How much bleeding is normal in early pregnancy?

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None. When I started bleeding in early pregnancy, they told me I was miscarrying. Luckily, it wasn’t a miscarriage, but it was still serious. I had two tears in my uterus. Several weeks of bed rest and a 10 lb weight restriction for the rest of my pregnancy with a 4 year old and a not yet 2 year old.

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You shouldn’t bleed during pregnancy. Call the doctor so they can check you right away and if you have more then spotting go to the er right now.

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I had light bleeding during all of my pregnancies in the first trimester. I thought it was the beginning of a period with the last one because I didn’t know I was pregnant yet. I spotted brown and light red blood for the day and by the next day it was gone. I would say that spotting is fine, but would be more careful with a flow of blood. There’s no reason to panic or run to the ER. Just call your doc if you’re concerned.

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Go get checked out. I bled pretty much with my one daughter, went to the ER and they thought I had a miscarriage because they couldn’t see anything on ultrasound. I had to wait 4 wks to get another one and it turned out to be fine I was just to early to detect anything. Dont wait go to the dr.

I had normal periods all through my first pregnancy, and no bleeding with my second. My daughter when she was born had a period her first day post partum. I had been on birth control for almost 10 years and my hormones were out of WHACK!

Approximately 70% of people bleed some early in pregnancy. It’s usually nothing. So you have statistics on your side. If, however, you do begin to miscarry early in your pregnancy there is nothing that can be done. Good luck.

I only bled once during my first trimester and that was after my pelvic exam. It was just a little pink after I wiped and it went away. If its look like a period you need to see a doctor.

I was spotting went to doctor he said that’s not unusual. Week later I started have servere pain went to hospital. I had a miscarriage (I was 3 months along). Get it checked out!


I can’t believe the topics on here especially serious ones like this that should be directed at doctors especially if it could be something serious instead of asking a bunch of people who don’t know. And making assumptions or guesses when every woman’s body is different… Seek professional Care it could be life saving. :pray:


I went to Dr and told them I miscarried cuz I startedcramping n bleeding heavy…said no all was fine baby just being dramatic…lol…however if u are bleeding any you should get checked

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Not any. I was pregnant with my first son and my doctor told me to lay down prop your feet up and be still for a couple days. It worked he is now 54 years old bless my sole love my baby boys

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I bled a little in my first trimester… was told to prop my feet up for a while . They said as long as I had no pain it was ok

Go to your doctor. Could be something simple, but the better safe than sorry. Possible miscarriage is happening.:pray::pray::pray::pray:.

Any bleeding should be checked on. I spotted was told it was normal a week later I had a subchorionic hemorrhage(basically the amniotic sac detached a little and could’ve resulted in a miscarriage)

Nine with any of my 6 babies only when I miscarried my 7th pregnant at 16 weeks but I would definitely call your OB just to make sure all is ok with you and baby

Bettie Geese there is a reason the placenta can detach fromuterine wall. This is serious the detachment can be partial or full. You should definitely call Dr,or midwife no matter what! Listen to directions.

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I had a period the first 3 months I was pregnant!

I worked for an OB for ten years. Spotting can be normal especially youf first trimester some women have a period or two even after becoming pregnant. Clots are not normal at all at anytime. You should call and get into your doctor because they can confirm that it isn’t serious as many things that are not normal can also cause spotting. It would just be smart to at least call and ask the nurse if she thought you should be seen because although it can be normal the person taking care of you would know if it’s a concern or not.

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In the end of the first trimester. 3 months your body produces a plug to the uterus so everything is a cocoon. Some bleeding occurs at this time. But not bright redblood.

Is it dark/old blood or fresh bright blood? If it’s the bright kind I’d be more worried if more than just spotting. If it’s old dark blood and very little it’s probably ok. I’d definitely call your ob though

I always had 1 in the first month…3 healthy kids

Scary. You must see your OBGYN immediately.

I bled off and on throughout the first trimester and everything turned out to be normal

Have you considered asking a doctor this question?

I only bleed in early pregnancy bc I had a uti

Just spotting if any heavier go to hospital.

Another question for the doctor.


Call your doctor on your way to the er


Ask your doctor if you are truly concerned.

Implantation bleeding is normal

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I would ask your Dr. not FB

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None go to the er stat

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Go check it out to be on the safe side.

Call your doctor not facebook

Please talk to your doctor.

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Some people have that and nothing is wrong at all , I had a miscarriage and didn’t bleed a drop. If you feel worried something isn’t normal check with your doctor.

I have thyroid problems that I didnt know I had I would stop and start for the first months then it stop my thyroid get a jolt from the hormones I started losing weight my son just over 6 pounds go see you dr

I bled heavy bright red blood for 6 wks straight during my 1st trimester for my 3rd son. Was told I was having a miscarriage “non viable pregnancy” was their words. Then they said my placenta probably attached to a blood source that was supplying too much blood and as my placenta got bigger and required more blood it would stop. It did finally heading into my 2nd trimester. Definitely get it checked out though. It could be many different reasons.

Well I would go to your doctor if you haven’t. I bleed in my 6th month heavy and found out I had placenta previa and could of lost my son and my life as well. They put me on bed rest for the last 3 months. Please…take care and follow up w your doctor. Even after 31 years the day I hemoraged its fresh in my mind…scary…but the doctor can help

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I bled in my first trimester and went in for an ultrasound a few days later fearing that I had miscarried only to find out we were expecting twins.

If u are filling up a panty liner frequently like within minutes or have any blood clots I would contact ur doctor or nurse line to make sure everything is ok. I would not suggest going to the ER. They are there to treat emergencies and with testing and possible things they need to do in an emergency situation it may cause the baby to detach. Lay down Put ur feet up and try not to stress and call ur doctors office.

Any bleeding during pregnancy should be checked by your Doctor asap!!!

Very light pink spotting is ok if it’s blood red and alot not ok go to Dr asap

Spotting, especially after intercourse, is extremely common in pregnancy…

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I never bleed with any my 6 kids

Try telling your Doctor what’s worth with you people who don’t know you can’t help don’t you care about the baby

I think you should call the doctor