How long should an infant sleep?

New mom here, my LO is 2.5 months and from day one has always been a good sleeper at night but she goes to bed late 10/11 wakes for a feed at 5/6 then back down and up for the morning at 9/10 sometimes 11. My question is I want to try and bring her bedtime earlier as when she sleeps till 11 I an nervous it’s way to late. Nice for me to be able to get things done and eat breakfast. Any tips to bring bedtime up further. Also we dont have a routine during the day for naps, I havent been to crazy about it as she is sleeping so good at night but at about 3 months how many hours if sleep should she get and how can I start getting a nap schedule during the day?.. honestly I have been blessed that she loves sleep and her crib we havent put to much effort into it, it’s like it came natural to her. We do the same routine at night quiet play, feed, bath, feed and bed. She cluster feeds(BF)
Thank you

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Give babe more milk in a one hour interval to help boost up for the night say 6, 7 and 8 and babe will happily go to bed earlier with the boost of extra clustered feeding. Good luck!

Idk if it helps but this is the schedule I keep for my 3 month old.

8am wake up, feed, 1.5-2 hour nap
11am feed, tummy time, play, 20 min nap but I leave it up to her
2pm feed, 1.5-2 hour nap
5pm feed, 20 min nap but I leave it to her again
8pm start bedtime routine, usually asleep by 9

Thankfully she sleeps till 8am but I use to do a night time feeding at midnight and 4 am