How much should a ten year old weigh?

My just turned 11 yr old weighs 95. But he plays a ton of sports. No fat anywhere on him. The drs have never said anything about his weight.

My daughter is 10 and weighs 94 lbs, 4’ 9.

My 11 year old son weighs 153lbs. He’s definitely on the bigger side, but he’s crazy active and we’ve made healthy eating changes and he’s over all healthy so his Dr is happy.

My 12 year old son weighs 142 pounds. He’s a chunky monkey but I see puberty coming on. He’s like his dad-he will shoot up and thin out.

My son just turned 11 in March and weighs 75lbs

Where did she fall on the growth scale for weight and height? My 9 year old is 60 pounds but my 12 year old is only 62.

8 yr old 101 pounds. 6 year old is 62. 76 seems okay to me


My daughter is 11, is 5’4" and weighs around 140 pounds.


At that age, they are about to go thru a growth spurt most likely so it is hard to gauge. I would say it is fine. I wouldn’t worry until they are in high school, where their height and weight is more settled down for girls. Boys usually keep growing until 2nd year of college.

7 year old brother is 65 and a good weight.

My 4 yr old is 3’7" and weighs 55 pounds. He’s a solid kid

My 8 year old is close to 60 lb and my twin 12 year olds are 115 and 75 lb all boys

My daughter is 12 and weighs 117. She’s also 5ft tall and will grow over the summer. People seem to forget that kids chunk out a little then grow overnight and even out. Your kiddo is fine and it sounds like her Dr is an ass. At 10 weighing 76lbs is not concerning. The last thing a girl her age needs to hear is her Dr commenting on her HEALTHY weight. That sets her up for body image issues. Girls at her age are beginning to form opinions about these things.

my 18 yr old is 4’-8" and 77 pounds

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My 9 year old grandson is 90pounds and 4feet 10 inches tell

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My 10 yr old fluctuates between 71 - 75 lbs. Hes also over 4.5ft tall

My 9 year old (10 in nov.) Weighs 87 lbs

My 12 year old weighs 62lbs

98 lbs this morning :unamused: she is a tall 10 yr old but we have to work on her exercising this summer and eating less carbs

She will be 11 june 11th but shes 120 :joy: shes also 5’1

About the same for mine.

My son is 9 and weighs about 65lbs and I think he’s small for his age

Growing kids are all different sizes, some doctors just see the number of the scale and freak out. Just make sure you are feeding healthy options, limiting soda and juices and trying to get them to move and play for exercise.

My step son is 98 pounds and hes 8

My 10 yr old weighs 86 lbs, was told he was over weight because he’s short, i honestly don’t find him fat at all. My 11 yr old weighs the exact same and she is tall and petite and been told she’s underweight…so…:person_shrugging:

My 9 year old (son) weighs 64and my 12 year old( son )weighs 110

My daughter will be 11 in a few months and she wieghts 70lbs(shes got some wieght on her and shes a shortie. My other daughter just turned 12 and is tall and about 90( shes very skinny). My son will be 10 in a few months and is as tall as his 10 year old sister he wieghs about 70(very skinny) And my last will be nine in a few months hes a shortie wieghs about 60 and is skinny. They all about the same but wieght sits different cause they are different. I wouldnt worry. My 15 year old son is 6’2 and 250, at 10 he was over 5 foot and 120lbs.

My 9 year old is 50lbs.

My 6 yr old weighs 59lbs but nothing on him he’s solid

My 9 year old fluctuates between 75-80lbs

My son is 12 and 34 kilos
My daughter is 9 and 48 kilos
She is taller and more filled out and more muscle than him.
His small and petite

My 11 yr old weighs 130 soooo

Depends on height. To many kids over weight anymore. I want mine to stay a healthy weight. Limit junk less sugar and carbs. We try to eat healthy.

I have a almost 6ft 12 year old 180lbs he could loss some weight but his dr say he healthy once football starts he will slim down he been kinda lazy this winter with not doing any sports and put on some weight

My 10 year old is 65 lbs but shes also like 5 feet 2 inchs

My son just turned 10 and is 5’3 and weighs 115 lbs his doctor says he is tall and his weight is fine :person_tipping_hand:

My 9 yr old is tall for her age 5ft 2… but weighs 100lbs

My daughter will be 10 and is 60lbs

My 8 year old weighs 85lbs. He’s 4’8". He wrestles, plays football, baseball, and basketball. The kid is solid muscle. He’s been in sports since he was 3. He qualified for nationals for wrestling this year. He is in the 99th percentile for weight and 93rd for height.

120 but she’s also 5 foot 3

My 10 year old weighs 55lbs but she’s short and built small
like me

My 7 year old is around 4 and 1/2 feet tall and 70 lbs. He is tall, always has been. Wears a boys 10 so I imagine is the size of a 10 year old. I’d say it’s about normal!

You’re leaving out her height.

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9.5 year old 54 pounds

My son is turning 10 in July and he’s 83 lbs. This is Blayze

My almost 10yr old weighs 100 where my 12yr old weighs 75…it all depends on their height!!

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This is my daughter, she weighs about the same. She will be 10 in a few months. Dr kind if made me feel like she was overweight. She plays soccer, gymnastics, runs track, and cheers. I was annoyed too. Im sure your daughter is fine!

Makes me feel soooooo tiny .
Im 5 foot 8, and i weigh 100lbs.

My 2 year old, over 2feet tall weighs 30.
My 8 month old, over 1foot tall weighs 20.

(Yes i know, i need to gain some weight) lol

My son is 80. Yes he can lose weight. We have been trying… Its hard

My kids are teens now but when my oldest was 12 they tried to tell me she was overweight. I can’t remember exactly what her weight was but anyhow when she turned 13 she got her 1st period and somehow all that extra weight went away. So it could just be pre puberty weight :woman_shrugging:

At 10 I was 60lbs barely

Height makes a huge difference and sometimes they’re just built chunky I was a little over weight as a kid but when I hit puberty I slimmed down a lot

My 10.5 year old is 102lbs

My 8yo is like 65lbs. But tall as shit. The height matters mroe than the age.

I weighed 99 pounds when I was 10! I remember my teacher made me feel so bad about it! You’re baby girl is perfect! Just let her love herself and be healthy!

I really hope he didnt say that infront of your daughter. A lot of factors go into deciding if someone is a healthy weight so none can say for sure but honestly that sound like average weight for that age :woman_shrugging:

It seriously depends on their height. When my oldest was 10 she was 78 pounds…I can’t remember her height but she has always been tall. Her doctor told her he wanted her to gain at least twenty pounds at that time. At 12 she’s now 5ft 8 and 120 pounds. Still skinny a little under weight according to her doctor

He will be 10 in a few months. 4’10" 87 lbs. You can still see the kids ribs, so while yes it depends on height, I dont think 73 lbs is to much for a 10 yr old. Every kids different

Mine weighs that, and she’s only 8 and they’ve never said anything

My daughter will be 11 june 30th but shes 92lbs and her dr said shes perfect. I guess shes tall maybe i havent had her checked in a bit she isnt “big” at all though!

My daughter is around that at 10. I was told she was still under weight.

My 10 year old son weighs 89 pounds

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My 12 year old is 108

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Lord our 10 yr old daughter weighs like 90.


I have a 10 yr old he weighs 97 pounds.


How tall is she, kids are a bit chunky 10 to 13 long as its not excessive

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My kid is 5 & weighs 55 pounds. I feel like she will be fine. :rofl:

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My daughter will be 9 in July, she’s 4’4 and weighs 68lbs. She does gymnastics, she’s very athletic and toned. She isn’t fat at all but has a lot of muscle definition. Each child is different, it completely depends on each situation individually. I don’t think that sounds overweight at all. I also don’t know how active ur child is, or their height.

My 6 yr old weighs 76 lbs lol

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My 4 year old is 51 pounds … time he’s 10 he be way over 76 pounds I’d say lol

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Depends on height. My son just turned 8 and he is quite tall he is 88 pounds. I wouldnt worry

106lbs at 10 yrs old 4 foot 9

She is still growing taller too. Weight doesn’t sound excessive to me.

Lord child my 6 year old weighs 65

Really id say it depends on her body type. If she’s super tall for example duh she will weigh more. Does she look chunky to you? Is she active? Does she eat balanced meals? I don’t think you can pin a weight to an age. My son is almost 18 months and weighs a little over 30 lbs, which is normally really heavy but he is tall, active, and eats relatively healthy meals & snacks. It’s just his body type. :woman_shrugging:t2: don’t worry mama, you’re the judge.

My greatgranson is 11 weighs 120 is 5’4

My 11 year old bonus daughter weighs more than me and I’m 134

My 2 year old is 45 pounds…
But he’s tall and his Dr doesn’t seem concerned…

My 11 and a half year old is 103 and 5’0. He’s a hockey player so his legs have alot of muscle. Kids grow differently, I wish the Dr’s would stop telling us about BMI and if our kids are overweight when they are so young.

My son just turned 11 and he weighs 52 pounds.

My 9 year old is 60 pounds

They base it by BMI. Body mass index


My toned daughter is 12 weighs 90 my tiny 8 year old daughter weighs 45 and my 3 year old boy weighs 40

I have a ginormous 1 yo. He’s like 30 pounds. Lol. My 6 yo is 40 pounds. :scream:

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My daughter is 7 and weighs 100 lbs but she’s also tall so the pediatrician says for her height and weight it evens out but my daughter is almost 5 foot tall too and I’m only 5.5 :pensive:

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My 4yo is 23kgs and 106cm

My almost 14 year old weights 85 pounds (ish) and he’s 4 foot 10 his doctor is concerned his to skinny

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My almost 5 year old weights 67 lbs.

My 5 year old is 75 pounds he is very active!!

My 7year old weighs 72 pounds.

My 10 year old is 70.4

Mine is 11 and about 120

She is to big listen to the Dr.


My 9 year old son weighs the same. He’s tall and skinny. I don’t think it’s alot.

My daughter has always been on the heavier side, but it’s honestly just the way she’s built. She has a ton of muscle mass. Very athletic. And her doctor has never said anything to me about weight.

My 6 yo weighs 52 pounds. She’s 49.5 inches tall

My 12 year old is 95 and my 6 year old is 75. I think your doctor is crazy. Don’t get me wrong my youngest is a little on the big side but he’s also tall, active and eats healthy.

My almost 9 year old is 64lbs

11 yr old about 5’3 135lbs

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My son is a catcher he’s almost 11 he’s 109 lbs almost 5’4