How much should a toddler eat?

My 7 month old has recently started eating less. Since two months old shes drank 6 ounces every feeding of her prosobee formal. Now it’s barely 4 ounces if I’m lucky or she refuses to drink at all. She is teething so am wondering if it has to do with that or has any other mamas experienced your little one going through a phase where they ate less. I’ve also started introducing solids as well (eggs, peas, etc.) And she does amazing so maybe with the introduction of new foods shes not liking the taste of her formula. I’m at a loss. Any input welcome. :blush:


My daughter started needing less milk when I I introduced food as well. She completely weaned herself from breastfeeding by 9 months because she preferred real food

This is my little girl she’s gone through stages on and off for the last 4 months with not drinking her bottles due to teething and food comes into the equations as well. How many bottles a day is she having

My little guy would do that while teething too, it’s pretty common. As far as the solids go just making sure your offering the formula before the solids, “food under 1 Is just for fun” formula and/or breast milk should be the main source or nutrition until 1

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I assume it’s normal (not a expert) but when you start solids and the more you increase the less formula is taken in… formula should still be their primary food source for vitamins and overall nutrients but encourage the solids (healthy variety- breakfast lunch and dinner and work up to snacks when she is more mobile) I want to say as long as she’s getting 18-24oz of formula a day she’s fine (at least 4bottles in a 24hr period)

Yes, its the foods filling her up. If shes not getting atleast 24oz in a day feed less food at a feeding.

They say once you introduce baby food they will eat less but my daughter was 4 months when i started baby food and she still ate 6 ounces until recently and I wonder if she’s eating less because of her teething

The more solid foods a baby eats the less formula they need…