How much should I pay my kids to do chores?

How much should I pay my kids to do chores? I know I do not have to do this but I want them to learn the value of money and earn it…thoughts?

My kids get ten a week. They only get 5 to spend a week though the other half goes into their savings account

Nothing. Yes, learning the value of money is important however I strongly believe kids need to learn what goes into making a house function…I absolutely refuse to pay my kids to clean up their belongings or dishes they’ve used. They each have a few different chores after supper, they aren’t being paid for. If I throw something extra in- then I might tack on a $1 or $2 (snow shoveling etc) or if a sibling isn’t listening or not completing their responsibility and one of them picks up the task, they usually get a $1 or $2. But other than that, nope not paying you for your chores.

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That depends on what you can realistically afford.

My kids do not get paid to do their daily chores. They do, however, get the chance to do extra stuff to earn money. The amount they get is based on what it is. For example, my back always itches so I offer $1 per minute they scratch my back. If they do extra chores, they get money depending on how big of a job it was.

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