How many ounces does your baby drink a day?

How many oz per feeding is your baby drinking a day? Preferably moms with newborns. My son is 11 days old, is only drinking 1.5 to 2 oz of formula per bottle. (Similac sensitive)My mom says he needs to drink more, and his doctors are worried about his weight. I tried 2.5 oz in a bottle and he threw his whole bottle up. He is on a premie nipple, burping ever 1/2 oz, eating 2 to 3 hours during the day, 4 at night. Since birth on the 10th, he’s gone from 6lbs 9oz to 6lbs 0.7oz. He’s only spitting up if I don’t burp him. But if I try and increase his feedings, he will throw his whole bottle up. Any tips you all have would be awesome.


Have you tried switching to a soy or non dairy formula? He could be allergic to milk or lactose intolerant.

Feed more frequently, every 2 hours until he can tolerate more at a time

If he’s small for his age add baby cereal to his bottle. NICU Drs. Do that to help babies gain weight. And it thicken up the milk

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Your baby will eat what he can tolerate and gain weight over time. It seems like he is eating at night, but it is recommended to wake up to feed. Follow weekly with your doctor to check weight and that he’s gaining. Doctor will recommend anything if necessary. As far as nipple size, if baby is falling asleep while eating or taking a long time to feed, you may be able to increase nipple size.

I would never put cereal in a bottle. But I did put mine on cereal at 2 weeks.