How much should I charge for babysitting?

My friend wants me to babysit her 1 year old daughter for about 8/8.5hours 3-4 times a week once her dad goes back to work. They’d be bringing her own bottles/meals for her (she still eats purées other wise she’d be eating our food) so what do you think a reasonable amount of money to charge would be? I would also have my son with me who would be 16 months.


Mother is going back to work to make money. If you charge to much she just as well stay home. What kind of work does Mom do? How much can she afford?


In AZ, since I’m thinking location is applicable, I paid my neighbor $40 a day for in my home while I worked and she could leave if she needed and I could step away. Now he’s in daycare 4 days a week and it’s currently $260 a week but going up to $299 a week in January. Hope it helps!

Grandson was charged 37 dollars a day at the nursery. They did supply snacks. He is 2 years old. But that was a actually nursery

I have 9 kids of my own and i babysit my friends 2 girls for free :woman_shrugging:t3: she is a single mom working her butt off to raise her kids. I help her and she helps me when i need it. To me that’s what friends do.

Yeah no one makes less than 15-25 an hour where I’m from. I wouldn’t do it for less than that.


I’d say 40 a day unless they can financially afford it. It all depends on why you’re doing it are you doing it just for to help a friend out or are they able to afford a decent amount

I pay 35 a day to my in home daycare

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We paid $20 a day or $100 a week per child.

I pay $35-$40 a day. I also know the person and very rarely are my kids with someone else.

I charge 10 a hour for 1 kid and 5 every extra kid and I provide food.

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I pay $125 a week for in home daycare. I provide diapers, wipes, breakfast, lunch, and his snack !

My son’s home daycare charges 5/hr

My sitter in my area charges $35 a day


Depends on your area… in mine a subarb of Chicago we pay Nanny $15+ an hour a daycare facility would be $65 daily and home daycare $40 to $50 daily rate

I charged 100.00 a week for a friend of mine to help her out and help me out.

$30/day for a two and four yo is what I get,meals,diapers,and whatever they need are provided ,but that’s me

As a friend $1000 to $1200 a month

I am paying $40.00 a day that only comes to $5.00 and hour so I think that is a reasonable amount to charge.

20/25$ a hour. Get it written out and have them sign it too for there’s no confusion later on.

Your 16 month old is irrelevant in regards to the price you’ll be charging to babysit. (But he’s not irrelevant in your lives, so please don’t take that wrong lol) As far as charging, maybe look at what others in YOUR area are charging. I pay my sitter $16/hr base, and usually add a generous “tip” on top of that. BUT…I live in California. I’m seeing other states are a bit cheaper. :rofl:

If the kids not eating any of your friend & you dont mind helping your friend out for little extra cash i would prob say 25. Here i pay 40 a day & they provide meals

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My area ranges from $200/wk to $320/wk

My babysitter charges $25 an hour. Regardless.

You should not be charging what centers or at daycare charges you are not a professional you shouldn’t be charging that amount BUT it should be be getting paid a decent amount.
Maybe ask what they make or what they are comfortable paying. It also depends on where you live, iblive South Dakota and what I pay versus what others pay is night and day.

For a YMCA center I pay $197 a week for a four year old - that comes to just over $28 a day, the center is open for 11 hours (my child goes 8-9 hours a day) so thats $2.55 an hour (for us it’s about $3/hour) we pay if he is there or not and we have no sick days.
I would do some investigating and find out what places near you charge. You shouldn’t be a luxury charge like date night sitters if you are watching child while parents are working.

How good of a friend? I wouldn’t charge much especially if I’m already at home

I’d do at least 20 a day.

Depends how much you’re able to/want to help your friend out. Sitters around me are paid like $15-$25/hr depending on age of child, number of kids, experience etc. I don’t personally charge friends to watch their kids but if I did I’d probably do no more than $20-$25/day since she’s not eating any of your food. Idk how much daycare is now but a few years ago it was like $43/day for my 4 yr old. Just look at nanny sites and check hourly rates, google daycare rates and above all charge what you will not be resentful over. If you feel like you should have x amount of dollars and tell her less, you’ll ruin the friendship.

$40-$50 a day is reasonable. No way most people can afford to pay that by the hour !

I know licensed day cares in new York get like 125$ a week for that age, it depends how nice you want to be I would get at least 75$ a week

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I charged $20 an hour when I babysat. But I also worked with the parents as well and sometimes charged less depending on situation. I know some people in area I live now who charge $40 an hour. I’ve seen some charge more than that. If they are truly your friend sit down and make an arrangement that works for them and you where you still get paid for services but she can still afford stuff as well.

Even for a friend I would do baby first aid course & have a full CRB check before you consider to be honest x

I pay $100 dollars a week, which I think is a pretty good amount and I provide all snacks and drinks and sometimes his meals

I pay 60 a week for 2 kids and the sitter supplies everything, been that way for 10 years.

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I pay $55 a day at my in home daycare