How long should a child have to quarantine?

If a parent test positive for covid, and they have joint custody of a child, how long does the child need to quarantine before going back to the other parent?


I’m assuming the same amount that the parent has to quarantine


They told me 14 days

Until they get a negative test back or 14 days if you don’t get them tested. I had Covid in November but all my kids tested negative so their dr said it was fine to go back to their other parent.

14 days. or 72 hours AFTER everyone in the house is symptom free (if all in the house has symptoms).

I was told that if the child shows symptoms 14 days from that date. If they dont show any symptoms they need to quarantine parents quarantine plus a quarantine of 10 days.


Two weeks standard regaurdless of age

CDC changed guidelines so check there first. I think it’s 7 days now

I’ve been told 10 days from exposure, I would talk to doctor to be sure there is so much he said/she said info out there…

It’s 10 days to go back to school after exposure. But if the parent wants them I’m not sure legally they can’t come get them

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But honestly you should talk to your county health department because every county is handing it differently

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14 days from the date of positive test is the typical quarantine time


We tell our patients 10 days from date of exposure if they are asymptomatic. If the child becomes sick during the quarantine it’s 10 days from the onset of symptoms.


10 days. Going through this now.

If someone in the house tests positive it’s been 24 says in my area, 10 for that person to get better and 14 more to make sure the other person doesn’t show any symptoms

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14 days for us . No one comes back if there sick

If the child is with the healthy parent, then they should stay there until the other parent has a negative covid test. If they are with the sick parent, then stay there for 14 days to make sure they show no symptoms. Even then, they still risk taking covid to the other household asymptomatically.

Just went through this. 10 days and fever free with no fever reducing medication for 24hrs

Heck just wait till you test negative doctors say so mant different things no one even knows. Just use your best judgment

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My husband spoke with a woman at the health department and she said that the children should Continue to go between homes as long as they are not going in stores or restaurants or anywhere a crowded area is. Visitation shouldn’t be stopped. However , if a child is already exposed to the sick parent , you’ll just have to decide if it’s in the best interest to risk the other home getting covid .

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Completely depends on where you live. Seek information from your local health authority.

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They only had us quarantine for 10 days from start of symptoms they were back to school 10 days later

14 days from last contact with the individual that’s infected.

Where I am, I tested positive and had to quarantine for 10 days. My kids were exposed to me and because I could not isolate myself from them. They had to quarantine with me plus an additional 10 days after my release date. So instead of 10 days they got 20 days.


Cdc guidelines are 10 days from the positive test and/or first symptoms. Speak to your school nurse for additional guidance in your state/school protocol

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14 days no matter what

I’d say 14 days :woman_shrugging: But if the parent quarantines for 14 days and they are still contagious and the child doesn’t get the virus until the parents say 10th day in quarantine couldn’t the child still get sick for up to 14 days later?

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Kristine Brown Ayers is the correct answer. My friend works for the health department & this is proper protocol. As the kids could possibly contract it from the parent on day 9 even so they need to quarantine 10 days past your quarantine. Unless they develop symptoms then they would do 10 days from onset of symptoms.

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7 days with a negative test, 10 days with no test is our school policy.

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If my kids dad got coVid and had
Kid id still take my kid… i might have to quarantine but theres no guarantee youll get your time back… forget that.

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I just went through this exact thing. The day before my daughter was supposed to go back to her dad’s, I got sick & tested positive for covid.
According to the cdc in San diego, she was stuck with me for 24 days since my first symptoms.

It is 20 days if a parent tests positive. Just went through this friday with my daughter and granddaughter. It is 14 days if the child tests positive for it themselves. It is 10 days for people that have been around but dont live with the person testing positive. So, My daughter tested positive, her 3 kids are home 20 days from school, i was around her sunday, so i have to quarantine for 10 days and then i have to go be retested on that 10th day, and make sure i get a negative. Her kids also have to be tested thay 10th day. Things change with it seems like daily!!

10-14 days from exposure of symptoms. If they then develop symptoms it’s 14 days from that day. We went through this a few weeks ago. Both house holds didna 14 day quarantine with my daughter staying with me. Her step mom and older brother were positive at her dads and bc of the holidays it was every other day here or there so we played it safe for all involved in her everyday life. Seems like it’s different everywhere and everyday. You could contact your Dr or their pediatrician.

From our school nurse and health department we were told 24 days unless child test positive. 10 days that the infected person is contagious and then 14 days for the child to exhibit symptoms. If the child does get sick and test positive then it’s 10 days after symptoms start as long as main symptoms are gone.

Our schools require 14 days from last exposure. Parent tests positive day 1 and child has contact with parent during the parents entire 10 days, child’s 14 days don’t start until parent day 11. It can be up to 24 days.

However, if positive parent 100% isolates on day 2, (absolutely zero contact and zero shared spaces), then parent day 2 can be the start of child’s 14 days.


Courts have been enforcing parenting time. If the receiving parent wants to receive the quarantined child then they have the right to do that. You can’t refuse to send your child to the other parent.


My ex husband still lives with his parents and since his mom is very cautious over covid, and I just tested positive 5 days ago, we just agreed to let my house become the quarantine house and we all just ride it out. It’s just safer that way for everyone. My ex is a great dad and his absence during quarantine physically will never cause harm to the kids long term. If anything, I think it’s showing them we are being responsible adults and following the rules. We are also protecting our family by staying away for a bit.


This happened to my nephew who shares custody of his daughter. Doctor recommended that he quarantine with her for 2 weeks, a week later she tested positive so she ended up staying with him almost a full month. She FaceTime her mom every single day. There’s no reason to put the other parent at risk for COVID. That’s stopping the spread!


This just happened with my kids.
My hubby had Covid
We were told that he is contagious for 10 days after the onset of symptoms and that him and all of us needed to quarantine that entire time plus 10 days past that to make sure we didn’t show symptoms


If the child can’t stay away from positive parent, they need to quarantine for 14 days PAST the parents 10. Or 14 days past the last time they were with positive parent


The whole 14 days. They are a close contact, they need to be tested.

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We were told by the school that 10 day in room quarantine then 3 weeks out of school. I thought that seemed kind of long.

You have to get two neg test.safest way.

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I work in a hospital and its 14 days

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My boyfriends daughter lasted 7 days away from our house when I got it until she stopped eating and was so depressed her mom/dad decided that’s long enough.

10days is what is required but I personally would say 14days

14 days from last exposure to infected person


Household exposure is 14 days from the 2nd day the positive results per CDC

It’s changed to 10 days now not 14

10 days of parents quarantine plus 14

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CDC has all the right answers! 14 days from LAST exposure… potentially could be 28days … depends what n parents interaction and sx

When I had covid, my family’s time was based off my 11th day. So even though they quarantined the first 11 days with me, they were required to quarantine an addition 2 weeks.

Its 2 weeks from the 10th day of the infected person’s test or symptoms. So the parent is quarantined for 10 days. The kid could be infected on the 9th day. You wouldn’t know. So the quarantine for the contact starts then. Unless the kid gets symptoms or tests pos during the initial quarantine.

Our doctor told us that it was up to the parents and that they couldn’t stop the other parent from seeing the child! I have joint custody also and we couldn’t keep my son from going to his father’s even when we tested positive for covid

When I tested positive the health dept in my county said my kids had to quarantine 10 days after my last day of quarantine in case they contracted it anytime during my quarantine. Unless they showed symptoms then they’d start two weeks from the first day of their symptoms.

If they have continued contact with the ill person, during the ill persons 10 day isolation period, the child’s quarantine begins on the 11th day and continues for 14 days.

That is up to the health department. I tested positive on 02/09. The health department quarintined my husband and my 8 year old daughter till 02/19 and quarintined my 3 year old daughter till 02/24 due to her age.

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I would think it would be the same as it would be for anyone else. 2 weeks minimal is what I’ve heard.

Hard to say because the statute’s keep changing

Its 2 weeks from day got positive result.

Missy Sanders according to the Judge in your state. Not every state is the same. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Same as you 10 days not 14

Just wait til the results come in

2 weeks. Why is this even a question?

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10 days my son had to stay at his dads

Um if the child is not sick sorry but the other parent needs to take them. My ex’s child support just went up because he though he should not have to take him on the court ordered days. I did not care if he took him or not because my son usually does not want to go but then I found out he got a % off of child support for the days he had him that he did not have him. That discount ended when I showed the courts every week he decline to take out child.
but that said the other parent is a parent and I actually asked a judge and they said if the child is not sick and even if the child is sick the other parent can and should take them. If they are sick they can just as easily be sick at either parent. I ask a judge about the pandemic issues and they said they can not interfere with visitation.
I have no issues with being a single mom and doing everything myself but I do not agree with keep kids away from parents who can and want to be involved in their kids lives. Part of raising kids is also being there when they are sick. if the kid is not sick and just quarantine the other parent can just as easily do that too.

Quarantine is for the sick. No healthy person, adult or child, should ever lock themselves away and cover their faces. Isolation and avoiding all illness is how you get incredibly sick because you’ve eliminated your immune system completely. If you have underlying issues, that’s a different conversation.


When my husband and I tested positive we had to isolate for 10 days. We could not isolate from the kids entirely though. Our health department stated that our kids 14 day quarantine could not start until after our 10 day isolation. So they were quarantined for 24 days…

It was 14 but they changed it to 10 days.

if the child is positive its 10 days if negative or not tested its 14 days.

Mine went 14 days same as I did.

It hasn’t changed in the almost year we have been doing this…

14 days and get checked after quarantine my kids just got over it . They just had mild case like a cold. Thank God.

Mario Alejandro Gonzalez

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