How many gifts should I get my kid for Christmas?

Okay Mama’s It’s my first Christmas as a mom, and I’m struggling to decide how many gifts we should get our son. So far we have gotten him two smaller toys and a couple stocking stuffers.We know what his big gift will be, I’m just struggling with decided if he needs more toys or if we should get him clothes Instead.


If it’s your child’s first Christmas. They definitely won’t remember it, and will likely be unable to open them anyway. Get a couple for the sake of getting them but it really doesn’t matter at this stage x


I was broke still on maternity leave when i had mine. Only got a few gifts. Looking back even if i had more money i prob wouldn’t have gotten much. They are basically oblivious to whats going on. Now for my kids 2nd xmas i went overboard. Just get a few toys and maybe some clothes and that’ll be fine.


First holidays are mostly for the parents; baby won’t know what’s going on and won’t remember any of it the next time it rolls around lol. It’s my first Christmas as a parent too (technically my second, but she was only 4 days old last time). I plan on getting a couple of toys, some things she needs, and calling it good. She’s going to get a ton from others, and her birthday will have just happened, so I’m going to try to minimize her getting overwhelmed/overstimulated.


A friend of mine did this for each of his two children: each got a book, a toy, an article of clothing and something they needed. I have tried to do this for my grand babies but truthfully, it doesn’t always work. I guess I am a typical grandma who loves to spoil them.


Something they want,
Something they need,
Something to wear,
Something to read.
Always found this a good guide, especially as they get older.


This is something I struggle with every year. Kids have too many toys as it is. Their needs are my responsibility, not gifts. Yet I still go overboard every year. I said 3 gifts this year. I just get larger boxes so I can combine like items into 1 gift :rofl:

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Something to read, wear, want, need. That’s what we stick with, or try to.


My baby’s first Christmas was her mostly playing with the wrapping paper and boxes. Children at that young only are interested in a couple toys. Once you start getting more than 3 or 4, they start getting distracted and don’t need that much. All the little stocking stuffers can be wrapped individually. Trust me that’s more fun for them! Is ripping it all apart. :rofl:

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Could do bath toys or books he can put in the bathtub with him.

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We always have one big expensive gift
Little gifts , clothes , school stuff and stocking depending on age though if it’s your child’s first I would go small and work my way up to more each year as they get older x

My first daughter was nearly 1 (born in January) so she got a push walker, books and was obsessed with The Goofy Movie so she got a big stuffed Goofy. My 2nd daughter was similar (born in February) but she was obsessed with Teddy Bears! :sweat_smile::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I have 3 toddlers 4,3, and 1(almost 2) For my kids we get them each a big toy or 2, like 2-4 small toys and stocking stuffers that fill the stockings to the brim. since i have multiple kids, i also do one big gift to all of them to share. since they are toddlers, i don’t really gift clothes or stuff like that.

Do what you feels best. They are only kids for a while.


Books are always a good choice! Something they can keep on a shelf and read to them until they can read themselves.

Do you need more stuff in your space?
What is important to you?
He will just be happy with the gift of you and all that love!

I always got mine three things each because Jesus got three things. Now they got more from family of course but Santa only brought three

One big toy, 2 smaller ones. This is good from newborn to 12, then one big one and some money with no strings attached, like you have to save it.

We usually do 2 small gifts, 1 big gift, and then stockings with little things and candy. Sometimes they get new Jammie’s Christmas Eve.

Sounds like u got enough. He is so young and doesn’t understand yet. As he gets older the gifts become more expensive.

Just give them wrapping paper lol

Honestly it’s up to you… I didn’t do much for my kids until they were old enough to remember

You do you. Ultimately, people will have something to say either way.

I posted a picture our my kids Christmas (we bought for 6 total) and everybody told me how “I shouldn’t post that because some kids might see it and feel left out” or blah blah.

You do you. Because ultimately, my kids only get toys at birthdays and Christmas, and I spoil my kids because I can afford to.

My suggestion would be to go conservative on the gifts. He will not remember any of it. If you want boxes opened for photo video ops tehn do empty ones or a very tiny toy. Put some $$ in a “college” fund instead.

However much YOU want to give. When they are babies they won’t remember it but if you want memories of “helping” him open gifts then get as many as you want. If you want to go small & gift a few small toys then do that. It’s all 1,000% up to you.

As many as you want! It does not matter age or anything. You child your choice. You want to spoil them? Do it! You want to stick to a small budget? Do it. No one elses opinion matters.

I am guess he is 1. He will not remember a thing

Personally we don’t do a lot because you never know what might happen. And Santa never brings BIG gifts


Always get clothes. He’s going to be growing out of them super quickly but he’s only 1. He won’t remember it, so if you really want to spoil him, wait until he’s 2 or 3 when he’ll definitely appreciate and understand more

My daughters first Christmas (a month old) she got diapers, bath stuff etc., second she got like 3-4 bigger gifts, and now that she’s three she wants EVERYTHING so this is the Year that she gets rules lol we decided 4 gifts is enough (her birthday is in November) and she gets all year soooo 4 is plenty 1 big gift and 3 smaller gifts