How much do you pay for childcare?

How much do y’all pay for childcare? Where are you located? How many hours? How many kids? ( those of you who have babies is diapers because I know that affects the pay)


I don’t have any children still in daycare so I can’t comment on current fees, but I feel for all of you parents who have little ones that need to be in daycare so that y’all can work and provide. It seems everything has gone up, except our wages. I couldn’t imagine having a little one and spending 1/3 or even 1/2 your paycheck on child care. My youngest is 9 and was in daycare until she started kindergarten. Full time child care (then) cost me $125.00 per week when in diapers and $100.00 per week once potty trained. I cannot believe how much the cost has increased in just 4 years.


Son is 3 in preschool. I pay $159 a week but that’s discounted because I’m one of the preschool teachers. Otherwise it’s 320

I run a small daycare and it’s 20per day per kid

My daughter (2 and a half) goes to an in home daycare full time, from 7:30-4 and we pay 175 a week

Our center (I’m a lead teacher there) is 2023 pricing of 345$ a week for infants down to 285$ for pre-k at the lowest. It’s reduced half for teachers and staff.

In Florida, I was paying $65-80 a day for drop-in infant/toddler care. Drop-in/day-by-day care was rare in that area, but the owner did it for families with a healthcare worker parent. Full time/5 day toddler care with all meals included was $310 per week. I think infants were $315?

In SC it is $20-25 a day for K2 and K3. I think the price sheet for FT infant care said like $200-225 ish a week.

Illinois. I pay $62 a week for one kid in daycare after he gets of pre-k he gets to daycare about noon and is there til about 4ish depending on the day.

$5 per child, per hour in the Summer. $2.50 during school months.

South Dakota - Pre-school age $197.20 a week. We go to a center so it’s just that rate not by the hour, they are open for 11 hours have 2-3 snacks (depending on age) and lunch.

$300- $455 a week for infant care for 1 child in Northern MD.

My sister is a daycare provider in MA and charges $250 a week.

Where I work cost depends on age. I believe it 375 a week for an infant

$1200 a month for my 2 year old in NJ. He he cannot be dropped of before 730 and has to be picked up by 3 or there is an up charge.

I live in Mo and I started out paying $100/week when my kid was a newborn and now it’s $105/week due to an increase recently for in home daycare. Just a normal increase. She is charging $125/week for newcomers. My kid is 4 so he’s in half day preschool now too. She still charges the same until they’re in school full day. Then it’s $25/week for before school and $25/week for after school.

An infant full time in CT at a decent facility is over $2000