How much should a 3 month old eat?

Is it normal for a 3 month (4 months on the 3rd of June) to want to eat 6 ounces every 2 hours? I’ve heard bottle fed babies can be over fed and I feel like that’s a lot my daughter wasn’t eating 6 ounces at a time until she was probably 5-6 months.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How much should a 3 month old eat?

I know every baby is different but I work at a daycare and have a little girl who is 4 months old and drinks 6 oz every 3 ish hours. If that helps! Is it formula or breast milk?

Yes, that is EXTREMELY overfed. Babies stomach’s are small. Are we talking breast milk or formula? Breast milk is 1-1.25oz for every hr. Formula is generally more however 6oz every 2hrs would be excessive. Is baby being pacefed? It’s easy to overfeed a bottle fed baby.


My baby just turned 4 months and is about to move up to 7 oz but every 4-5 hours. They might just have a healthy appetite.

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ANY baby can be overfed. Just let the baby eat


Pace feed and you’ll know if she’s being over fed or not, a lot of bottle fed baby’s do get over fed, but pace feeding is a great technique to slow your baby down on feeds.

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Ask your Pediatrician!!!

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Talk to your baby’s doctor. See what they say and then make your judgement. Use Facebook as advice but like others have said all babies are different and your baby has needs and is doing this.

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We were told 5 oz for my son at 4 months

Every baby is different just feed them what they want :heart:

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My daughter who is normal size now ate 8 oz bottles at 3 months up to 3 bottles a day. Doctor said to not feed her, unless she cried excessively. Which she did. she was literally hungry so, I fed her. Shes perfect now and maybe a tad tall for how short we are. She did not spit up much, was burped, and was just a hungry baby.

I breast fed an mine ate 6 oz at 4 months. I have 6 girls and they all varied. But were very similar in the amount that they ate. Doctor approved. If I were you I’d just ask your doctor bc it really varies on your babies size and weight and growth as to what they need. Also you can’t exactly over feed a baby. They eat what they want an need. They’re not like us an ignore impulses to indulge they eat bc they’re hungry.

My 6 month old is still doing 3-4 oz every 2-3 hours

Talk to the pediatrician. Baby could be leaping. It also depends on factors like are they on a plant based formula or a gentle. Some babies like my daughter having sorption issues. Ask the pediatrician and have the baby checked for type one diabetes

It depends how nutritious formula is. When my son was on a cow milk based formula , he never drank a lot, bit would ask every 1,5-2 hours until I switched him for goat milk formula

On average, your baby should take in about 2½ ounces of infant formula a day for every pound of body weight.

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As much as they can :slightly_smiling_face: if they hungry feed them :slightly_smiling_face:

Talk to the pediatrician. Baby could be leaping. It also depends on factors like are they on a plant based formula or a gentle. Some babies like my daughter having sorption issues. Ask the pediatrician and have the baby checked for type one diabetes

If your baby is hungry let your baby eat. My daughter never ate more then 5-6oz of breastmilk, formula and now milk. She properly gained weight and the Dr never once seemed concerned. Definitely ask your doctor. That should ease your mind. They might suggest feeding your baby a bottle of water in-between.

Is she is not throwing up alot after, then she isn’t over full


Cluster feeding can happen in formula babies too. Don’t ration formula.

Maybe baby is having a growth spurt and is needing to be fed more. They usually have a growth spurt around 3 months. You’re mom you know best and consultant baby’s pediatrician if you want medical advise.

Growth spurts happen after in their first year and they will cluster feed when this happens. Let it happen and they’ll regulate again once their body decides it doesn’t need as much.

My 4 month old has been eating 6oz about every 3 hours for about a month now
Seems normal

Please please please don’t listen to the people who are saying you’re over feeding your baby. Just feed your baby when they’re hungry. You’re doing everything right. My daughter ate so much when she was younger. I don’t want to give you an amount, as I’m unsure. But, I was constantly giving her a bottle.
I always feed my kids when they’re hungry, no matter their size, or the amount they’ve already ate. If they’re hungry, I feed them. :heart:

You’re doing everything correct. Keep it up. :heart:

Some babies eat less, some eat more. My 2nd ate so much, my 3rd he doesn’t eat much. But, you know what? They’re both healthy, gaining weight, thriving.
You just keep it up, keep doing what you’re doing & don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. :heart:


Well my 6 month old nephew is the skinniest over-eater I know. That kid will take bottles all the time if he was allowed to. He LOVES to eat. He is not considered over-fed by his pediatricians standards and is healthy healthy. So let your baby eat. And ask your child’s doctor.

Every baby is different. My son was eating 6 ounces the day he came home from the hospital. Let them eat all they want.

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Honestly, it depends on the baby itself, formula or breast milk, the nutritional needs of said baby. Talk to your pediatrician or a nutritionist.

If your baby is hungry then feed it
What’s with this over feeding crap ?
If the baby isn’t sick a lot after then they are hungry
Every baby’s appetite is different


They tend to eat more during a growth spurt.

Children are different, as long as they arent having weight problems I wouldnt worry. Getting plenty nutrition to help their rapid grow is a lot more important than worrying about weight

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Feed your baby as you see fit, if your baby is hungry every two hours then feed your baby. No one else can tell you what your baby needs. My youngest came home on an NG feeding tube and his feedings were measured and scheduled for over 3 months of his life but if he woke up hungry sooner than the scheduled time recommended I fed him sooner. And they gave me guidance on increasing his feedings. But it’s not necessary to be so strict you deny your baby food when they’re obviously hungry. We don’t get to decide how our babies feel. The same as any person outside of our body can’t tell us how we feel, when we are hungry/ full.

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Every baby is different and I’ve always been told to feed my baby when they’re hungry… If the baby’s not throwing up or anything after every time the baby takes a bottle I wouldn’t worry about overfeeding

Is it a boy? If so boys generally eat more, some girls also. They want usually eat if they’re not hungry. Feed them.

My son is 2 months old and he takes 5 oz every 3 hours. Let your baby watch if she wants to eat, but if your at all concerned contact your health visitor, they will be able to advice/reaasure you

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Is she acting like her belly hurts afterward? Puking? If there are no signs that it’s bothering her, let the girl eat! Every baby is different. :heart:

Are you pace feeding the bottles?

I raised all 6of my kids on the bottle they did fine

Girl just feed the little one. Dont worry what the “normal” is. Every baby is different. Consult your pediatrician if you are worried.

That’s about what my son would eat. It really depends on the baby. If your baby isn’t spitting up much after feeding, it’s probably fine, if she spits up a lot, she is probably over eating

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If it a boy vs a girl they may tend to eat more. I would talk to your pediatrician and see what they say. You can usually call the nurse line and they will get back with you.

If that baby is hungry feed it!

My now almost 8 month old she has ALWAYS ate more then I thought should :joy: if baby is hungry feed them … fed baby is a happy baby always

If baby is spitting up a lot, then baby is likely being over fed. But if not, he/she is probably fine. If the baby is gaining a significant amount of weight (should have a 4 month appointment with ped anyway) then they may want to check blood for diabetes. Diabetes can cause excessive thirst. Maybe call the ped and see what they think? That being said all three of mine were eating that much every 2-4 hours for about a month around that age. They hit a growth spurt and experienced sleep regression around that time as well.

My daughters were all eating that as well and are perfectly fine they wont eat if not hungry

My now almost 7 year old was born eating 8 oz every 2 hours. Your child will tell you when they’re hungry and will stop when they aren’t. There is no way to answer this correctly.

You feed a hungry baby

My boy is 3 months eating 6oz every 3 hours… but his pediatrician advised adding oatmeal because he was still eating every 2 hours. It’s helped a TON!


Doesn’t seem like a lot to me

My 8 lb 2oz baby girl was put on cereal early because I couldn’t get her satisfied with breast milk and formula. She would suck so hard and fast it caused her to projectile throw up. Had to stop and burp ever 2 oz. Which made her cry .
Cereal worked, and we got a few hours sleep.

My 4 month old is eating 5oz every 3 hoursish. I say if baby is hungry feed it. Somedays mine dont even eat 20oz other days she’ll eat 30oz

My son was drinking 4-6oz every 2-3 hours at 2 months
Breastmilk in a bottle

Our ped said to add rice or oatmeal (1 scoop per 4-6oz) to thicken it a bit, also helped with reflux

It’s very normal… He’s going through a growth spurt. They’ll let you know when they’ve had enough…

Every baby is different. The doctor will tell you if he’s gaining too much weight. Feed him if he’s hungry. Or if you’d prefer, give 4 Oz with a little rice cereal added.

My son drank 4 ounces every 4 hours at that age and he’s fine

I had all 3 kids in 4 years. Lyd in 2000, Lex in 2002, Guel in 2004. So I had a very healthy supply of milk. That being said my son was born at 3:19pm and by 4pm the nurse brought him back to me so he could nurse. And he did. He nursed for a good 10 mins or so before falling asleep. An hour later he was ready to eat. He proceeded to do this hourly for the next 30 hours. About half way thru the nurse brought me in a pump and asked me to pump the opposite breast as he nursed to gauge how much I was producing in those 10 min feeds. He was eating between 3-4 Oz right off the bat. He was 9lbs 3.6 Oz when he was born and weighed 9lbs 11oz the day we left the hospital on day 4. (I had my 3rd vertical csection) he ate every hour on the hour from 7am to 7pm and then would sleep for 12 hours. My body was so confused for the first week or so. So I had to get up and pump or I’d be soaked and in pain. By 3 months old he was eating 8-10 Oz at a time. His peds dr and my lactation nurse all said it was normal and to feed on demand.

Atleast one Big Mac a day and 32 Oz of mtn.dew


That’s alot talk to the doc baby may need solids to help out.

Mine both needed a pinch of oatmeal baby cereal added to bottles to feel full. Could be formula alone isnt enough…

My son was like this, hungry all the time. By 6 months he was having 2 cereal bottles a day, sometimes more. The pediatrician said if that baby is hungry, feed him. Lol and don’t come for me over the cereal bottles. My son is 21 now and healthy as a horse and not a bit of fat on him. Never had any problems whatsoever.

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Should be up to 8 ounces by now. Also my kids sometimes ate before the 3 hours they said

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It’s hard to over feed a baby, they won’t eat unless hungry.

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Maybe get a hungrier baby formula to regulate him but you can not really over feed him. Unless he is vomitting it up he is fine.

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My baby is about to be 4 months in a few days and he is a fat boy :laughing: he takes 6 ounces every 4 hours. My first was the total opposite lol it’s hard to overfeed a baby they will usually let you know when they had enough. There are times my baby doesn’t take the full 6 ounces leaving half an oz to a whole oz. He just pushes the bottle out with his little tongue. Lol I was told to feed baby whenever they are hungry.

All babies are different. But typically it depends on if it’s breast milk or formula, if it’s a boy or girl as boys typically eat more than girls, if baby is in a growth spurt or not, etc. if your concerned ask your pediatrician

Maybe talk about introducing baby yoghurts or rice etc into the diet at four months. Some kids are just ready for food. I loved millet porridge or mashed oatibix to stop mine being hungry.

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M0re Info.

My daughter was taking 4 Oz as a newborn.


Very normal. Babies know when they are hungry or not. Just feed the baby.

Not every child is the same!!! If the pediatrician says the kid is healthy, then let them eat.

Mine only ate 4 Oz around then every 2 hrs

If you baby is hungry, feed them. They’re not going to “overfeed” themselves.


My son will be 3 months on the 3rd of June. He doesn’t always eat that much but sometimes he can only eat 2oz or he will eat 4oz and sometimes he will eat 6oz. Sometimes he eats every 2 hours sometimes it’s every 3 to 4 hours. I’ve always read and heard to feed them when their hungry.

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Let him/her eat until the baby is full. It doesn’t matter how much. The child will stop eating when the Child is already full.


Different kids grow at different rates. 4 of my kids were all 21 pounds at a year. My middle child was 40 pounds at his one year check up. He has always been super tall, but now he’s 12, and the kids his age are catching up. He ate more than any of my other kids, and still does. (As a baby, he would eat cereal, a jar of fruit, a jar of veggies, and still nurse, and eventually I had to start supplementing with formula.)

At 4 months i introdyced some veg.puree.

My son ate every 2 hours like clock work. My daughter was every 4 to 6 hours. Each is different.

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6oz every 3 hours for my 4mo. 5oz every 2 hours at 3mo, 4oz every 2 hours at 2mo

My 2mo old will eat 6 oz in a sitting maybe 8 but I believe he’s going to be a tall/ big kid. I think each child is different

As much as they want??? Wtf kind of question is this. :rofl:There’s really women out there that think of limiting their childrens food intake?


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my daughter ate when she was a baby an 8 oz. bottle every feeding until i went to doctor and ask him isn’t this too much for her - he told me no and put her 6 oz. with 1/2 oz. of pablum in her bottle and feed her only 3-4 times a day

it worked wonders - she slept through the night and when my next doctor appt. came - he ask me how is she doing i told him great he just told me that she has put on weight which was good and told me to continue doing what i’m doing until she became 6 months old and than to go back to doctors when turned 6 months