How long should I wait to walk up the stairs?

I got a c-section Wednesday, 3/3/21, and I was wondering how long it would be before I’m able to walk upstairs? My stairs are kinda steep. How long did it take everyone else?


Dr told me 2 weeks before doing stairs

I did mine the day I got out of the hospital. I have never heard any different. :woman_shrugging:


Just listen to your body! Everyone is different. I agree 2 weeks is what youre told. But not everyone has that option. I was alone with my 3 kids on day 5 and had to do everything. You find a way but def ask for help if you feel you need it!

Just take it slow and you will be fine

I was up and moving next day but my sister took some time, I think it’s what you can tolerate. Being up and moving helps heal!

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I did mine the day I got out of hospital, which was the day after I had the c-section. I’ve never heard any different either.


I did them 3.5 days after my second csection. I came home to pack new clothes then headed to the childrens hospital where my son was transferred to the nicu… that hospital is huge & i was walking all around there… The doctors there didnt even think i shouldve been out of the hospital or walking around in general yet at that point but I was… I also healed a lot quicker with that one, than i did compared to my first csection. Moving around, carefully of course, helps you heal faster.

I did a day after. I had no other choice living in an upstairs apt

I was 2 days post partum csection when I went home. I did dishes, cleaned house and walked up stairs and picked heavier things up. I knew what my body could handle. Stairs should be just fine.

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We lived with my in laws and our bedroom was up two floors. I carried our laundry basket up and down the day after we got home. I guess it all depends on how you are feeling. Just don’t over do it. Congratulations by the way!:heart:

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I did mine the day I got out of the hospital while carrying my daughter. The hospital never mentioned stairs restrictions. I live in an upstairs apartment.

I was washing laundry the second day I was home from the hospital. I never heard of not walking up stairs?

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Oh man I walked upstaira the moment I got out of the hospital.

My OB said to take it slow and listen to your body. He also told me to go up the stairs slowly and backwards so it doesn’t hurt your surgery site. Best advice I had!

The next day… I was basically shoved out of the hospital bed by nurses.

do it as soon as or it’ll just drag on

I walked up steps once I left the hospital

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We lived in a two-story home and I try to only go up and down once a day. It was awful and was told to avoid them but kind of hard. We ended up setting a pack and play up downstairs as a dual station so I wouldn’t have to go up and down

My doctor told me to do what felt comfortable but not to push things. With stairs I had to do 4 the day I came home from the hospital to even get in the house & I stuck to that until my stitches came out because it pulled. After that I was pretty much back to normal with breaks when I was on feet a lot. The only thing that really took me a while was laundry because we have a top load washer & the bending/leaning was pretty painful for around 6 weeks. My advice is to just listen to your body & when you try something new have someone there to help just incase you need it.

I didn’t have a choice because when I had mine I lived in an upstairs apartment but I did try to limit how much I walked up and down them to help with the healing

Day three, soon as I was released. Just take it slow.

I had to walk up the stairs the day I came home because the shower was up there. As long as you take to slow and don’t over exert yourself it’ll be fine.

I had no choice but use stairs on day 3 after my 1st c-section since my apartment was a 2nd floor one. Had to get up there some how! Lol. Plus the washer and dryer were downstairs. Got used to it very quickly.

The day I left the hospital

I walked upstairs when I got home. I still had stables. My bedroom was upstairs so was our sons

I did mine as soon as I was home from the hospital.

3 days after a c section

I did the week I came home so week 2 but I walked the day after c-section by forcing myself

I carried my daughter in her car seat out of the hospital…
You listen to your body.
If you feel you can, do.

I had no choice but to do stairs. Take it easy. DONT do it right after you take pain meds. (If you’re taking them) because you will think you are invincible. And then pay dearly.

Just go slow, listen to your body, limit your trips, and don’t carry anything for at least a few weeks.

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Every woman is different. Take it slow. Maybe walk up a couple and see how you feel. Do a little at a time. It took me weeks to recover from my c section because I did too much starting when I got home from the hospital which was 3 days after my c section. Just take it slow and listen to your body.

I did the day I got home from the hospital, that was 5 days after my c-section! I walked a lot in the hospital being my son was in NICU and I was nursing him! Just move around as much as you can, take small walks and listen to your body!:heartpulse:

My first c-section I was in the hospital for almost 1 week once I was home my room was upstairs. For my second I was in the hospital for three days then went home and I live on the third floor. Just take it easy, if you need to hold a pillow against your incision. Don’t push yourself.

The more you move the quicker you heal that being said use common sense of course. Go very slowly and don’t do it alone my husband stood right behind me it’s the stomach muscles that will fail you they aren’t always happy after a csection !

It’s your tolerance slow very slowly and never alone and never holding baby (or anything honestly) your body is gonna tell you what you can and can’t do and each csection is different along with each person.

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With my first it was 5 days because that’s how long I was in hospital once I was let out and got home I had to walk up stairs to get into our house

I had to the day I was released from the hospital- second floor apartment. Two days later I was helping carry boxes down those steps as we were moving. You’ll live


I was when i came home from the hospital just go slow Mama

I did everything I wasn’t supposed to do after my c section. My Dr would tell me I couldn’t carry my son. Because it was to early right and fresh. Well honestly I’m a tough guy. And nothing happened to me I walked stairs. Everything. I was in the hospital for a week any way. After that we’ll I was fine.

I did the day I came home from the hospital. Had no choice as I live in a split level home with both bathrooms upstairs. I just took it easy and had someone behind me in case I got dizzy (which I did) to make sure I didn’t fall

I have super steep stairs. I walked up them five days after.

When I got home, bathroom and bedroom were on second floor

Reading the comments got me like :scream::scream: I waited 40 days for everything after i had a c section. I took care of myself so i would heal properly. If its possible I would just set up downstairs for now


Iv had 3 c sections n the 1st one is the worse as your afraid to move. Just take it easy and listen to your body


Just take your time, I had 3 c-sections and over working yourself can hurt you. I had my scar reopen partially and now that it’s healed it still hurts where it had opened up at.


I didn’t baby mine I picked up heavy things leaned over things it did hurt

So I had my c section 2/26/21 and was told 2 weeks for stairs. I also have a question though, there seems to be a small lump on the right side on my incision (yes I’ve called the doctor but they havent returned my call yet) any idea what it could be or is just my insides? Also how do you know if you pulled a stitch located on the inside? I only have skin glue on the outside of my body.

I would just take it slow, day I came home I was back to doing my normal house stuff, laundry, dishes, cooking, driving, doctors appointments nothing slowed down. It wasn’t possible for me to just take it easy and actually listen to what the doctor said I went against everything minus sex. Thats the only thing I listened to, I wasn’t remotely interested in it anyway. But as others said listen to your body. Good luck

I did the day I went home. Just go slow.

I did two days later when. I got home was doing everything normal had the house al cleaned by the net everyone wa amazed of by is fast I bump back to life but everyone is different I also had no pain(no pain med either not even ibuprofen) sex in ten day. But yeah was doing stairs as son as I go home bathroom upstairs lol

Walk slow and steady, but you can go whenever. I walked the stairs the day I went home.

The day I was left home from hospital I was going up and down a few times that day :see_no_evil::see_no_evil: I went to rush up stairs with a bottle and fell walking up :fearful:

I did stairs in the hospital bc my baby was on a different floor in the nicu. You’ll be fine, just go slow

You’ll know yourself if you’re not able. I was in hospital nearly 5 days but then when I went home went up the stairs to bed etc I just took it really easy, took my time and my husband carried the baby up. It can help just to hold your stomach when doing something like that, bit of added support.
2 weeks I was flying not a bother.


About 2 weeks, enough time to run out of clean clothes :rofl:

I had no choice but to run steps as soon as my son was born. And maybe a week after I was moving houses and I healed up fine. Like everyone is saying you’ll know what you can and can’t do

We live on the 2nd floor so I started the day we got home. Just take it SUPER slow.

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Just go slow. My bedroom is upstairs and your bet your booty I was walking up those stairs to lay in my soft bed on my belly!! So it can be done. Just take it easy. Don’t carry anything but your baby.

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They told me 2 weeks but I started when i felt I could it was about a week after i had my son also born on 3/3/2013 :blush:

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I did stairs the day I got home, all our bedrooms are upstairs and I couldn’t sleep on the couch as we have dogs and cats. Just take it slow, you know your body best. I’m going in for my 2nd c-section in afew weeks :blush:

I lived in an upstairs apartment so as soon as i left the hospital

I had a c-section withy twins 5 years ago we lived up stairs in an apartment the stairs didnt bother me as i was walking up them a lil slower than before.

One step at a time and slow.of you have to.

The day I got home is when I walked up my stairs. I just didn’t carry my baby, my husband did.

You do what your body feels comfortable with. Take it easy & let your body heal. It’s a massive operation, listen to your drs advice.

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I had too the day I got out after mine I lived upstairs its hell to do but if your carefull you can do it

Some ppl domt have a choice day 1 they have stairs to get in house ive had 3 sections and u just rake it slow thats all

I was walking up and down the stairs the day I got home from the hospital just take it easy nice and slow and try to limit to only a handful of times a day at the beginning if you can

I live in a second story apt so I was up the stairs the say I was released and multiple times within a week for the baby’s first appt and to get my stitches out and anything else that I had to do

I had really steep steps and an emergency c-section for breath birth. I was told by the midwife to wait 10 days for the steps (after two nights in the hospital. I walked every day, and was working an office job part time after 5 weeks. I was 37 years old

The say i was released

Super slow but the more walking around you can do less likely to stiffen up and will help you heal faster also don’t be afraid to take painkillers if needed its major abdominal surgery.

The day I came home from the hospital just go slow you will be fine

I walked up my stairs the same day and walked down them the next day. I had a lot of people to help during my first week and did not carry my daughter down.

I was walking up the stairs as soon as I came home which was about 5 days that wasn’t as bad as the feeling of sneezing or a cough but take your time and do everything at your own pace

I was doing everything with in a few hours of my section it hurt but I could do it except poop couldn’t do that for like a week :joy:

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Now. One at a time. Slowly.

Same day I got home on all 3 csections

I was up 4 hours after my c section showering myself, I went home 2 days later and life continued as normal, I was driving 5 days after too.

I done everything the same day but everyone’s different so just try the steps and see how you go

Make sure you stand up straight it hurts less and just take it slow

Had emergency c section in July, pre eclamspia, had my son 4 lbs and left 30 hours later. I didn’t find stairs to bad but getting in and out of our truck was painful and getting myself out of bed for a good week or so. I also had a 1 year old already and having to pick her up and keep her out of stuff helped me heal way faster. Was doing everything I was before just a bit slower :sweat_smile:

The next day I walked up 4 flights to my flat lol x

I always say check with your doctor but stairs you should be able to do right away

I left the hospital within 24 hours of my C-section and was up the stairs in my bed the day I went home

Had my son via c-section on Thursday night, discharged Saturday morning. I lived on the 2nd floor so 1 1/2 days.

First and for most you know your body if you feel comfortable do it if not don’t. Listen to your body.
I have had 4 cs and by my fourth I just continued life as normal even drove my self home from the hospital.