How many words should a 15-month-old say?

How many words are your 15 months old saying? My little man is very intelligent understanding what I say to him when I ask him to do something although hasn’t really been saying words other then dada should I be worried?


Some kids just talk later. My son is almost two and is more concerned about learning things and doing things than talking. He’s so smart just hasn’t found a reason to talk :blush:

My two year old does commands and everything I ask him to do. He is very smart. He talks but not forming two words together or anything. We are going for speech

My first started talking at ten months, the second is two and he a lot less verbal, I think it’s all on their own time. He understands everything you say and is starting to talk more and more.

Walk at 1, talk at 2, potty train by 3…

My daughters 29 months and still only says a few words, she can say a lot more but she doesn’t talk on demand for anyone, you have to catch her and then you’ll be so surprised with what she comes out with, all kids are different I wouldn’t worry at all

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Don’t worry and be happy! They each have their time to shine! My son took a long time to walk (18 months) but he spoke early and was potty trained day and night at 2… don’t believe everything you hear and let him do his own thing :relaxed:

I wouldn’t worry to much my son wasn’t much of a talker just keep talking they learn only issue he had was he couldn’t pronounce the sound for the letter k again normal for a lot of kids and by end of kindergartn he was able to pronounce it

My son is almost two and not saying but a few single words that aren’t clear to others. Smarty pants otherwise. His pediatrician said when he’s 2 and still not talking maybe try speech therapy. She didn’t seem worried about it at all. My older 2 was talking by now so I was definitely worried. But now not so much. :slight_smile:

My daughter is almost 15 months says momma dada, pup, baba, banana* apple*(not 100 correctly) nana up but not consistently speak to him as an adult, repeat things while holding or pointing. If you don’t see improvement in a month or so then look into Early intervention speech services

My kid is a babble not saying many definitive words he can say some but not like full sentences. But he babbles til my eats fall off and I know what hes saying lol hes just turned 2.

My 18 month old understands when you talk to her, but only says maybe 10 different words.

Dada was the only word my son said 1000 times a day for like 2 months :joy::joy: he’s 2 now and he’s learning to talk more and more each day!!

My girl turned a year on March 26th. She has been talking since about 10 months. She says quite a bit like mom, dad, please, up, no, yes, baby, puffs and a little more. She also Talks in sentences but that little ones like, who’s that, what’s that, help me please. She definitely a fast learner. She started crawling at 5 months and walking by 9 1/2 months.
Every child is different. My son didn’t talk in sentences until about a year in a half maybe a little longer. Crawling for him was about 10 months and walking was past a year. But he was also extremely chunky. So his movement was very limited :joy:.

My daughter is a year and says like 10 or 12 words there all different i wouldnt worry mama speak to your doctor but im sure he or she will say the same

No. Some kids are just a bit later than others. Before you know it, you’ll be wondering when he’ll shut up, LOL

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Our 16 month old says mama and dada but not consistently and nothing else. I mean she jabbers all day everyday but no actual words. She’s also very smart, she knows what just about everything is and will do anything (within reason) that I ask of her. Our ped wanted her to start speech therapy now but that seems ridiculous to me. I teach dance to children and I have 4 year olds that can hardly speak. I wouldn’t be worried if I were you.

My son had like 10 words but really only regularly used 2. His vocabulary exploded within a few months.

As long as he is understanding, he is hearing. The words will come.

My daughter was saying full paragraphs

Every child is different. My daughter had probably a couple hundred words at that age and my son had maybe two. He was pretty much non verbal until 2 1/2. He’s 9 now and you would never be able to tell, speech therapy helped alot. I wouldn’t worry before age two though, they are still so young and milestones vary.

My son is 14 months says mama (not much anymore) lol he days dad daddy daddy ups, baba, hot, wow, oh yeah, lol just random stuff that sound like those words don’t worry kids talk at their own pace

You may want to have him tested have his hearing checked and see if he might be autistic cuz autistic children are very verbal. I would have him tested just to be on the safe side you don’t want to wait too long Or it’ll be harder to diagnose

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No worries, unless there are other issues present. We took my son to a hearing specialist because we were worried at around 22 months. His hearing was fine and after he turned 2, he started talking in full sentences. We cant make him be quiet now…Haha

My oldest didn’t talk until 3 but my 2 year old said his first word at 8 months old or so. He speaks in complete sentences now but literally every kid is different. What my first born didn’t say those first 3 years, he’s made up for. Believe that.

some of mine talked before 2 and a couple waited until almost 3 but they were fine no problems now i cant get any of them to be quiet lol

my daughter is 15months and she says a good 50-100 words but most arent constant. somethings she’ll put 2 words together but not often. mostly she uses the same few words over and over. ’ momma, dada, juice, ba ba, bubba’

Well I will have all of you ladies know that I have 7 children and each said words at different times. So you should not worry about relax and enjoy the time they are not talking because once they do talk they can Yell at you. Out of the 7 all but on talks my 19 year old she does not talk and praise God she does not Yell at me neither. But she slams doors just like all of her sisters when there were teens. All or you be blessed and you are truly blessed with beautiful children I enjoy reading about your little ones. Just wait remember my words one day you will tell your beautiful babies to be quiet not in those words. LOL

I would bet money that when he does start talking, he will be using sentences. Dont worry mama, so long as he’s understanding you and responding to you when you are out or his line of vision, I’m sure he’s fine.

My 22 month old was silent at 15 months and now she doesn’t shut up! She can speak in sentences now aswell xx

Me son is 17 months and he says mama dada and gibberish. He can say book and grandpa and kitty but he chooses when he wants to talk.

Might check for autism my son is autistic and hes brilliant but socially at ten he still communicates like a four year old

I wouldn’t worry until after 2 years. 15 months is still really young.

My three year old son still hasn’t said anything he mumbles sounds not clear words just the sounds, should i be worried nope because not all kids talk at the same time just like not all kids walk at the same time but in the end they will walk. Just like my third son i knew he can walk but he never did it until he was 20 months old and he never stopped from then on he just runs around as if he walked at nine months, people were pressuring me about it but i learned to just let him be him until he was ready and which he did. Just like my second boy i talk to him all the time do everything like repeating words to him all the time and he understands and respond to it well. I just enjoy him now not talking before he will and might not be able to get him to stop :joy: My suggestion is you do what you feel is best for you child as we can’t expect them to start doing things a certain age for they all develop differently from others. <3

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My oldest didn’t say much until 16 months. Then started talking in complete sentences. Lol

As long as he/she is making sounds and starting to babble and maybe say 3 words like Ma, dada, ba then he’s perfectly fine. And as long as he is starting wave, blow kisses, show some understanding of what you say, can start to point at things and gets what he wants by crying, pointing, babbling, then he’s on track for him. All babies are different.

My youngest daughter is 3 In may , she is not talking at all . She not putting sentences together, no eye contact when you talk to her , she points to everything she wants or needs , we are seeing a paediatrician this week

My daughter will be 15-months on April 8th. She can say “mama”, “dada”, “tig” (our dog), “box”, “grandma”, “nana” (what she calls my mom), “TeeTee” (what she calls my sister), “yum”, “want”, “that”, “up”, “bubba”. But she’s VERY picky about who she talks around. She’ll go off in front of my husband, sister & I but if she doesn’t know the person very well or we’re in public she gets super shy & won’t talk.

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My son is about to turn 3 and is still a bit slower progressing with his speech. He talks just not as much as I had thought he would. I wouldnt worry to much about it sense he seems to understand things. It is normal for boys to start to talk slower.

Had a neighbor, who’s son didn’t talk till he was 3 yrs old.

My daughter didn’t really as I put it “explod” with her words til about 19 months

My LO only said a few understandable words, she talks alot, but we can’t understand most of it

If you’re concerned, you could try teaching him basic ASL. He may want to communicate, but can’t (or isn’t ready to) be verbal.

That’s how my 15 month old is he says dada and mama and bubba but that’s it he will do little things I ask of him so I don’t think you have anything to worry about they all go at their own pace

My son is 8 months can say mum, dad, Nan, I love you and yes
Also have a 2.5 yr old who doesn’t shut up who also spoke early