How many ensure drinks should I drink a day?

My dr told me I need to drink ensure drinks since I’m not gaining weight. I’m 20 weeks and gained 3oz. It might be a dumb question, but I didn’t think to ask. How many ensure drinks am I supposed to drink? One a day? Two a day?


Probably til you see weight gain?

I would def ask your doctor. But I’ve been told not to over do it because it can take a toll on your kidneys

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Actually it’s perfectly normal to not gain weight during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. After the 20th week it’s likely that you’ll gain about a pound a week from here on out. Stick to a normal healthy diet and maybe add one ensure per day.


Snickers chocolate bars

I had to see a nutritionist for the exact same reason. The only thing that even remotely helped me was to eat peanut butter. 3 peanut butter sandwiches a day will help you tremendously.

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Bagels every morning

I have been drinking one of these a day! They have extra calories in them! I would just ask the doctor for sure !

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I would be asking a nutritionist and not the Internet for this. I’m surprised your doctor didn’t put in for a referral for one automatically.

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I’d actually go see a dietician. Sometimes doctors are behind in prenatal nutrition. In my last pregnancy, by the time I was 20 weeks I had lost 20 lbs due to morning sickness


Protein and carbs along with Ensure will help

I drank 2 a day with my 3rd. She was a surprise pregnancy as in, congratulations, you’re 23 weeks along and can’t have that emergency surgery on your leg, kind of surprise. I still weighed my normal 110 pounds at that point so was told to do the drinks, two a day, and still only was 115 by the end of the pregnancy. Not gaining weight, for some pregnancies, is perfectly normal. Don’t freak out.


When I had bad morning sickness I was also told to drink ensure. I drank between 2-3 a day if possible because they are around 250 calories each for the ensure original! My doctor told me no more then 3 though!

Make milkshakes with the Ensure instead of milk.


This is not a question for the internet. Its a question for your doctor. Im gonna guess and say 1- 1 million.


Check it out first x

Thats weird to me. My first i didnt gain anything. With my second I lost 15 lbs in the first few months and didnt gain it back. I did NOT have morning sickness or anything with either one.

I would say depends how well you eat. If your eating well i would just do one. If you dont eat well and skip meals i would increase. You also dont want to be gaining a bunch of weight either.

They are full of sugar, so be mindful of that.

I’m probably the odd one out here… I lost weight with all of pregnancies. 15, 20, and 50lbs. Same high risk, neo-natal specialist for all 3. He was never worried about MY weight as long as BABY’S weight was on track. I’d call and get a second opinion from your primary care doctor or a nutritionalist, personally.

Carnation instant breakfast with whole milk is the same nutrition tastes better and is cheaper (FYI)


I wouldn’t worry about weight gain with my first I lost 30 pounds with my second I only gained 10 pounds

It will say on the drink

2 at the most. Think of it like adult pediasure. I’m 38 weeks and dropped 5 lbs plus in less than a week and wasn’t told that

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I’m 24 weeks and haven’t gained an ounce either, I’ll gain a pound one appointment and loose it by the next appointment. My doctor hasn’t said a word about my weight. This is my 3rd and I’ve had trouble gaining and maintaining weight with all em now. I hardly look pregnant by the time I’m 39 weeks and deliver.

My first pregnancy I only gained 8 pounds, the baby weighed 10.6 pounds, my second I lost 15 pounds… was seeing maternal fetal specialist but the baby was growing and everything looking good so we didn’t worry too much about it he was born 7 pounds. Currently 20 weeks pregnant and haven’t gain anything, I’ve lost 10 pounds so far but I have anemia and my sugar levels drop dangerously low so I was advised to eat my regular meals + add 2 to 3 protein shakes a day… I still probably won’t gain any weight but a least the baby will get the nutrients she needs… Good luck honey :heart::heart::heart:

I didnt gain anything until after 20 weeks then I gained 30 pounds :woman_facepalming::laughing:

I’m 20 weeks and haven’t gained weight. Didnt gain anything until my 3rd trimester with my daughter and gained exact 15lbs and it all left when she was born. As long as you’re not underweight and the baby is still growing and healthy then there shouldn’t be a problem.

As long as you were at a healthy weight before baby and baby is growing normally, you should be fine. Less to have to take off after baby is born.

I was so sick i had to drink 3 milkshakes a day but that was 27 years ago

Dang, I’m not even up to my pre-pregnancy weight and I’m gonna give birth soon. Mine never said anything about me needing to drink ensures…
My daughter drinks pediasure and she drinks 2 a day. It says online how many to drink a day. Maybe look on Google?

Switch to whole milk and drink 2 ensure a day. I maxed out at 144 with number 4,140 with number 5. I am slim. My sister, who is built much differently than myself, only gained 10 total in her second pregnancy, and had a healthy kid. If you are underweight, take it easy. If not, you might be making healthier choices for the sake of that baby, and, good job mama, kiddos fine. If you aren’t getting proper nutrients, your body will steal it from your bones for that baby. Stay well balanced.

Ask your Dr not the internet

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I had the smae issue in my first two pregnancies. I had to drink boost. One in the morning with breakfast and one at night before bed. Plus they wanted me two drink a large ice cream milkshake everyday. With my first I still only gained one pound he weighed 9 pounds 7 oz and was 21.5 inches long. My second was 6 pounds 3oz. But he had a phantom twin. There was a second placenta and sac but no baby. Try to snack through out the day if you can.

The first three months I lost 15lbs, I didn’t gain any weight back until I was 6 months pregnant.

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Prob one a day but I’d ask the doc

Call your doctor and ask them. Also ask them for a referral to a dietician. Relying on ensure drinks for weight gain isnt necessarily healthy and a dietician can give you better suggestions.

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You can have three a day and buy the ones with extra calories

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Make sure you keep eating as you still need food these are just giving you extra calories and nutrients don’t use as meal replacement

Just call and ask the dr office. And yes you CAN use them as meal replacements. I’ll be 34 weeks tomorrow and to prevent me from getting ketones and winding up on insulin bc I can’t fold food down and struggled gaining weight the dietician told me I could try the glucose shakes or various other shakes. She said to mix with milk and if I want, throw some frozen or fresh fruit in to help em taste better

I was told 1 in the morning with breakfast no wonder I was sick all the time

Was my only food intake for 5 weeks of pregnancy. Prenatal vitamins and 6 Ensure/Boost a day were my life. Baby was healthy as could be.

At every meal if possible!

Ask your doctor. They know how much especially with the baby

I could only afford 1 a day but I know someone who was told to drink 3 a day.

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Best to confirm with Dr since they suggested it

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They are not meal replacements so two a day. I would do them with meals as if they were your milk.


Need to ask your dr. That’s not much weight for 20 weeks

I would call my Doctor and ask

I’d ask your Doctor. I’m sure everyone has different needs.

U could also try breakfast essentials. But ensures id suggest at least doing 1 a day and then ask ur doctor as to if u are allowed to drink a second ensure (only reason im saying to ask ur doctor is because of the amount of nutrients that are in them)

They are not meal replacements like the above comment or said. I went through this as well. But Ensure didn’t exist so they had me drink slim fast (which is a meal replacement for some but not always.) 3 times a day WITH the meal. Essentially, double the vitamins and calorie intake. Your tummy may not be happy for a few days until you acclimate. But it helped me put on weight pretty quickly and safely.

Neither of my pregnancies caused weight gain till after the 20th week


It should state the amount on your prescription

I haven’t gained anything and have only lost and am 26 weeks. My doctor hasn’t said anything about drinking ensures.

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Just call your docs office, they’ll answer your question without you having to go in.

Ensure drinks are SO unhealthy. Eat lots of fruits and veggies. Protein too like eggs

I’m 30 weeks I lost 20 pounds in the first 14 weeks of my pregnancy and since have only gained back 4 pounds and never had any issues with needing to gain weight back. If you have changes your eating habits that’s why you have lost weight and that’s not a bad thing. As long as your little one is on track dont force yourself to gain weight that is probably not needed. Your body knows what you need and will take what it needs and that can be why you lost weight.

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Must b nice to NEED to gain weight. Wish i had that prob

I lost 15 lbs while I was pregnant. As long as there’s no concern with babies growth and you’re eating healthy I’m sure you’re fine. My OB told me not to worry about it because baby was healthy and growing. After she was born I weighed like 20 lbs less than when I got pregnant.

Three. one at breakfast, lunch, then dinner.

Be careful with regular ensure. There’s one for moms usually in the baby section. It has less vitamin A in it than regular ones as do prenatal vitamins. Too much vitamin A isn’t healthy for growing babies.

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Every time you eat drink one after


Is the baby growing as expected? I’m not sure why they would want you to gain if the baby is healthy and on track.

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I lost weight throughout until week 37, and then gained 40pounds in 2 weeks. It all came off right after baby was born.

I weigh the exact same before, during, and after pregnancy (and the same now almost 10 months PP). If you are overweight or obese, it is both typical and normal to see no change in the scale even as your body changes and baby grows. As long as baby is growing, you shouldn’t have to drink those things unless you are underweight or suffering some health issues. Ensure is VERY unhealthy, especially for a pregnant person - and not typically something that would ever be recommended over a healthy, well balanced diet.

I’d recommend 2 per day. This is to supplement your other intake. So if you eat about the same but add 2 shakes in per day, theoretically you’ll gain about 1 lb per week.

It doesn’t have to be Ensure. If you like boost, store brand, premier protein, whatever other type those would be fine too. But Ensure is not “bad” or “unhealthy”. It has a pretty good balance of what the body needs.

Also, other information could make a difference. Pre-pregnancy weight, whether or not this is a net gain (if you had morning sickness and lost weight earlier on), and other diet information could be helpful. I’m a registered dietitian so of course if you’d need further guidance I’d suggest asking for a referral to one :blush:


With my third pregnancy are there any gain 10lbs the whole pregnancy and Dr what’s not concerned at all

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I had the same problem. No more than 3 a day. They don’t replace meals

I was drinking them all the time say I had one i would have water ot tea the next time and then after that another one and so on

I struggled with that during my pregnancy and I was never told to drink ensure. I saw a nutritionist and she suggested more fatty foods like butter,bread,pasta,tortillas lol and I was put on calcium gummies since I am not a big dairy fan lol

Just start with 1 a day, see if that helps. Real ice milkshakes work…add butter and cheese to ur meals also. I had the same issue, I was told to eat more fattening foods.

LOL @ all the comments telling her how unhealthy it is and she should just adjust her diet or not worry :joy: her DOCTOR told her she needs it. But I’m sure y’all know better than a doctor who spent years studying health etc :woman_facepalming:


I was advised to do the same during my pregnancy. I really liked premier protien and you can get it in bulk at costco. I’m hypoglycemic and had HG so I couldn’t keep food down and my blood sugar would get dangerously low. I would have no more than two a day with a meal or snack (whichever I could stomach at the time)

Can’t you call your doctor and ask what they recommend?

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i meam i loat 25lbs woth my last pregnancy and my dr wasn concerned. my first n second i didn gain any weight during pregnancy and tbey were very healthy. my last like i said i lost wight. no concern wkth babies growth ud be fine

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With both of my pregnancies I lost 20-30 pounds in the first 3-4 months. By the time I gave birth, I gained about the same back. My doctor wasn’t worried unless I wasn’t eating, but I was eating. This is just something my body did. Maybe yours just doesn’t gain weight even if you’re eating enough? But I agree with some of the other comments, maybe go see a nutritionist/dietician just to make sure you even need to gain weight.

I had the same problem I used breakfast essentials instead of ensure (same concept) and had one with every meal stay hydrated also that will make a huge difference