How many words was your toddler saying at 18-months?

Can I ask how many words your boys were saying at 18 months old? It’s not a competition ladies I’m just curious! I feel like my daughter was talking a little more at that age than my son does. He says mama, ba(for bath), dada, bye bye (but he says nye nye lol) for eat he just does a long tttt sound and only after I repeat eat over and over to him when I’m feeding him. But I can tell he understands most of what I say to him like I ask him to sit down and he plots down on his bum lol and put that down, no no or come here please he listens really well…I’m probably overthinking it.


Every child is different and develops at their own pace. He will get there. My son would just grunt instead of using his words for months. Now he is 16 months but if he cant say the word he wants he makes sure you know what he is talking about lol.

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They will speak when they get ready. Two years

To teach them to talk and walk and talk then we say, sit down and shut up lol.


Mine is 17 months currently and has no “real” words. He can certainly communicate & he’s incredibly vocal, but won’t say words yet!

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My son’s autistic and has a significant speech delay so at that age, he was practically nonverbal. He’s 12 now and has made drastic improvements with speech therapy.


Mine is 20 months and only has four words he will say but he doesn’t say them on command he says them when he wants to.

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Destiny Ring ya same with my son some days he won’t say anything but makes noises and other days he tries to say some words

Lol you have no idea how helpful this comment is for me

My son was the same and is now 2 and starting to repeat everything, he just getting there a tab slower but hes still not considered behind in speach as long as he says 10 words by 2 and they dont have to be clear . Dont worry about it, I found with my son he was a tad behind other kids his age on talking cause he was a very physical baby, climbed out of his crib at 1yr lol just told myself once he had all the physical stuff down then hed try and talk and I was right, hes constantly asking what things are and wanting to learn new words , dont stress

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My daughter talked way earlier than my son did
My Greatgrandson, came out trying to talk. He talked early and t walks up a storm
All kids are different
Try to make him use words. If he wants a drink tell to say DRINK, if your feeding him have him say a bite or what the food is. Encourage him to use his words if you want him to talk more.

My son talked a lot almost full sentences but my daughter only says a couple it just depends on the kid and when they want to talk don’t pressure them they will talk when they want just keep talking to ur little and they will pick it up

It’s proven boys take a tad longer to talk then girls. Encourage him to use his words when he needs/wants something. He’ll catch on. Don’t worry too much all kids learn at their own pace :heart:

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My 16 month old boy , he say mama, dada, may( mase is bro name) hi hello hiya bye bye , dodo (dummy) baby , broom broom , what dat … he’s more been a talker rather than a walker … he’s just Learnt to walk this last week actually but been say most of those for about 2 months xx

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My son and daughter both had extremely advanced early language development. Both were saying 150-200 words by 18 months. I did the 1000 Books before Kindergarten program for both of them and started reading to them every day while I was pregnant.

my son would say a handful of words. maybe it was harder cause i don’t talk like a baby to him. and would pretend i knew what he wanted

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Donna Wheelhouse ya I told talk like a baby to my kids either I try to talk to them normal it seems to help

My daughter is 2.5 and has just really started talking don’t worry he will in his own time

Lots! My two are SUPER chatty