How many relationships do you think social media has destroyed?

How many good relationships do you think were destroyed or ended because of Facebook or Social media?

So… Having been in one of these relationships, I speak with authority…the answer is all of them that allow someone else to come between you and your Love. Mine is not what you might think… My ex found “friends” on line… These friends at first were not what most think of. These were other people that were unhappy in their relationships, so they were going to tell everyone what was wrong with their relationship. First, one “friend” convinced my ex I was abusive. Later, I found out this abuse was that I asked what time she would be home when she went out and call if she was going to be later. Another friend convinced her I was an unfit father because I didn’t spend time with my children. She forgot to tell them I worked 2 jobs ( 70 to 90 hours a week) so she could stay home with the kids. She was also told that she was stupid because she was being a typical house wife. So, she decided that if I wanted a hot meal I could make it myself. So, on top of working long hours I was making dinner every night while she set on the couch on her phone. Soon I noticed, there were things being let go at the house, dishes stacking up, the bathrooms not clean, laundry not being done. Then came another friend and told her how much fun she was having while cheating on her husband and how stupid her husband was because he thought she was helping out with a sick family member that lived in the same town she was going to. It’s probably what she should do also since I was a lousy husband. Interestingly enough, she never gave the whole story to these friends. She one time told a mutual friend that I had become abusive and let her spill all of what I did. The next day my friend asked her if she wanted to ride along on an errand. I was off and She agreed “to get out of the house”. My friend took a load of clothes to the woman’s shelter…as they walked in she told her. These woman would gladly change places with you and your “abuse”. It wasn’t long before she started having male friends… It didn’t take long for men to start what some men do… Well, you can guess where that went. So much so that a man from the middle east about convinced her to fly to Canada so they could meet… He wasn’t allowed in the U. S. because of a family member. Some of you are wondering where and how I found out about all of this… Well, I’m not a tech genius. My daughter got tired of her on her phone all the time, and bragging on the phone to people she talked to… So you see, it’s not always members of the opposite sex… It’s anyone poisoning your relationship.