How many c-sections have you had?

I’m wanting to know from c-section moms, how many c-sections have you had? How many have you been told is the limit? I’m wanting a big family but having had c-sections I’m worried there will be an issue with finding a doctor who will support this.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How many c-sections have you had?

The last hospital was pushing me to get my tubes tied because they claimed they wouldn’t support more than 3 csections and I’d be on my 3rd csection. I lost my baby at 21w4d so I didn’t get my tubes tied but I’m debating going to another hospital that isn’t going to Hassel me about getting my tubes tied my first visit IF and that’s a big IF I have another. I don’t want to be bullied to get my tubes tied. Especially when my husband is super willing to get snipped. Having any amount has to do more with your personal health. What your limit might be will very well be different for someone else. There is a such thing as a vba2c. I’ve only met 1 person that’s had one after 2 csections and she had to have a midwife because no hospital supported her decision. At least not one in our area. I was told I could go 2 1/2 hours as I am a candidate they just don’t do that at the hospitals in my general area. So yeah. 3 is just one of the hospitals limit in my area and it doesn’t matter who. And then there’s my original OB who is also my family’s regular doctor. Even though he doesn’t do csection, he has told me he’s willing to be my doctor and support if needed if I do have another baby. But idk we will see what the future holds as my body and mind are still healing from my loss.

I’ve had 3 c-sections, the last one being in May. I have a 21 month gap between both. My ob has never said to me how many I could of couldn’t have.

I just had my 4th, my dr didn’t recommend another one. He said 5 would be pushing it due to all the scar tissue he said healing gets tougher… idk?

My first baby was a c-section. I was induced because I was 2 weeks late and the umbilical was blocking off. After being induced and dilated 8 cm with a heart dip of the baby when I had a contraction the Dr decided not to further induce and do a c-section but then I went on to have 3 more babies all natural.

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I’ve had 2. The second was by choice. I took classes that offered information on vaginal birth after c section and although I was a candidate, due to my husband at the times work schedule we decided against trying. Definitely discuss it with your OBGyN and get a second opinion if necessary!

I’ll be having my fourth in 10 days. They kept asking with this pregnancy if I was thing my tubes and I always said yes. I know I can’t handle anymore kids and always wanted 4 kids anyway so it worked out haha.

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I’m going be hav my 4th c February. It all depends on how u heal and how far apart they are from each other.


I’ve had 2 c-sections and I heard that 4 is the limit but it all depends on your body!

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I’ve had 3 with the recent being in April. I was never told or asked about having a tubal due to the amount but I decided to anyway because 4 boys is good for me :sweat_smile:

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I had 4 C-sections, they took both tubes out. So no more children for me…

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My mom had 8 . After the 1st one u have a choice to give birth the other way . But after 2 c sections u have to keep getting them

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I’ve had 4, I stopped after that so I’m not sure the limit

I had three, four kids. After My Third they could see my uterus was very thin. I could have another kid but the risk during pregnancy speccialy at the end is too much. At another c section there would be 2 gynaecologist and two pediatricians because of the risk.

It was not worth it for me. I have four kids who need me so I choose to have My tubes Tied.

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I’ve had 5, 6 kids total
2003 - C-section
2005 - C-section
2006 - all natural vaginal birth
2007 - C-section
2010 - C-section
2013 - C-section

I have had 5 C/s and will be trying for no:6 soon

I had 2 and when I had to have a hysterectomy the scar tissue was apparently horrible enough to make the surgery hours longer. I’d say talk with a Dr and get multiple opinions. If a VBAC is an option maybe do that. I wanted to do that with my 2nd but was high risk. Good luck to you.

I had 2. 3 times cut open. I had an emergency c section 3 days later my legs were bruised and I was bleeding from then incision so I had to go the er they recut and cause they recut they can’t close u back up or only the outside would heal and the inside wouldn’t. So 3 years later I was pregnant again they had a schedule c section at 37 weeks cause they were afraid my sim was gonna rip open my scar if I waited til 40 weeks

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It’s the doctors choice on how many you can have. Each doctor is different. Most follow the same “rules” but I personally know people who have had several more than they are “supposed” to. The most I know is 8 and that is from a friend of mine. The issue with having multiple sections is the scar tissue that builds up. Cutting into scar tissue gets more dangerous and puts the patient at risk everytime it’s done. Good luck on finding someone that will help you! (That’s not meant to be rude. I really mean it but doesn’t come across that way in text). But please remember these limitations are put in place for very good reasons! They want Mama to make it through and be home with her babies! Not because they want to take her dreams away! 🫶🏻

I had 5. For vbacs the hospital and dr has to carry special insurance and the dr has to stay on site the whole time atleast thats what i was told. 3 of mine were emergency ones. I got my tubes tied tho

I have had 4 C-Sections. First three were six years apart, last one was two years from my third. 2001,2007,2012 & 2014… makes more sense lol

First was an emergency C-section due to complications, other three I scheduled and choose for my personal sanity. (Very traumatizing experience going into labor with my first one, I felt with the scheduled csections I had more control and less anxiety about it)

They were very smooth very easy I healed very well and very fast every time. Hospital stay was at most three days and then I would be home resting taking care of the kids and cleaning the house in between I really did not feel that bad and when I felt I needed to rest I would.

My OB told me my scar tissue was great you couldn’t even tell I had been having C-sections so I guess if I wanted to have more kids I could have via C-section however I decided four was my limit and had my tubes tied at last CSection.

My best advice would be know your body, ask about the scar tissue and not stress all the scary stuff to much! Good luck to you! :hugs:

I’ve had two. Your risks really sky rocket after 3. If you want a big family I would look into VBACs to see if that’s an option for you. Increases in C-sections are a big reason for the increase in maternal deaths. Look for you local ICAN chapter.

Is c section the only way you can have babies? I know obviously you have to have them via c section if some complications but I mean can you have them vaginally after a c section if all goes well. I had my first child c section due to him being breech and then I had two successful VBACs, so if you can deliver vaginally if all is well I think you should be ok. Some doctors won’t do more than 4 c sections.

Also depends on the person and how much scar tissue they develop… just know it can also affect you if you ever want to get your tubes out or tied. I just got mine out but prior to getting them out they told me depending on my scar tissue from my c section that can depend on if they can get them out. Luckily I had minimal so they can still see them laparoscopically through my belly button but if it had been more they would have had to recut my c section scar to get them out.

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I had 4. First emergency then 3 scheduled. My OB said no more and I had a tubal. I wanted more but my body said no.

I’ve had 4, I was high risk with all of them. Couldn’t have more after that.

I have had 3. Dr was happy I decided to get a tubal during my last because all of the scar tissue. I honestly think it depends on each persons body.

If you have one every year, the recovery will get harder every time. If you allow your body to heal for a couple years between births you can have a vaginal birth. There is no limit, my friend just had her 3rd in 3 years.

I have 5 boys. The oldest is 8. My first was a c. Then two vbacs. Then another c. And another vbac. Both c’s were total BS and I wish I would’ve stood up for myself. If you can, try to go for a vbac. Vaginal births are easier to go through and recover from.

1 c-section and I hated it. I have 3 kiddos.

I know someone who has had 11 c section

I know a lady who’s had 5 c sections :slight_smile:

I’ve had 4, 1st in 2016, 2nd in 2019, 3rd in 2021, 4th in 2022. My mother in law had 6!

I had 3. I stopped after the 3rd.

Zero c-sections, 5 natural births

I had 3 and was told it was getting dangerous to have any more children.

I’ve had 2 and was told no more.

4 in the last 5 years, no complications.

There’s a valid medical reason.

I’ve had 4 and they actually told me I’d be perfectly fine to have another one but no chance lol I was sterilised x

I’ve had 3 within 5 years

I have had 4 and have had no dramas my first was 20 years ago and my last was 12 years ago

I had 5 c-sections in 6 years.

None, one Venteuse and 2 normal, Venteuse was painful enough

From my understanding it’s less than a 1% chance if you have a low bikini cut. And with it being your second they should schedule it at 39 weeks from what my provider told me, before your body has a chance to go into labor and cause contractions, which is what causes the rupture. I could be wrong, don’t quote me. Just what my OB said to me.

I had 5 myself and had no issues at all. If this is just your 2 nd it should be fine. Drs usually say you can have 3 with no complications.

3 , one in 2015 one in 2019 and one in 2021

I had three. Two of them only being 11 months apart