How many times a day do you feed your 6 month old solids?

How many times a day do you mommies feed solids to your 6 month old?


When my daughter was that age she got baby food for breakfast, lunch and dinner

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3 or more if he seems hungry between feedings

At 6 months old were were doing one food meal and a snack unless they were more hungry then it was 2 food meals and a snack. It wasn’t 3 meals a day and 2 snacks until really close to a year.

When my son was 6 months old ( he’s now 3 years ) I use to give 3 bottles and two solid meals ( small portion of baby food ) every baby is different though some eat more, some less.

Following. My baby is almost 5 months.

I started off with baby rice for a week then added lunch for 2 weeks then added dinner

Following, seven month old who hates baby food :sob::joy:

3 breakfast lunch and dinner and bottles and snacks in between…


3 times a day. One with breakfast, fruit and vegetable at lunch, and one at dinner. Then just a bottle before bed.

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All 3 of my kids started solids at 4 months

Baby food and puffs at 4 months per pediatrician

She’s 9 months now but I’ve been giving her the same amount for 5 months now. 3 spoonfuls of baby food in her bowl and 4oz of formula twice a day. Lunch and dinner.

I put rice cereal in their bottles twice a day. Usually in the morning and again in the evening so that way they would sleep longer through the night.

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We started with a bowl of oatmeal in the morning and 1 small container of baby food for lunch, another for dinner. Then moved to 2 small containers each (1 veggie, 1 fruit). Then when moved to big containers, we did an entree (chicken and rice or whatever) and 1 fruit for dessert.

My baby was breastfed but @2 months I started him with a little bit if Gerber and cereal and about 3/4 months he was eating table food plus breast milk. Every parent is different on how they want to feed their kid. And every baby is different on what he/she would be able to eat

I did baby led weaning. Started at 6 months I would give them small amounts of food off my plate each meal/ snack time.

Just start out slow. My baby became constipated once we started solids.

Start with greens x1 for 1 week
Interchange orange veggies every other day of next week, watch for allergies along each week
Fruit last as sugar even naturally occuring is addictive/preferred to a growing brain for fast energy but too much causes insulin resistance and long term health issues for the future. Remember MD and Pediatricians have little to no nutrician education in all that they are required to learn. And less about suppliments. Find a nutricianist not a dietician to walk you thru that which will be the foundation of your child’s health for the rest of their life. Choose to buy organic, cook, food process and even freeze paste in ice cube trays for single serving easy meals.

I usually only do it in the afternoon and give her puffs while we eat dinner. She gets constipated easy, though. And gassy from EVERYTHING.

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I didn’t. I strictly breastfed until they had teeth.


My son is 7 months old and has solids for breakfast alongside oatmeal, baby food and oranges or toast sometimes what I eat for lunch if I think it’s healthy enough for him then bites of what we eat for dinner with snacks in between if he’s interested

I just started solids when mine were 6 months old. And I started with once a day.

I mix baby fruits and baby oatmeal with breastmilk for morning, if i cook food i would either blend it and feed him or feed him off my plate, he eats dinner with his hands,

I did BLW at 6months so they were getting 3 meals a day plus a few snacks

Twice. Once before her “lunch time” bubba (11:30-12ish) and then once before her bedtime bubba

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My baby started with cereal, I gave fruits and veggies in a week or so. She has eaten two times a day for the last couple months, she is almost a year.