How much should a 13 month old be talking?

13.5 month old still babbling. She only says ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ but only when she is upset. We read books, sing songs, go to the library, & play with other kids at the playground. I’m curious to know when your LO started to talk. Also any tips or tricks to get her to talk more??


My son is 17 months and im still waiting :woman_shrugging: x

Each child is different. My niece was 2 1/2 before she said more than a hand full of words. She’s almost 3 now and she’s saying news words everyday and she won’t stop talking, lol. Just give your little one some time. She’ll talk when she’s ready.

My almost 20 month old doesn’t talk yet either :neutral_face:

She is still quite young, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much. My 3 year old has just had speech and language therapy as didn’t communicate much. Top tips. Don’t ask too many questions just comment on what they/you do. Just chat away as normal but just don’t expect much back.

Mine is 22 months and has really just started saying more words and putting some together. But she was very physically advanced. Her ped said that it’s normal to advance in one area and then move on to the next.

My son didn’t talk til 2yrs old. He just babbled and said mama Dada , dog, and ball

21 month old son still waiting :woman_shrugging:t3: :cry:

My 15 month old still babbles not really talking

My son started early 11 months could say 10 words by 18 months ruffly 50 words 24 months sentences but it’s completely up to the child and you teaching them

Read her 2 books a night. It will widen her vocabulary

When u show her something just tell her what it is…book, toy, socks, etc.

Our lo is 14m and just babbles with small words, but she understands what you say to her and she can (usually) answer questions or follow directions. But with her not being as verbal as her sister we are going to help bridge the gap with sign language :grin:

Mine started about 11months little words here and there. Before two she was non-stop talking. Every kid is different I wouldn’t stress about it

First borns sometimes take a bit longer to pick up on talking… my son didn’t start talking good until 2-2½ years old he babbled for the most part… just keep working with her and she’ll get there, some kids just aren’t ready to talk…

My first child wasnt around many kids and started talking at 2- 21/2 when we moved closer to cousins and got him in daycare. But my two year old has had full conversations since about 1. It depends on the child

My son was walking at 8 months and didnt start really talking untill he was almost 2 when i got rid of the binky. Come to find out he could say a lot more thank i knew. That damn dinky was a pain in the ass.

Give her time. She’ll talk when she has something to say. Also, don’t judge your child by someone else’s or even your other children if you have them. Check with her doctor and make sure there’s nothing wrong and let her develop naturally. Keep doing what you’re doing. She’ll be fine.

SN: Soon you’ll be wishing she’d stop taking!!! It’s magic…


Every child is different don’t be to hard on yourself

21 months old and still working on it. Sometimes he almost seems like he thinks it’s a game… he’ll say words in the right context and then not want to again if you try to get him to :woman_facepalming:t2:

My son is 20 months and only says dad, dog, juice.

My son is,almost 2 1/2 and he still doesn’t talk much. Just keep doing what you are doing she’ll get there

Mine is 25 months and talks better than a 3 year old. She has 3 older sisters and spends all her time with adults (me, my parents, friends).

They will talk when they have something to say!

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My daughter is 18 months n doesnt say any real words. She talks a lot just doesn’t make sense. We read n sing as well but she knows what things are if I say go get ur socks or baby or cup or whatever so we arent worried

My son didnt say anything more but mommy and daddy till he was 3… Since then to now at 12 he won’t shut up…

My 2nd son now almost 3 yr old just started talking about 7 months ago

Is she around other children? My granddaughter didn’t say much until about 2.5 years old, when we started to regularly hang out with her cousins, who were a little older and very talkative.

Around 2 years mine really started up actual talking.

My daughter started talking more when she turned 3. Still babbles a lot though.

16 months here and he talks when he wants to. He says daddy and momma, nite nite, snack, cup, kisses, toy and bath. The rest is babble I’m home with mine and talk to him all the time

Mine started around 15/16 months to really pick up on words. It will happen in time!

Mine spoke monkey until about 2 and a half.

My son barely said any words until he was about 4. I found out around that time that he had medical reasons for it. He went to speech therapists. What they told me is talk to him like an adult, no baby talk. For instance, he said ba for ball. I was to repeat “ball? Do you want your ball?”. Also they told me not to give him things when he gestures or points. If he points at his cup. I would say " Do you want your cup? Do you want some juice?". Things to that effect. Your child is really too young to worry, but if there seems to be a delay later, you can ask your doctor about speech therapy.

Mine is almost 20 months… just starting took say words we understand. Get down, no, mine,stop,eat… each person is different give it time. Because the baby will yell 1st. And u just going to be like shhhh, shhh, stop screaming. Lol. And don’t yall baby talk, use words . I did the one word a night with my son(brother,food,cat)… but those not the words he knows. Lol…

Talk all the time. Narrate everything you are doing.

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My little is 15 months almost 16 and still only says very few words. And I talk to her all the time she will catch on when shes ready

By 15 months my 2 year old could say 20 words perfectly, but my nephew could only say momma. Do not do the “baby talk” talk to them like a regular person it really does help.

My son is 20 months old and doesnt talk yet , he babbles but doesnt talk yet no words no mama nothing , he just started his speech and language therapy classes and hoping for the best :heart: each child is different

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She may be doing other developmental tasks first

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My son was the exact same until recently (he will be 21 months on the 15th) and all of a sudden he just knows words! I wouldn’t worry, just keep talking to him as much as possible and he will get it.

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My oldest didn’t say much til he was about 3… my daughter started talking very early… had like 30 word vocabulary at age of 1… my 16 month old says a few things but imitates every single noise anyone makes… :blush::blush::blush: all kids r different

My daughter is teaching my grandson to sign and he does very good with it he’s 1 and a half. He’s starting to sign and say some of the words. He even says Thank you without being told. I absolutely love it, he does please,more, and a few other ones that I can’t remember. He’s a very happy little boy.:pray::pray::heart:

My daughter just turned 2 and she speaks full sentences. Shes been talking since a very young age. But kids progress differently.

My daughter turned 2 in Feb. and her vocabulary was pretty limited until recently. She said about 8 words at her 18m checkup, about 15-20 at her 2yr checkup and she had added several more words just since then.

Narration of every tiny thing


My friends son is almost 4 and we are just barely being able to understand him better

Oh she will talk when ready most likely… my oldest didn’t really talk much until 3… and my other 2 much earlier… my oldest thinks a lot and processes things at a slower pace but by no means is she behind! Shes 19 now!!

Relax a little. Babies develop and do things in their OWN time. :roll_eyes:

My granddaughter is couple .months shy of 2…
She talks all the time. We just add her in conversations or make her ask for what she wants. She says alot …my favorite one is “huh” cause when she is trying to me something, I say huh to make her repeat it.

I dont think they really start talkling until around 2 years. A few words before that, yes, but just be patient and enjoy the baby stage while you have it.