How long should baby sleep in your room until they are moved to their crib?

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The next day every noise she made I was up checking on her second nigh she was in her own room one wall between us and I always heard her,


I have never been able to sleep with a baby in the room, so my babies went to their own crib within 5 or 6 weeks. I had a bassinet by my bed before then. I never had my babies in my bed, so it was an easy transition to a crib in their room.


I had my kids in the bassinet a minimum of 3 months, until the middle of the night feeding stretched out to about 6 hours. Took longer for one than the others, but having them right there for breastfeeding in the middle of the night was less stressful for all of us.


My 6 year old still sleeps with me. My husband prefers the recliner so plenty of room. My. 2 year old has thankfully been in her bed since 3 months old. One child in bed with me is all I can handle!!

My grandson stays with me every weekend. I let him sleep with me until he was about 2yrs old. At first it was so i could get up and feed him and i would know when he was hungry. Then he started movong too much and i couldn’t get any rest so he started sleeping in his own bed in his room


Both my kiddos sleuthing in their crib in our room until they were a little over 1. I know it’s a long time but it was mostly for me. I didn’t feel comfortable having them in another room (even with a monitor) before that. It was also a "big deal"day for them for their bdays and they loved it. Running in and exploring everything.

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Pretty much once my daughter srart d rolling over and the bassinet was no longer safe for her to sleep in maybe 4 months at the most


50+ years ago I kept mine in a bassinet near my bed for 6 weeks, then they went Into their own room in their crib.


Our babies never slept in our room. They were in their crib in their room the day we brought them home.


They sleep in your room until you and hubby are once again :grin: proactive then there own room.did this with all nine of mine.but I’m only telling how it is for me…each to there own

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I couldn’t sleep when they were in my room as I woke to every and I mean every noise


However long you want them to. No special timing. Mine 4yo just left my room and my 2yo is still nursing ams Co sleeping.


There is no clear cut answer. Follow your gut. My kids have always been in my room until they were old enough to safely sleep elsewhere. Like when I didn’t have to worry about them getting up and getting into things. I literally couldn’t sleep when we attempted to put them in a crib, in another room. Ive had a crib at the end of the bed, playpen beside the bed, bassinet by the bed, and Co slept. Im a very light sleeper, even when they are 5 years old and decide to sneak in, I don’t sleep well lol. If you are a heavy sleeper or must take meds that make you drowsy then you should never co sleep. But if they have their own bed in your room, I don’t see a problem


With my first child, our pediatrician suggested they sleep in our room (not co sleeping) until 6 months. Our second child came 4 years later and her recommendation changed to keeping them in the room for 1 year.


I kept mine in a bassinet for probably 3 months and had crib in my room till they stopped nursing. It’s up to you .

Mine slept in bassinet for 3 months,then crib in my room until she was about 2ish,then moved to a 2 bedroom house

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Mine were in their own crib and own room from the moment they came home. But to each their own, whatever works for you.


As long as you want them to sleep in your room…


If its not started, you don’t have to worry about the right time.


Mines are still in my room! 29,26,22,17 how can I get rid of those little bastards! Jaja to late to go leave them at the fire station!:sweat_smile:

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I moved my daughter to her own room at about 9 months but after she turned 3 she would sneak into my room to sleep on the floor until she was around 9 years old. I don’t think she ever officially moved out. :laughing:

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Everybody is different. Moms know when the time is right.

I did 6 months with both my girls!

Til you are done with midnight feedings

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When they get home from the hospital

When they are able to untangle themselves from a blanket

How ever long you want or don’t want?


Before preschool for me…as I have limited rooms… then

Mines 5 and still in my bed 🤷


Extremely bad habit to start for many reasons.


Our babies sleep in the crib in our room.

Different things work for different people.

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At least a year old.

Til you’re ready to get up and walk to their room for nighttime feeding. If you want them in your room, it’s fine. You do what makes you comfortable

Mine went from bassinet to pack n play then to a regular bed.

Bbs should be put in a crib from day one and in their own room, not mommy and daddy’s room.


HMMMMM the first nit e they come home…

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Depends on yourself.🤷🤷

Depends on the situation

I have two kifs and if you go by my son give or take a year but about seven years if you go by my daughter one week.

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My son was in our room in his own bed for the first 3 months… He spent the first 2 months in the nicu so I wanted to keep a closer eye on him but he moved to his own room at 5 months old… He was very claustrophobic… Didnt like the small cribs so I found an older style play pen he used as a bed… Once he got that he slept pretty good…

Mine stayed in cradle then cot beside my bed until they were two then went into their shared room into a bed. No problem for me. Easier for me.

Hospital and nicu doctors were adamant that we did a year. With that said, covid hit and she just moved out at 25 months!

I would 3 months that when that when every 4 hours feeding is over

My son slept in his own room since birth i never had him in our room at night

Whenever you feel the time is right. Mother’s instinct. My daughter was 4 months old when I moved her to her crib. It was good timing for us, but that may not be the same for other moms and babies.

My first slept in a bassinet next to my bed for the first 6 months. Then went up to his own room. My second went up to her room much faster 2-3 months. I think it all depends on you and how well the baby sleeps through the night.

I transitioned my son from Bassinet to Crib at about 3 months

Mine babies slept in their own crib and in their room by 6 weeks.

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Until you are comfortable with them being in their own room.

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My children never slept in our room. They had their own from day they came home from hospitL.

my husband did not want …he aid not ever…i thought i would itd

Husband worked nights. Ours slept in large laundry basket that could be carried from room to room.

Should be in bassinet immediately after birth. Then to crib after a month. Babies rest better in their own space…

I’m looking for answers to my 5 and 7 year old. They still with us in bed. Lol

Never had our children in our bed

Soon as you get home if not 11 years later shes still there

Put the crib in your room. They can stay in your room until you’re ready to move them in their own room. My daughter was maybe 3 or 4 months before I put her in her own room. Of course after she fell asleep, i made a bed on the floor and slept next to her crib. Lmao. Momma was very protective.

Until u feel comfortable

As long as you can keep them there!

Both of mine slept in the bottom drawer of the dresser close to the bed and moved to their own room when they started moving around

Went to there own room from day one