How long was your premies nicu stay?

I’m 21 and a first time mom. I’m 32 weeks pregnant and was diagnosed with severe preeclampsia. My blood pressure has been up and down the past few days and we’re trying very hard to keep her in until 34 weeks. Anyone else deal with preeclampsia? any tips? How do you deal with a preemie in the nicu? :disappointed: I feel absolutely awful having to leave her. the hospitals over an hr away from our home.


Depending on where you live, a lot of hospitals have rooms, or organizations nearby that let you stay close. When my son was in the NICU almost an hour away from home, we stayed at the Ronald McDonald house close to the hospital.


Yes me with my 3rf she was born at 32 weeks 4lbs she had no breathing issues or anything only was in nice 8 days to show she could gain weight and keep temp up babies will amaze you!!

We stayed at a Ronald McDonald house. Our NICU nurses were seriously super heroes. It’s not a easy situation at all. But knowing your baby is in good hands is what makes it just a little easier


I also was allowed to stay in a room at the hospital for her stay but also my bp wouldn’t go down so they kept me a few days longer

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Hello, I had my daughter at 34W 5D.
I am in Canada and I stayed with her in the hospital.
When I left her I cried and was so lonely for her.
My girl stayed in the hospital for 2.5 weeks.
They are good sizes about 5lbs.
I am sure the Ronald McDonald house will help.


I had my oldest at 35 weeks… I had HELLP syndrome. But my son did not have a nicu stay. So stay positive, not all premies needs a nicu stay, so dont stress about it yet, it will only make your bp go higher! Good luck mama… Hoping for an easy and healthy delivery for you


My first was born at 32 weeks my second at 34 weeks… My first was in a NICU for 17 days but we was prepared for her to come early with lots of prebirth medical help… Such as shots for her lungs magnesium to help her neurological system but she did fine… My second born at 34 weeks just spent the first 24 hours in the nursery but no NICU… Trust me they are fighters… The chances are good for your baby to survive just might need some help with breathing and feeding tubes…

I had preeclampsia, then eclampsia, then went into HELLP syndrome. I had an emergency c section at 31 and 3. My son was 3lbs 2oz and was in the NICU for 37 days. He did not have breathing issues except for needing cpap for 16 hours after birth. He just needed to grow and keep his temperature. My NICU nurses were so incredibly amazing!! My son was in the incubator for 21 days and the staff were so good to me and my boy. I was allowed to stay in a care-by-parent room for most of my son’s stay. NICU life is stressful and emotional but if you have awesome staff it really helps both you and baby! Just rely on them and you will be fine. It’s not easy but time will fly and before you know it you’ll be home with your precious bundle.

I was able to stay right with my first while she was in the nicu. I also had preeclampsia but I delivered at 36weeks. I would call the hospital you plan on delivering at and ask them what the policy is. They might even have the Ronald MacDonald house, which is amazing also.


I stayed in the room with my girl every time she was admitted.

Stop stressing. I know easier said than done but that’s probably going to try to rest it up and read that little one is going to do just fine​:pray::pray::pray:

I went pre eclamptic &had to be induced at 32wks 3days. BP 208/160. Son was 3lbs 4oz at birth, spent a month in the NICU AND came home at 4lbs wearing babydoll clothes. This was in 1996. I was kept for a week, but first 3 days I wasn’t allowed out of bed. My husband spent the first 3days in the NICU with him. Come day 7 I was a basket case leaving him there but I knew and had faith in the Drs&Nurses that where there for him at night when I couldn’t be.

I had preeclampsia and delivered my daughter at 37 weeks, she was fine❤️ Try and rest, relax and stay positive. Good luck mama!

Ask for hospital room! They should have nicu rooms they did for me I REFUSED to leave the hospital so they gave my husband and I a room

Mine was born 34/35 no NICU regular hospital stay. Now that being said I was admitted at 33. Just incase of emergency.

And just fyi look into the closet hotel or ask the hospital I know my local one does discounts for medical reasoning. When my mom was in Icu when I had surgery etc

Acupressure or Acupuncture is great for that!

I was 40+3when i had preclampsia they had to induce me i ended up haveing a emergency c section with my first pregnancy my second pregnancy i chose to have a elective c section and i ended up being high risk for preclampsia again

I didn’t have preeclampsia but I delivered at 32 weeks. He spent 6 weeks in the NICU which included an evacuation to another NICU 5 hours away because of Hurricane Harvey. It’s hard but you just take it day by day. Spend as much time as you can there. Depending on how the NICU is set up you can probably spend the night there or there may be a Ronald McDonald House nearby. If you’re breastfeeding set your alarm to pump every 3 hours. Babies are stronger than we realize and you’re stronger than you realize as well. Day by day and know that baby is in the safest place possible with round the clock care.

They should let you stay in the hospital. When my baby had to stay they found me an available room anywhere they could.

My preemie started to want to come at 32 weeks but we held her in (with multiple hospital visits) until 36 weeks. I however did not have preeclampsia. And my baby was healthy enough we didn’t need the nicu.
Taylor might know more about what to expect in nicu. And Amber had preeclampsia with her twins. I hope they can help.