How much should a 19-month-old speak?

I have a 19 month old son, and he only says mom or dada.
I’m not nervous about him being a late speaker. I’m just curious when did your babies started talking with sentences.


My son will be 2 in August and he says momma dada uh huh he tries to say my friends name

My son is two and barely talks. My son is in occupational therapy and speech therapy and it’s been helping but he is still not talking sentences yet

Not until she was about 2-2.5

When my son was about 2 and half 19 months is kind of early for them to be speaking full sentences


My daughter spoke full sentences at a year old. My son around 2.

Sentences at 12.5 months.

My son is 18 months old and has a couple words. I read the best thing you can do is talk to them constantly and reiterate what you’re saying…such as “let’s put on your shoes. This is your left shoe. This is your right shoe. Good job- now we have our shoes on” I did this every time we put on shoes for a week and now he knows what shoes are and says the word. He will bring them to me to put on if I ask him to

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Boys are slower to talk than girls. My son is almost 3 and just now really starting to talk sentences

Every child is different. My son had about 20 words by 1.5 but didn’t walk until 14 months. Some kids are late talkers. If you are worried, talk to your pediatrician and see if speech therapy is something to consider. I am an early childhood special education teacher, and a good majority of my kids are ones that need speech and are 100% academically typical. So don’t stress too much!

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Between 12 months to 24 months. I’ve also taught all 4 of my kids and all my daycare kids basic ASL. They all learned about 6 basic signs by 12 months old.

Check into speech therapy. My cousin has her 18 month old in it and it’s free until he’s 3.

My boy was later much later my girls spoke sooner. Just keep an eye out.

My grandson is two and he just started, maw maw want yum yum, siren cop come

My 2 oldest talked very early. My youngest held out till right before his 3rd birthday.

My son turned 2 in February and he just started talking in complete sentences.

He’ll talk when he’s ready. Had a daughter that didn’t really speak until she was 3. Now at almost 29 we can’t get her to be quiet. She had what is known as a communication delay. She was slow to read but by 5th grade she was reading at a high school level. Advice, read to him.

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Read an put them around other kids that talk an speak clearly. That way they want to talk to other children so they listen really good. also read an talk to them. around 2 an half is when they really do good at speaking

My kids started talking really early. But I have a niece that is almost 4 and still doesn’t talk. Nothing is wrong with her… she just doesn’t speak.

My son is 2 and only says words not sentences, I’m not too concerned and you shouldn’t be either, biggest mistake you can make is comparing your child to others, it can be discouraging, just work with him and he’ll talk when he’s ready.

2 word sentences, or 3, around a yr, 16 mons.
Now I have a 17yr old, he’s the quiet one.
The 9yr old talks to here herself.

My oldest niece wasn’t saying anything until she was almost 4yrs old but her sister just turned 2 and is already talking in sentences so it just depends

my youngest didnt start till almost 21/2 to 3 yrs while in preschool

My son just blew up one day talking, probably a little while after he turned 2

All my kids were about to putting sentences togethers…didnt really understand some at first but they were trying to communicate…my middle son was almost 4 before henreally started but he refused to use a sippy cup and acted babyish due to having a child so soon and him wanting to be the baby still…the doctors said him refusing to use a sippy cup or anything but bottles wasnt strengthening certain muscle in his jaw and mouth to help him with speech…one my daughter was bottle broke he stopped and he started tryin to speak and put together sentences. Every childs different and every childs got there pace. And some try but cant quite get it right…yet.

My 17 month old says about 10 words

Each child speaks at its own pace.

My son is 3 and I’m still waiting for him to talk with complete sentences he is speech delayed

Mine is 6 years old still dont really talk mostly screams or loud noises she says mom or mama n that’s about it but she is in school she seen docs they dont say nothing about it even when it’s brought up so maybe it just takes time each kid is different like my 7 year old she started talking more then mom n dad at about 2 years old

My daughter is 2 and she has just started talking complete sentences. Kids all have their times for doing things, i also believe the more you explain things and talk to them no matter if they understand or not the faster they learn to interact with others using their words.

My 20 month old says about 15 words

Rebecca was late talking has stopped since

My daughter is 14 months and can say a handful of words like mama dada baba cat and she says I love you. I can tell she’s trying to talk more and we just hand her stuff and tell her what it is or if she picks something up we tells her what it is. She’s also knows some basic song language. Just talk to him a lot he’ll talk when he’s ready

Maybe look into speech therapy

Do you reaf to him? That could help

My 2.5 year old only does 2 word phrases :woman_shrugging:

I have no idea honestly. My best friend and her mom would take turns watching my daughter while I worked and she was apparently talking their ears off while I got babbling at home. Lol

my 4 year old talked in sentences at about 20 months. i just watched a video of him saying “read that book to me” when he was that age, our youngest is 20 months now and and he’ll just say words or 2 word phrases when he wants to. every child is different!

If you’re concerned, bring it up at his next appointment. My youngest started speech therapy at 15 months through early intervention. At that time he only had a few words. He’s 2.5 now and still receives services. He also needed PE tunes in his ears. We had no idea he couldn’t hear well, he listened well and could follow directions. We worked a lot with signs until he started speaking better. There are apps you can download to help with signs.

My daughter turned 2 this month and she’s been speaking clear words (3 syllables included like burrito, xylophone, etc.) and sentences for AWHILE. I’d bring it up at the next appointment.

My middle child just turned 2 and speaks very few words no matter what I do to teach him new ones. I was concerned about it at his 2 year check up but his dr said she sees more boys taking longer to talk than girls. She said by his next check up if he isn’t speaking a few more words or trying to put words together we will talk about speech therapy. My oldest knew every letter of the alphabet by the time he was 16 months and speaking in full sentences to me so I’ve been concerned and trying so hard to get him to talk. But he is WAY more active and going then my oldest. I can’t get him to sit for a min to even open a book. He has no interest. He’d rather be running around causing chaos. You said you weren’t worried and that’s good. You shouldn’t be too concerned, boys can be late talkers. Just keep doing what your doing and talk to your doctor when you do become concerned. All kids work at different paces.