How much should a 3-month-old be sleeping?

Hey mommas first time mom here. My LO (3 months) slept a lot today, he ate his bottles every time he woke up about 5-6 ozs each time. Just wondering about how much he should be sleeping and if I should wake him to eat or leave him til he wakes up on his own. He still has plenty of wet diapers. Thanks in advance


Following as I have a 3 month old as well and from what I’ve read and researched sleeping alot is still very normal (16-20) hrs a day. Plus they reach a sleep regression at 3 months as well. My boy will sleep a lot one day and then be awake more the next🧡 if we have errands and we are out and about most of the day, he stays awake so he is exhausted and will sleep very sound only waking to eat. They are still adjusting to the world so it seems very normal.

My pediatrician told me to never wake a sleeping baby. They will wake up when they are hungry.

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I always left mine to sleep until they woke for diapers/bottles on their own. I know for me, if someone woke me to shove food in my face, I’d throw it at them and go back to sleep, so I let my kids wake and let me know they wanted something.


If they are sleeping they Are not hungry. I never woke mine.

My son did at 3 months. He’ll wake when hungry or needs a diaper change. Still having wet diapers is a good thing. Hes still little let him sleep. That’s my main rule to everybody that comes over an hes sleeping. Is dont wake my child hes let him sleep.

Never wake a sleeping BABY!!

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Dont wake him up to eat!

Just let him sleep might be a growing spurt. He will wake up when he needs to its totally normal

Let him sleep my first did this every few months he was going thru growth spurts .

He is probably just growing, let him sleep and just feed him when he wakes up.

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Let him sleep he will wake when he is hungry…he may be going through a growth spurt or if he recently had shots that could make him tired…

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Leave him he will let you know when he’s uncomfortable

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Let him sleep…sleep is very important for their development. Ask ur doc to find out how long babies need to sleep. That’s why they even have nap time at 4-5years old at preschool.

My child’s dr asked me, do you eat when you’re not hungry? I said no. He said the baby will tell you when he is lol… it’s true I wouldn’t try to get him to eat unless he’s fussing for it.

Nature wakes a healthy babe when hunger kicks in! I never woke any of my 5 as long as they had wet & dirty diapers and acted alert for age when awake with no fevers etc. Sounds as if your baby is doing great

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The nurses used to tell me to wake my baby every 3 hours to feed, where as other moms would say to let him sleep. Do what you feel is best for him, babys will always wake up when they need to be fed/changed, etc. If my baby slept more than 3 hours, I’d just offer and push for a bit longer feeding or extra formula!

Let him sleep. He’s probably in a growth spurt.

He is going through a growth spurt. Dont wake to eat let him sleep

Don’t let him sleep past 2 hours. You want him to sleep at night lol

Never wake a sleeping baby they will wake when hungry & need to be changed etc :slight_smile: enjoy it !

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Never wake a sleeping baby. He will wake up when hes hungry. Babys go through phases where they sleep more because they are growing.

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