How long was your babies NICU stay?

Moms of BOY 35 weekers that have had steroid injections for lungs - did they need NICU time? If so how long?


I had a 33 weeker. I got two shots for his lungs and he only spent 11 days in the nicu

My son was 34 weeks 6 days. Had 2 steroid shots and was in the NICU for 8 days. He only needed an iv for fluid until he learned to eat.

Had a 34 weeker, 1 steroid shot during labor
No NICU, she just had to spend a night under the billy lights for jaundice then went home at 4lbs

My son was born at 35 weeks and 2 days and spent 4 hours in NICU just to be observed. No admission to the NICU though

My daughter was 35 weeks, I also had 2 rounds of steroid shots but no nicu time. She was born 6lbs 6oz and perfectly healthy

Why does it matter boy or girl? Theres not gonna be a difference just because of the gender


I won’t know unless baby has other co.plicstions or less than 5 lbs then they go to the NICU

33 weeks. 3lb 15oz No NICU

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My youngest was born at 35 weeks and luckily got the injection beforehand. He was jaundiced but no oxygen or time in the nicu.

No 1 did have to go back and be in an incubator thing because he was jaundice

My son was born at 34 weeks and had great lungs from the shots but still needed NICU time cause of really bad jaundice and maintenaning body temp

My last was born at 34.5 weeks and we could have left after a day but I had section complications

My son was 34 weeks 3 days and I got the steroids to help his lungs. It’s normal for them to give those to women in labor for premature babies. He stayed in the NICU for 3 weeks with no issues. They kept him that long to make sure he’d eat well when he got home since premies don’t quite get the hang of it. It’s scary , it’s so hard to be away from your baby but it’s all worth it when they come home :two_hearts: hang in there momma

Yes. Our grandson was born at 34 weeks. He spent quit a bit of time, they had him tube few, incubated and he came out great. He tends to get more sick than our others but trial and error will get you thru. You know your baby if something feels wrong do not hesitate to ask. I believe ours was in the NICU about a month

Mine (33 weeks & 35 weeks)never got the shots but still spent time in the nicu

Out of curiosity why would the baby’s gender matter?

My 32 weeker with injection needed 10 days only

My youngest was born at 37 weeks and had 2 hours of transition nursery due to lungs and breathing but didnt go to NICU we did have NICU on standby in delivery though

I had steroid injections and had my twins at 36 weeks no NICU. (That was 22 years ago…lol)