How many baby clothes do I need?

How much baby clothes do I need?? This is my 3rd but I want to make sure I get enough. I’m using some of my old ones but it’s opposite gender so most doesn’t really work. I have a little bit for baby and will get some from a family member but feel like it may not be enough.


I think it’s best to have a little bit in each size because they grow so fast in the beginning

10 outfits 10 sleepers each size.

All my kids were able to fit in one size long enough to keep a heavy amount. They are started in preemie outfits tho

This is your 3rd!! I am going with you know this


They grow so fast. Just keep what you have enough for 0-6 months and buy as you go. My kids all got so many gifts before they were born and didn’t even get to wear them all because they grew so fast. As they got bigger I just purchased as I go.

Honestly you can never have enough! The first week my son went through SO many sleepers, I had to wash his clothes, the first week! :rofl: I wouldn’t recommend buying way too much tho, because I had a lot that my son never got to wear! But it’s always better to be over prepared than under.

Go to thrift store and consignment and garage sales

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How many did you need for the other baby then you will know good luck

I had two sleepers and 3 t shirts lets just say I washed her clothes everynight in tub and hung to dry

It’s your third , you don’t know what you need? Wow!!!


For the first few months I wouldn’t worry about what color it is or what not remember there’s so many outfit changes that young spit up, explosions, drooling etc

Not as much as you think you will need! I had waaaaay too much… my baby didn’t wear them… as a rule of thumb I’d aim for 4 vests and 4 baby gro changes per day… and a shit load of bibs… so depending on how quickly you can wash and dry them…

But if I had another I would just buy loads of vests and baby gro’s I wouldn’t even bother with any proper clothes for the first few months. X

Don’t buy a lot.

If you have other children, you should know this… they grow so quickly and out of the dozen 0-3 month outfits you buy, baby may only wear half of them before they’ve outgrown them. Same with 3-6 and 6-9. At around 12 months you should be ablet to buy more and they should be able to wear more, because while they’re still growing, it tends to slow a bit after the first year (typically).

Personally, I would suggest buying some nice stuff, for pictures, events, holidays, family gatherings etc, and other than that, I would use the hand-me-downs and left overs that you have.

Who cares what color pjs the baby is sleeping in, as long as they fit and keep baby warm.