How much bleeding during pregnancy is normal?

Has anyone bled during first trimester and not had a miscarriage? I am bleeding and went to the hospital they said they need to test my blood again and then will give me results Monday I’m freaking out and need help easing my mind and anxiety.


:raising_hand_woman:t3: I actually bled enough the first 3 months I thought I had my period, after I found out I was 14 weeks along. Healthy 9lb 3oz girl .

I’ve had my period a few times for a cpl of my kids, no problems… My sister actually bled for like 3months straight, we swore she was miscarrying even tho she had no other symptoms but the Drs kept saying she was fine… All our kids were born without problems so don’t get too worried just yet! :blush:

I had a pretty heavy bleed with horrible cramping (after multiple miscarriages), went to the ER, heard my 1st son’s heartbeat for the first time (on Mother’s Day)! He’s 17 now.

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I had my period the whole pregnancy for my 4th and I went the first 6 months for my first 3

I bled pretty good for most of my first trimester. They checked me and said I had a subchorionic hemmorage and put me as a threatened miscarriage. My son is now 6 months.

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Get your progesterone checked ASAP.

I did! I bled for about 2 weeks with my first pregnancy. I went in a couple times a week to check if my hormone levels were going up. Everything ended up being just fine. Delivered a 6 lb 11oz baby who is now 3 :blush:

I had a sub chorionic hematoma with both pregnancies and bled heavily first trimester both times- I have a healthy three year old and a baby due in February.

Get your progesterone checked. In the mean time, go to Whole Foods and buy progesterone cream.

I bled lightly my entire pregnancy.

Some people have there periods still even after getting pregnant. If it’s your first trimester it could also be implantation bleeding that is just now showing up (happened with me)

Yep. Internal hemorrhoid ruptured or some crap.

I had a placental abruption and i bled on and off until i had her at 33+5

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Implantation bleeding

I’ve bled in each trimester and not miscarried.

I bled with my 4th child for half the pregnancy I had to go on bed rest until I was 20 weeks my placenta had a tear in it. I made it past my due date and have a very healthy happy 9 year old son.

Just try to rest till Monday.

I bled severely with my daughter… She is now almost 3 years old. Prayers sent to you :purple_heart:

Me…gushed blood. Waited until I was about 4 months to go see a dr,thinking I was going in to schedule a DNC, walked out with a due date

I didnt know I was pregnant most of my first trimester because I had regular bleeding which made it seem like erratic periods

I have 4 kids and 5 pregnancies. My 2nd i bled a lot but it was fine. Just a sch is what they called it. 4th pregnancy I bled and it was a miscarriage. No cramps or anything. 5th pregnancy with my 4th child and I had bleeding and even clots. They said it was an Sch again and hes now 4 months old.

Nothing you do will change the outcome.

I hope everything works out for you and the bleeding is nothing serious.

All four of my pregnancies I bled all through the first trimester.

I bled heavily from 8 weeks until about 20 weeks. I mean a gush of bright red several times a day, not just little drops. I had a sub-chorionic hemmorage, basically a bleed in the placenta. He was my rainbow baby too so I was terrified! He was born only 3 days early at 7.8 lbs! Now a rambunctious 2 year old.

I will pray for you and try to get some rest.

With my son, I bled on&off through basically my whole first trimester. My HCG levels were low too, but they did rise as they were supposed to. Try to stay calm&wait for test results. & if theres anything in question, always get a second opinion.

Bleeding can be very normal for some women. If ur really worried go get a second opinion… it never hurts. Prayers everything turns out amazing for you…

Yeees, scared the bejesus out of me the whole time too. Pretty much from Wk 6 though to wk 14. She’s just turned 1. When I talked to people about it (friends work colleagues) it was surprisingly common.

There is nothing you can do but relax if you let yourself get all upset it will get worse. Monday is going to come one way the other. Sometimes a miscarriage is natures way of taking care of something that is wrong with your baby. I don’t know if you have a higher power but I had problems with pregnancies. My higher power knew my babies from the womb you must trust everything is going the way it is supposed to. That is not what you want to hear but it is in the long run what will get you to the other side. Hold on it will work out. Relax do what your doctors have told you. If you do have higher power use it. I have one I am going to ask for peace and positive results for you . Some people bleed the whole time my mom did with my last brother. Each child is different. Best thing to do is Relax and try to be at peace.

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Yes, I did when I was pregnant with my son & was actually told I needed to schedule a DNC but I refused because I wanted to give it a little longer… Needless to say my son was born very healthy at 7 pounds 6 oz., full term & he is male 22 years old… My daughter did the same thing when she was pregnant with her daughter…she was bleeding when she went to the Dr. and they told her that could not find a heartbeat but they told her to come back in 2 weeks…Well, that was the longest 2 weeks of our lives!! It finally came around & we went back… She was still bleeding, not as bad but they found the heartbeat…My granddaughter turned 2 on Saturday…Every pregnancy is completely different… The best thing you can do is relax and not worry or stress as it can worsen the situation…Sending Prayers to you & you baby! :pray:

Try to relax and pray to God for comfort. I bleed the first 3 months with my 4 year old daughter. Sometimes really bad but she stayed in until I was 38 weeks and healthy. They did two blood test on me the first month to see where my hormone levels were and they kept going up so if your level is going up relax baby will be fine.

Lots of women have full on periods their whole entire pregnancy.
Positive vibes your way.

23 weeks, bleeding since week 13.