How long is breastmilk good in the freezer?

I’ve heard breast milk is only good in a regular freezer for 6 months. Has anyone ever use breast milk over the 6 months mark. I have a ton a milk in my freezer and I’m just past the 6 month mark. Do you think it’s still okay to use/donate?


You could do a milk bath if baby gets a rash or anything, eczema, Dry akin, etc.


Regular freezer 6 mo deep freeze 1 year

Im almost 100% positive its good for up to a year froze.

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If It goes past 6 months I wouldnt feed it to ur baby there r other ways to use it though.


It’s good for 12 months.

Freshly expressed breast milk can be stored in the back of a deep freezer for up to 12 months. Regular freezer - 6months. However, using the frozen milk within six months is optimal.
research suggests that the longer you store breast milk — whether in the refrigerator or in the freezer — the greater the loss of vitamin C in the milk.

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6 months in a normal freezer 1 year in a deep freezer :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t use it to feed the baby but you could definitely use it in many other ways!

What’s the difference in a regular freezer and a deep freezer

Sweet drop cafe is a fb breast feeding group that offers tons of great info and the admin is a IBCLC.

My pediatrician and LC told me to go off smell because it could last longer than a year or less than 6 months. Depends on freezer and hows often you open it and what not.

My pediatrician told me the 4 rule! 4 hours out, 4 days in the fridge and 4 months in the freezer!

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Keep in mind what you pumped 6 months ago will be different in content to what you are producing now, as your milk is constantly changing to accommodate the child’s requirements.

Deep freezer = 12 months.
Regular freezer = 6 months.
I’ve heard people use it after the 6 months mark but I personally wouldn’t risk it

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Guideline says 6m regular freezer and 12m deep freeze. I’ve used donor milk up to 2.5 years old because that’s all I could get my hands on and baby has terrible problems with formula.
No problems
They are guidelines. Thaw some see how it smells. Sour milk smells like sour milk


My milk wouldn’t keep beyond 2-3 months before it soured :woman_shrugging:t2::roll_eyes:

I think you should be okay as long as it smells fine! We have used some milk over the 6 months and it was fine!

I got this at lactation last week

Doctors say deep freeze 12mos tops!!!

I think if you use it soon it shouldn’t be a big deal.
Might just be a break down of chemicals within the milk itself.
They reccomend not using formula that has been open for more then a month, but I know for sure I used formula that was open for longer then a month. Nothing bad happened. She didn’t get sick or lose weight while i used the formula

It can be used for other thinks like milk baths

It just loses nutrients/antibodies past the 6 months. You can always try a bag or two and see how your baby reacts to it. If they’re okay taking it, you’re good. Babies won’t drink bad milk.

It’s good for about 6 months or so. If your going to donate it get ahold of your local Leche Ladies (if you don’t have a phone number call Lavor and Delivery at the hospital for the number) and ask them. They will know a mama in need if anything

I have used older than 6 months.

Yes. Keep on using it!