How much should a 6-month-old be eating?

So my 2 month old can eat a 6 ounce bottle however his pediatrician told me that’s too much for him. What are your thoughts?


my son came home from the hospital eating 4-6 oz every 2-3 hours

Not too much. My niece ate 8 ounces at that age and slept through the night

Each kid is different. I wouldn’t worry as long as baby is healthy and growing at a steady rate.


My youngest was drinking 8oz by 2 mnths old. I fed until full.

Our pediatrition said feed baby as long as they are hungry and dont get constipated or through up

Let him eat what he wants my son was eating 8 to 10oz every couple hours your baby will stop eating when they are Full

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You are the mother…doctors dont know …every child is different…

Both of my babies were eating 8oz bottles weighted with rice cereal at 2 months.

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If he drinks it all and keeps it down then it’s fine :slight_smile:


Mine is 3 months and eats 5oz at a time. I mean my pediatrician says feed her when she’s hungry. Only she knows when she’s full.

Over feeding can expand their stomachs cause colic and acid reflux which is pure hell for the baby and you I would listen to your pediatrician


My one month old eats 4-5 oz at a time! I think as long as he isn’t spitting up it is fine.


No, if he’s hungry let him eat. That’s what my daughter’s pediatrician told me.

Sounds healthy,as long as he’s burping n no potty problems.go lil dude.

If the baby is hungry he’s hungry. My son ate like that at his age. Just burp him halfway through because he’s still little and offer the rest after he burps. Babies won’t take food they don’t want

I just got my almost 6 month old to drink 6 oz.

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Awe momma you are doing good. Sometimes babies do that as they hit a massive growth spurt.

If baby is hungry, feed him. Mine were drinking 6oz every 3/4hrs when they were 5/6weeks old

Just make sure you are burping every half an ounce to an ounce

Let him eat what he wants

Is he throwing it up , if not let him eat :person_tipping_hand:

If baby is hungry feed him. Make sure to burp him good. If he’s not spitting any of it up then it’s not too much


Feed your baby as much as he wants!! And… Get a new doctor!!!

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By a 1 month both may bsbied were drinking full bottles. They were fine.

If it isn’t causing him constipation, if he doesn’t scream after each feed like he’s in pain, and if he doesn’t spit up after every feeding then it’s perfectly fine

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A hungry baby is a hungry baby. If it isnt being puked right back out, you’re good.

As long as he isn’t throwing up I don’t see what’s wrong with it. If he is throwing up I wouldn’t give him that much

At 2 months old they hit their first growth spurt so they tend to eat more less often or eat less more often my daughter at 2m old at 6oz ever 4hrs now she is almost 4m old and it’s 3-4oz every 2-3hrs

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My daughter my oldest was doing 8 oz coming home from hospital doc had no problems

Your baby will only eat what he wants …listen to your instincts

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Nah. My three month old eats 6 ounces every 4ish hours. She’s perfectly healthy and normal. If your baby is hungry, feed them!

My 10week old has been eating 6oz every 3-4hours for about 3 weeks now. His pediatrician is totally fine with it.

My son was the same way, while still in the hospital after birth he downed a 4 oz. Bottle no problem and the nurses snapped on me, by a month old he wanted a full 6 oz, by 4 months his pediatrician told me to try baby foods cause we were going through soooooo much formula. His pediatrician was perfectly fine with it considering his size, however nurses and workers at the wic office, and other health professionals ok ns were constantly on my case about it saying he was obese weighing 20 pounds by 4 months (almost 9 lbs at birth). I say if you’re burping properly, and baby still wants more by all means GIVE BABY MORE.

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Mine is 3 months and eats 6oz at a time. I mean my pediatrician says feed him when hes hungry. He knows when his full.

A newborns stomach is the size of a walnut. Consider his size now and adjust amount of formula.

My baby started eating 5 oz at a month and a half and he’s 5 months now and still takes 5 oz bottles. If baby is keeping it down and they’re content feed them what amount they want

Let the boy eat and be healthy :+1: baby’s are doing an awful lot of growing fast the first few months so his metabolism is probably just moving faster. Keep burping every couple ounces and he should be fine.

As long as little one isn’t fussy or spitting up afterwards I don’t se no problem. After all, all babies are different

My 6 month has been drinking 6 oz since he was 1 month. His dr said if he’s not spitting up a lot after eating then let him have the 6oz. Just burp him every couple of oz. He was eating 6 oz about every 3-4 hours. My boy now weighs 25lbs lol

If the baby is hungry, feed it. I would rather have a full child then a screaming one.

Um listen to the /doctor\ who’s studied and got a degree for this shit

If he’s not throwing it up and isn’t uncomfortable after, I wouldn’t worry.

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Every baby is different. They all have different matabolisms, just like adults.
Heck my cat just had kittens & one kitten eats nonstop for 20 minutes at a time while another kitten eats once every 2 hours for maybe 10 minutes. Doctors base everything on averages instead of the individual case. trust your instincts & feed your child.

I fed on demand so sometimes my kids at 1 oz other times it’s been 6 8 oz as long as they are eating and not throwing it up cus hes over eating your fine.

My boy was eating 8oz by 3.5 months every 3hrs…every baby is different. If hes not vomiting or spitting up or acting full and being forced to eat let him eat mama

Our girls were on baby food by 3 months and off the bottle by 8 months.


A baby will eat what they want. Not all babies are the same.

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Depends on breast milk or formula
Also how often babies getting that

You know your baby YOU do what you think is best! Everyone else is just a guide line.

My almost 8 month old has been drinking 8 oz since she was 3 months old every 4 hours. Just feed your baby what he needs. Every baby is different. Just burp more often.

What’s your sons weight? My daughter was a hefty 2 month old and ate 6 oz. :woman_shrugging:

My baby boy is 8 weeks today and he is eating 6 oz. But he was 9lbs 7oz when he was born

As long as he is not spitting a ton up afterwards let him have the 6 oz :slight_smile:

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Trust your mom gut! They said the same thing to me about mine. All kids are different. If he’s hungry feed him if he’s not don’t. You know him better then anyone and if you’re comfortable with his eating routine that’s what counts.

Mine were eating more that that at that age every child is different if he’s hungry let him eat. Mine were also almost 11 lbs at birth though

Smaller bottles at smaller in between times

My son is cray and had no problem with 4-6 oz around 2-3 months. He is a giant baby. He’s 11 months, and looks like an 18-24 month old. He’s my beef stick for sure. Not every baby is the same. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I always let my kids eat how ever much they want. If they aren’t overweight and aren’t spitting it back up let the baby eat

If he’s hungry feed him. If he’s spitting up alot it’s probably too much but if not feed that baby

My 5mo eats 6oz :woman_shrugging:

Let the baby eat. You do what you think is best for your baby.

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My most recent visit with my baby’s doctor I was told that the 8-10 oz was too much for one sitting at 4 months. She is at 90th percentile for height and 50th for weight. She is hungry. Bottle has always been the last thing on my checklist to ensure she isnt over eating. I still feed her the 8-10 since that’s what she eats. You know your baby the best. Good luck Mama

My pediatricians always told me that the baby will stop when their tummy is full.

Babies eat until they are full

Breast fed babies only need 1-1.25 for every hour not fed and bottles should be pace fed.

6 oz how often is key? Every 2,3 or 4 hours?

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Your baby knows what he wants. As long as he isnt overeatimg to the point of vomiting (not just a little spit up) then youre fine🤗

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My son was breast fed and i over produced because he just ate so much. He stayed super tiny. I breast fed for 18 months (plus refular food) and hes 2 and a half now and only 27 pounds and looks like hes much younger than he is, so it never made him huge or unhealthy

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Oh and when he was a month old he was eating like 3 oz, every other hour, then by 3 months was deff at 6oz for sure every 1 and a half to 3 hours.

My daughter was eating 6oz at months she is now 6 months and eats 8oz plus starter foods every few feedings. You do what you think is best you’re momma and know your baby. If baby isn’t spitting up the whole bottle from over eating then I wouldn’t be to concerned.

He’ll only eat what he wants as long as he’s not spitting it up let him eat

Let him eat. My son at 2 days old in hospital was eating 2 of the hospital bottles at a time and they didn’t say anything but they were surprised

I always let my kids have as much as they wanted.

If the baby is hungry, feed the baby.

Probably it’s too much, because my daughter used to drink her bottle until her belly is filled, and when she was about 2-4 yrs they said she was too over weight, then put her on a diet, she was 4yrs and weighing 50lbs + now she’s 5 yrs and 3mths and she is 52lbs

My two week old eats 4 he went to the his first app and had lost a ounce they had us come back the following Monday for a weight check he went from 8lbs, 3oz to 8lbs 12oz she said he gained 2 oz a day and that’s too much well if I give him less then the 4oz he is crying 20 min later and nothing will nake him stop but the bottle with that ounce in it so I let him eat it if he’s not puking or crying with a stomach ache I’m letting him eat I’m not starving him sorry

Bull crap every baby is different If he wasn’t hungry he wouldn’t eat that much Doctors and those stupid charts

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Let the baby eat! You have to think of how your tummy would feel if all you were able to eat was liquids. It would take you a lot longer to fill up. If baby isn’t spitting up then let him eat until he’s satisfied. I’ve never heard of restricting a baby like that.

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If you look it up, 2 month old babies typically eat 4-5 ounces at every feeding. I highly doubt that 1 extra ounce is going to hurt anything… he wouldn’t be eating 6 if he wasn’t still hungry after the 4-5 ounces. I don’t even really understand why the doctor would say anything with it only being an ounce over what babies typically eat at that age.
I’d feed until he’s full.

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Feed him mine would eat an 8onz bottle if he is hungry feed him not every child is the same

Ya too much you know how uncomfortable you are when you eat way to much that’s how he feels I bet

Baby rice or baby oatmeal, my son was the same way

Mix a little in the bottle

Let the kid eat. Portion control comes later.

My son at two months was drinking 7 ounces every two and a half hours and he was fine they’ll only drink as much as they can handle🤗

Mine were the same, theyre all fine and not overweight. Babies know how much they need better than Dr’s do.