How much do you spend on Christmas

How much do ya spend on Christmas/ holiday gifts ? Not for kids. For parents, siblings, nieces & nephew

Nothing, we can’t afford it after buying for 5 kids & we only celebrate Christmas for the kids anyway.

Nothing we stopped sending each other presents ages ago

My brothers $20 or less each, my mom $50, my guy $100 (max for each of them) the amounts would be higher if I had better income, I am disabled and survive on $1,001 a month.

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Nothing. I don’t join holidays that pressure people to go broke just to look good.

We do a $20 gift limit white elephant exchange for adults. If you want to be apart of it, great! If not no biggie! I dont have any nieces or nephews or cousins. Just parents, grand parents, and in laws.

I spent $30 on my dad. He got a shirt and pants. Boring and cheap but he also makes the stance of “not doing Christmas presents” so he doesn’t have to buy or gift anything. But last year my daughter was sad he didn’t have a present under the tree so I made sure this year he has something. I don’t lol but anyway. And that’s it every other gift I bought is for my daughter. My mom is dead and I don’t have any other family.

$20 each, parents we’ll split $50 gift between me and my sister.

Probably £10 for niece/nephews although the oldest ones don’t get gifts anymore.

Whatever I can afford that year. Sometimes something, sometimes nothing lol :joy:

We use to spend about $10-20 per adult and $30-50 per related kid that wasn’t ours but the last few years have been hard so now we only buy for our child and a couple cheap things my husband and I each need


After i shop for my husband and kids there isnt alot left over. I dont buy for my neice and nephews only my sister and my mom. I don’t really set a price I usually just get them 2 things each anywhere from $15-$25 per gift.

I don’t usually put a dollar boring and very practical so everyone usually gets something they need if that a 15.00 crok pit or 50.00 dollar coat its whatever they need it.