mine they sleep about 3 hrs. I did the same thing would come home nap then get up and do my homework and go to bed 10-11

My 14 year old naps every day

When I was that age I slept until 1 pm

Yes, for 2-3 hours almost daily.

My son especially could take a nap every day at that age no questions ask


Uhm… why aren’t they in school or home schooled. Or working a job. Hell my 15 year old goes to school and works. Sounds more like a parenting problem

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Teenagers require the same amount of sleep as an infant because their bodies are growing at the same pace but in different ways
Plus it’s a nice break from all that attitude for the parents

If my kids friends are busy he’ll come home and nap for 2-3 hours

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i love to nap! 20, in college at the moment and i will find a time to nap. Bad mood? Nap. Stressed? Nap. Bored? Nap! Helps regulate myself with the stress of working full time and being a full time student


I’m almost 37 years old and would love to nap every day. I definitely take naps on the weekends.


If they are doing what needs to be done (school, work, chores, whatever) does it really matter? Now if it’s interfering with life, then look into it.

My 16 year old went through a phase for about a year where he slept as soon as he got home and weekends. Every chance that boy got he was sleeping. He also grew about 2 inches that year and I couldn’t keep enough food in the house. He still likes naps, still is growing, and I still can’t fill him up. He works, goes to school and helps me as well as schoolwork. I think teenagers need those naps. There is a lot of growing going on. Also, the mental exhaustion from school, friends, and expectations is a thing. Make sure he is doing okay emotionally and physically and let the boy sleep.

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Mines 15 and yes, he falls asleep in the car after school and often sleeps from when we get home till like 7-10pm

When I was a teenager it depended how hard I partied and for how long lol sometimes it could be 12-16 hrs lol.

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My 16 year old comes home from school around 3ish and naps until dinner

As I teenager I remember wanting to nap or sleep in and my dad wouldnt let me. Let them sleep! Unless there is an underlying possibility of a health condition or depression, LET THEM SLEEP!

I napped as much as I could when I was a teenager. I still love naps. School, sports, work, social life, home life. I was tired. If you notice a change of grades, behavior, hygiene, that could be a sign of depression but otherwise its a teen who is tired.

My teens never napped. They were too busy living life…weren’t up all night gaming or chatting on phones like today’s teens


When I was in high school (graduated 2018) there was a while when I was coming home and taking a 3 hour nap EVERY DAY. I’d check in and see how they’re doing mentally. Or maybe they’re just exhausted. But it’s good to check.:heart:

My son is 12 and has never stopped napping lol

My youngest was sleeping 16-20 hours a day. Doctors were not listening to me. FINALLY one did bloodwork…mostly to shut me up. Turns out she had Epstein-Barre virus (AKA mono)…a VERY bad case. We also found out that she has Ehler Danlos syndrome, which compounded the fatigue.

My teen is in ROTC and he never naps. He will go to bed early rarely. My 12 year old naps. He gets home from school and falls asleep every day. We always time him :rofl:

Mine all did it (4 kids) even now if they get tired I tell them to go lay down . It’s usually anywhere between 2-4 hours .
Keep in mind that everything going on with their bodies at this time will make them need more sleep than ever.


My daughter naps all the time and she is 17. Sometimes it’s 30 mins to a few hours. Usually when she gets bored or had a long day. My 14 year old son naps once in a while but usually only for an hour at most.

My 16 yr old son is an athlete. Meaning he practices 2-4 hours a day. Whenever he can get a nap in he naps long and hard

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My 17yo sometimes naps after school for maybe an hour, if she doesnt have work or something else. She stays up late til like 2am. My 16yo “crashes” some days and sleeps from 4 til as late as 8. On days he works he’s at work til 11pm then gets up at 730 for school plus homework. They don’t nap in the summer tho.

All my kids want sleep all the time! I know they are checking their soc med

Mine doesn’t nap, my others didn’t at that age either.

My daughter does year round full travel cheer and coaches gymnastics and tumbling. She’ll be 15 in August. She practices 2-3 nights a week and coaches when she’s there before her practice starts. After school she naps each day until time to leave and if no practice I hardly see her. And on weekends I usually just open the door to make sure she’s still breathing :rofl: let them nap

My teens Dr told me that teen require almost as much sleep as infants.

I napped everyday at that age. They have school too early.

They might just be worn out, but maybe get their Doctor to check their, B12, Folic Acid, Iron, Vitamin D levels…Also ask for a Full Blood Count too…
Maybe get their Thyroid checked and Diabetes levels…

I napped nearly every day after school when I was 16. I still nap at 26. It’s vital.

I did (and still do) apparently it’s from my anemia lol

There’s many things that can cause people to need naps. Depression is one and nutrient deficiency is another.
Try adding something like carnation breakfast essentials to the daily routine.

My 14 year olds comes home from school around 4:30 and naps till about 7-8

I would come home from school around 330 and go to bed until about midnight. And when I didn’t have school I slept until the sun went down, got up and stayed up til sunrise. But mine was in part due to fused spine (neck to tailbone), heart and lung problem so I had to sleep sitting up. So I just learned to sleep whenever I could. But now at 32 and a mom to special needs son I love naptimes. Naps are 3-4 hrs long while my kid watches movies, plays, makes blanket fort, uses me as a racetrack for his cars.

I have two and they both sleep whenever they feel like it. I’m the same