How much should a 15-month-old be talking?

Greetings Mommies.

My daughter is 15 months old and the only word she utters is Mama.

During the day she stays with her Paternal grandmother and she comes home in the evenings. Her grandmother communicates with her using inaudible sounds and not actual words, I feel that this contributes to my daughter with so little vocabulary at her age as she imitates her granny’s sound for different requests. Should I be concerned?


Ask her grandma to start talking to her like a big kid and use actual words. The “baby talk” is definitely contributing to the non-talking. However children start to talk at their own pace, I as a child didn’t talk till after 2, and my daughter only started really trying at 18 months. But if you are really concerned you can always take her for a check up and get her ears checked and what not and see if anything is wrong

Our daughter (2nd child) hardly talked until she was 1 1/2 years old her 3 year older brother and us were talking for her. We began to let her do her own talking after took her to doctor and had her ears and throat checked. The later is the first thing to get checked Good Luck.

My daughter is almost 13 months and at her 12 month check up the pediatrician said at that point they should be able to say at least one word… So I wouldn’t imagine it would be too much different but I’d definitely think if all she’s hearing is baby talk most of the day that could become a problem

My son didn’t talk until he was three years old. He repeated pre k special education for three years. Now he’s in college getting his PHD. I wouldn’t worry about it. Every child develops differently. It doesn’t necessarily mean there’s something wrong


That’s normal! My son couldn’t talk til later on! She is doing good!

Wait until she is 13 lol

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Look into speech therapy. And its fine what grandma is doing. Thats how speech therapy begins. You have to communicate with her somehow.

Granny needs to be speaking correctly to her. If all baby hears is grunts and coos, that’s all she will know to use.

Grandma needs to use big girl words. I talk to my daughter (18 months) like shes a big girl and she can easily say 50+ words. No more baby voice. No more baby words.

My daughter is 2.5 she barely speaks real words we got her help. Starts tomorrow

So I accidentally did this with my first born. Except it was sign language.

My son would sign perfectly in full sentences by the time he was two. I would hold up flash cards and he could sign the word.

But we never spoke. I don’t like talking. So I was fine with it. He didn’t speak words until he was three. :sob: but when he did he picked it up fast. And then he read by the time he was four.

Anyhow what she is doing is definitely causing your little one to not develop speech properly.

When my second was born. I spoke to him from day one. I did vowel sounds and letter sounds. I enunciated everything. I made them watch my mouth. How it moved. He spoke at age one. By 18 months he spoke three word sentences. By age two he spoke complete sentences.

I did the same for my third. He’s one and a half now and can speak in almost complete sentences.

I also babysit A LOT of babies. They come to me not saying one word. After a few weeks they can say words and sign.

So yes. Ask her to speak clearly. You can also look up phonetic alphabet on you tube and show them to grandma and baby. Ask them to do this twice a day. She’ll get it.

Good luck!

Well done to Grandma for looking after her and keeping her safe and well. When she comes home the parents can talk with her and she will pick up the words well Children develop at different stages. Don’t worry all will be fine.

Babies mimic what they hear. If her grandmother isn’t speaking to her with actual words and is doing random gibberish or sounds then that can be a factor in why she may not be learning how to talk.
That’s not saying that it’s 100% her fault because some babies can take up to 18 months (or even longer to learn how to talk)
Grandma needs to start speaking to the baby with actual words and not just random noises. If she is copying grandmas sounds then she has the capability to learn to talk.
You should probably have a calm discussion with her about your concerns. If you aren’t comfortable doing this or if grandma doesn’t change then just talk to your baby all the time. Tell her everything your doing with her or around the house. Sit down and look at books, point things out. She’ll get the hang of it and if all else fails you can always look for a new sitter if she really is hindering your child’s progress that much.

That actually helps a baby develop language. Her sounds and noises to the baby keep the baby engaged and wanting to communicate. At 15 months old they’re not supposed to speak works, they might start with mama or baba or dada but I’m not sure why you’re expecting more?

If you just talk at her all the time she won’t want to engage with you because baby brains don’t work like adult brains

Discuss your concerns with grandma.let her know you would like to start introducing educational books,toys and activities. I have always talked to my grandchildren as if they were bigger kids…like having whole conversations… talking baby gibberish leads (not always) to the child talking baby gibberish that’s hard to correct. I’ve watched it happen so often just on my street alone .there are several children that are 5-9yrs old who can not talk very aware that you shouldn’t compare children’s learning ability BUT I don’t understand why people talk gibberish whenever speaking to baby’s,toddlers.
Just my observation and experience.

My son will be 15 months next month and he only says mama and dada. He will occasionally say different words as best he can, even though most of the time its just babble lol he talks a bunch but cant understand a word he’s saying sometimes. Its normal, just make sure you keep working with your baby and they will eventually get the hang of it

i think it still helps to talk to them right. :woman_shrugging:t2: my daughter will be 2 in July and talks ALOT . she says “its hot” “it hurt” “help” “agua” “puppy” “daddy” “mommy” “yeehaw” lmao alooooot of words it really surprises me… each kid does learn at their own pace but it helps when you talk right to them… idk how thatll go tho i domt think its too big i baby talk sometimes not all the time