How much empathy should a toddler show?

How much empathy should my son be showing at 2 years and 9 mos old?


Zero. Age 4 is more appropriate, at age two they are still figuring out emotions in general. They have no idea what empathy is. They only care about their self at age two and will start to venture into the “ terrible 2 stage” saying no and going against everything which is completely natural.

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About 3 I think is when they realize other people have feelings. Like hurt or sadness or happiness.

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My daughter is 2 and has ALOT of empathy towards others. My son didn’t show empathy until way later.

None or if any it would be a little. Kids develop their sense of right and wrong when they turn 8 years old. Empathy will grow with age and will start around 4.

Not actual empathy, but he should begin imitating nice behaviors he sees around him which can fuel more of it later on

None. Empathy doesn’t begin to develop until after age 4. Before that they’re just copying other’s reactions


Lol at 2 years old they are very much self centered, learning about the world and their emotions are all new to them

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Almost none… closer to 4 that starts to develop

You have to make him understand.
Ppl argue about biting them back or whatever, but, that’s how mine learned. It hurts huh? You don’t like it? Neither does anyone else.
If they do something like hit or snatch or throw something at someone, they don’t understand that hurts of it’s never happened to them.
So, I taught mine. My son became the kid that would stand up for other kids. He’s always been the smallest but he did weights in hs. He’s concrete :rofl:
Other mommas may get mad but I taught mine by doing. Not abuse. I never did it unless they did it to someone. Sometimes you need to do more than “That’s not nice.” They need to correlate that action with causing someone pain. :heart:

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