How many newborn sizes should I get?

How much newborn and 0-3 month clothes is realistic for a baby? They grow so fast and I’m not sure if I need more or what lol

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A few onsies , outfits for outings,and 6 sleepers will due. As long as u have a washer and dryer.

There are days they will use several changes . I had 10 outfits and sleepers and onesies and a lot of laundry

My daughters were all in 0-3 month for 3-4 months.
All my girls were born 5 pounds but grew very fast.
I’d only have a couple new born sleepers and onesies honestly.

I didn’t really have that much newborn, started them off in 3-6 immediately. All my babies were over 8 lbs when they were born

Caden Lane’s knotted gown makes it easy if you don’t know the size (my 3 children have had a 2 pound and 2.25 inch difference in size). Our third lived in those until 3 months. If we had a fourth, I would just buy those for the newborn and 0-3 stage, honestly.

Everyone told me I won’t need newborn. Heck even doctor said she’d be 11 pounds. She came out 7 pounds and we had no clothes for her. And she wore newborn for a good month. So I would get like a pack of five cute onesies from Carter’s maybe And keep the tags on until you know 

It really depends on the child. All my babies have been tiny & in preemie clothing first… Then in newborn which last a month or 2… I would wait until your little is actually here!

Mine was too big for newborn and 0-3 sizes at birth!

Mine was in 0-3 when born, lost weight and went into Newborn for three months. Then was in 0-3 for another three! We did a couple of weeks in 3-6 and then went straight to 9-12… I think it will greatly depend on what you get. I would buy a packet of newborn sleepsuits and a few outfits in 0-3.

My son was born fitting into 6-9 month clothes because he was so long. So I wasted money on 0-3 and 3-6 month but I did only buy like 2-3 pairs of each just to see the size and thankfully the store let me exchange them

Not many newborn. Some babies don’t even wear newborn. Get more 3/6 walmart is having clearance for $1

A week worth of clothes is fine. You’d want 1-2 outfits a day so in any size u should have 10-20 outfits and at least the same in PJs. Babies don’t need shoes. Don’t buy shoes.

Don’t spend a lot, they usually aren’t in them long. Keep in mind too to leave the tags on stuff, most places will let you exchange for larger sizes later. Target doesn’t even have to have the tags. The upc is on the care tags. Keep about 5-10 onsies, maybe 5 outfits you can change out bottoms for tops, mix and match. Newborns don’t do much so unless you have spit up issues or diaper issues usually they don’t need changed multiple times a day. Depends on the season too. I had mine in warm months so they were mainly just in onsies and sleepers til about 3-6 months.