How long is breastmilk good?

How long is breastmilk mixed with a tsp of infant formula good for at room temperature ??. And Could i refrigerate it and use it again later; warmed up?

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One babies mouth has touched it max 2 hours for bacteria purposes.

Since you added formula it’s only good for 1 hour after made!


My pediatrician said if you put breast milk or formula in the fridge it’ll be good up to 4 hours. It’s a milk based product so if you keep it refrigerated you’re okay. If you leave it sit out for more than 1 hour it’ll go bad.

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Why would you mix formula and breast milk? I’m curious

Are you making the formula with water first and then adding it to your breast milk? Or are you putting the scoop directly into the breast milk. I think your supposed to make the formula first and then add that to the breast milk. You should never add undiluted formula directly to breast milk.

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Only an hour that’s why they recommend doing separated bottles

If nipple touched babies mouth good for an hour but if baby didnt touch nipple and wanna store it its good for 24hrs in the fridge. Read side of babies forumla can it’ll tell you how many scoops and hours to keep it.

If any formula is in it you have an to use it or up to 24 hours if you refrigerate it immediately.

1 hour. Once formula gets in the mix, it’s only good for as long as formula is regardless of the breastmilk. If the babies mouth didn’t touch it and it’s freshly made, you can refrigerate. I would say for a 24 hour period because that’s what the rules are for formula in the refrigerator.

Why would you want or need to mix it with anything even if it’s for a primi but no matter it’s good for about an hour in the bottle and about 4 to 6 in the fridge.

Breastmilk is good bedside for 6 hours … the hospital told us the formula doesn’t change the breastmilk it’s only to faten up the baby when we came home we had two bottles that the baby needed with formula so I’d pump 5 oz add 2 tablespoons and left it bedside 6 hrs it was safe and the baby was fine it’s good fridgerated for 24 hours

Yall need to leave this lady alone her baby is a fed baby thats all that matters.