How much should a 6-week-old weigh?

How much does your 6 week weigh ? I think mines alittle overweight lol


And sweet Jesus who is approving these community questions? #Dafuq?


A chubby baby is a happy baby


Each baby is different.


The baby isn’t overweight :roll_eyes:

“A little overweight” :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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my 5 week old weighs 9 lb 8 oz. He was 6 lb 13 oz when he was born 2 weeks early. :blush:

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There is a such thing as an overweight baby🤦🏼‍♀️ drs put them on schedules. Yes my question may sound dumb. But I’m legitimately serious.


No such thing as an overweight 6 week old. Feed that hungry growing baby


When she was 6weeks she weight 14pounds idk now prob 16 or same?

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Every baby is different and I personally dont think it should be a concern unless your doctor has said something. But your baby will go thru so many growth spurts over the next year I wouldnt concern yourself. Just do your best to stick to a comfortable feeding schedule for you and baby.


My 5 week old weighs close to 13 pounds. She was born weighing 9.4 pounds so that may have something to do with it😂


At that age i don’t think its possible

Why do people want to starve their kids so badly? :woman_facepalming:t2:


A chubby baby is a smart baby! Care2 is the world's largest social network for good, a community of over 40 million people standing together, starting petitions and sharing stories that inspire action.

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My daughter was soooo chunky. She always has been lol short and fat. If the pediatrician says the baby is fine the baby is fine.


My 6 week old is 9 pounds

6 weeks my babe was 10lbs 4oz. Just worry about keeping him fed and full right now. If he’s hungry let him eat.


My 5 week old weighs 9lbs exactly. She was 2 weeks early weighing 7lbs 12oz.

Mine was underweight so I don’t know what is normal

Doctors always told me fat baby was happy baby. My boobs are whip cream or something because they get huuuge. They thin up when they start walking.


6 week my daughter was 12 lb she was 4 weeks early weight was 7lb at birth.

At 6 weeks my youngest weighed 9 pounds and 9 oz when born at 6 pounds 15 oz.

All babies are different. And they can all gain different weights by how much they eat and being breastfed vs formula fed

Listen my 4 month old is 20lbs I love a chunky baby and he’s happy they lose it once they walk

My youngest was a tiny baby he didnt weigh 10 pounds til he was about 3mo. Old

My daughter has always been larger this was at 3 months. Shes just turned 11 and is 5’6" and 150lbs! Shes always been 99% for height and growth. Your pediatrician will say something if they are concerned about growth!

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Wic said my daughter was gaining weight “rapidly” & made me see a nutritionist. When I told her my kids eat healthy & that she is still breastfed, she knew it was more so the breast milk & had no concerns after that.

The only time you should be concerned about an infants weight is if they’re losing weight or not gaining anything.
My son was 7lb9oz at birth. He was 19 at his 6 month. He’s 10 months old now and weights about 24. He’s fat and friggin happy.


Lol does it matter fuck let the child grow

A 6 week old cannot be ‘overweight’ they follow their own growth chart. Please don’t.


No such thing as an overweight baby.


Uhm wow…your child is not overweight. Keep feeding that baby whenever baby wants.


Lol your baby is probably just growing faster then he or she should. Its normal hun

To answer your question my 6 week old was very small but he was born small. There is no such thing as an overweight infant yes they can be high on the growth chart but they don’t even start looking at BMI till over a year and even then it’s not accurate. Babies are rapidly growing the only time there should be ANY concern is if there is weight loss and they fall down the growth chart. My nephews both of them were 25lbs at 6 months my son is almost 2 and isn’t even 25lbs. You know what their doctor said? Chubby Babies are happy babies it means they are eating which means they are growing. If your Pediatrician told you that your 6 week old was overweight then you need to see a new doctor because that is completely wrong.

Mine was just about 10lb at 8 weeks. Shes almost 4m old (May 9th) … She was 6.9lb at birth (5 days prior to EDD)


Wouldn’t worry about it until they are off and running. If they stay on their curve and don’t drastically gain or lose your good!

lmfaoooo i was 11 pound 11 ounces the day i was born hahahaha

My 13w baby is 15lbs :person_shrugging:

There a baby who tf cares as long as they are healthy :roll_eyes:

My son was little over 7lbs at birth. He is 21 months old and right at 28 lbs. Dr said he is a little chunky but when I researched it he seems right on target. So I say eff what anyone says honestly. I mean I wouldn’t want my kid to be 100 friggin lbs at 2 yrs old but a couple of extra pounds I would not be concerned with. Also I am sorry but I find it ridiculous how you are asking about a babies weight at such a young age. If your baby is happy and not extremely over for their age then who cares. Like I say if your little one is not over about 3lbs over right now then let it go.

My kid was born 9lbs 1oz. Shes 2 and she is in the 75%