How much should my 4-month-old be eating?

My baby is four months and is a working woman from 7 am to 7 pm daily with Saturday and Sunday off. I worried about how many quantity ml or oz of formula milk should be given at one time and also how many gaps between two feeds


Feed her until she is full. Every baby is different.

Bubs will let you know the answer to that.

Ask the pediatrician
The baby will let you know when she/he is full. If you still have concerns try giving a bottle every two hours and keep track of how many ounces she drinks so that you can put her on a feeding schedule

My daughter is 2 months she was eating 5 1/2 to 6 ounces but I had her check up and got told only 4 every two to 3 hours actually helped cuz now shes not getting upset belly n sleeping amazing

Every baby is different let him/her take the lead! Don’t stress yourself out mama!

You should be able to start feeding cereal at his age an you can also start giving him water in between the formula bottles. Water is good for babies to have specially when it’s hot an humid out during the summer mnths


I would just feed her as needed. If she’s crying and you’ve changed her, she’s not sleepy and nothing else is soothing her besides the bottle let her have it.


Milk. That’s it. Breast or formula only


Please ask your actually dr. Not Facebook drs. When your baby has open gut syndrome or worse you will have wanted to have asked a dr. Food before one is just for fun. Nothing is needed except formula or breast milk


Milk only. Give whenever she’s hungry. Some eat more. Some eat less. Growth spurts may affect how much she wants. Just feed her when she’s telling you she’s hungry. Follow her cues. And be kind to yourself. Don’t stress if she’s not following the pattern you’ve read in books.

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I would keep track of how much u give on say Saturday and Sunday to get an idea on what ur baby needs. When my kids went to the baby sitter that young I always found it easier to bring a can of formula. And make sure they knew that they could only have formula

All 4 of mine were different but they were doing 6 to 8 oz bottles each feeding by 4 or 5 months. I didn’t do solids until close to 6 months None of mine did the baby cereal I made homemade oatmeal with fruit purée at about 6 months. Generally mine went 3 to 4 hrs between formula a little less with Breast milk mine were a little less

Might should ask her pediatrician instead of a group on FB🤷‍♀️ not trying to sound rude but every baby is different and you aren’t gonna get a good answer from here. The pediatrician will be able to tell you based on how much baby is growing how much he/she should be eating.


Please do not feed anything but breastmilk or formula before 6m as the intestines aren’t fully developed yet and can cause a number of health issues down the road including leaky gut. I’m not familiar with formula amounts or intervals but a breastfed baby needs about 28-32oz of breastmilk a day from 4-6m and should not have more than 4oz at a time while practicing paced feeding.

Feed that baby how much it wants when ever it wants a chubby baby is a healthy baby my son is 5 months he eats baby food and ti ti all day when he wants

6 oz at a time, if formula it should be about every 4 hours, if breastmilk it should be every 2 to 3 hours (but not more than 4 oz at a time if breastmilk according to my lactation consultant)

Please call your pediatrician, the ped nurse will be able to tell you. Mine was cereal and 5 ounces every 4 hours. Every baby is different and a bunch of moms who think they are the only ones who know anything and are smarter than the MD’s is not who to ask!


Just feed as needed. Babies go though a huge growth developmental spurt at this age and need more then normal. Things will go back to normal after the spurt but baby cereal has zero nutrition and baby needs the nutrients in milk though these spurts. There will be many but 4 month spurt is brutal! Water is NOT actually recommended especially at this age.


Usually its one ounce per hour. So if your baby feeds every 2 hours it mat be 2-3oz or if longer in between then more like 3-4oz. Of course formula is heavier and digests very slowly so you may have your baby eating 3-4oz and going longer between feeds.

This sign is in my kids doctors office. I used it as I guide for my youngest.

For dietary reasons it is not recommended to introduce solids until around SIX MONTHS of age . As per bottle = formula there is a basic instruction on the tin isn’t there ? Or go to a health clinic , doctor , ask yr mum or other people whom have experience with babies .

my babies just away to turn six months but he has been on nine oz of aptamil since turning four months, he is also getting solid jar food so when he gets his breaky lunch and dinner i drop the oz to six and let him take what he wants. i guess its trial and error put it up and oz see if your baby takes it all then stick with that a month later up it again and let them take what they wish x

My 3 and half month old take usually 5-6 oz. Bottles and 1-3oz right before bed to top her off. We recently introduced baby food and she eats about a jar a day.
She sleeps pretty good at night. She goes to.bed about 830.or 9 and sometimes sleeps all night sometimes wakes about 430 then back to bed. I get up at 6 to.go to work and wake her up right before I leave to go to daycare.

My baby never ate more 4 oz sometimes 5 his entire year. Babies stomaches are super smalls. Most bottle feed babies get over full. Then it’s to be to the point that they think that have to feel that way to be satisfied. You babe will tell you how much they want. Don’t try and over do. think about how you would feel if you drank a 6oz glass of milk every 3 hours.


Both of my babies was eating 8oz. Bottles plus 4oz. Of juice with 2oz. Of water in the juice to weaking it down a little plus I was feeding them baby food and plus mashed potatoes at dinner time … But I ur baby is still crying after having a bottle they r trying to tell u they need something else to fill them up

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For milk/ formula, my dr always said their weight divided by 2 is how many oz they should be taking each feeding.

Every baby is different mine would wake up or cry for a bottle every 4-6 hours. Some is every 2 hours or 3 hours. By 4 months its usually at least 4 oz a feeding or 6 depending on the baby.


Every baby is different. They usually stop eating when they are full and will let you know when they are hungry. Remember their little stomachs are only about the size of their fists.

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each baby is different my 10 year old was eating 10 oz’s every few hours at about 12 weeks I introduced cereal but she was a bigger baby from birth she still has a very healthy appetite

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Every child is different! My daughter really never drank more than 4 ounces every 4-6 hours until she was 11 months. She slept through the night since about 1 month old. My son on the other hand drank 8 ounces starting at 4-5 months old.

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There is no set amount, they will stop when they are full and they will let you know when they are hungry. Every baby is different, so it will be up to you to pay attention to their needs

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Every baby is different … my youngest was eating 8 oz every 4 hours from the time he was given his first bottle after he was born and my oldest only ate 4 oz every 4 hours …I had to give me youngest cereal as soon as he could hold up his head up(3months old) because he was a heavy eater and the formula wasn’t enough to sustain his appetite but it was instructed by a doctor to do so … my oldest on the other hand was almost 6 months old when he was given cereal

My 4.5 month old eats 4 6oz bottles a day, that’s her regular. She also eats one small jar of baby food a day as we’re introducing solids! We do not wait longer than 4 hours between her bottles except at night, which she sleeps 12-13hrs!

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Every baby is different, with the kids I tell you one barely ate while another one constantly ate. You just have to learn his patterns and what he likes and doesn’t like. We really can’t tell you what it’s normal for him.

Every baby is different. Mine is 20 now.
But when she was a baby ( not sure the age, but early) i put cereal in her bottle. I know doctors disagree doing that at an early age. But it helped her sleep through the night.

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My babies all are a routine 3 oz. I never had to buy a bottle bigger than 4 oz and graduated to a 4oz sippy. Sometimes I would give them more in a short period of time. Sometimes 3 oz was it every 4-5 hrs. I never tried to stretch to 6 hrs.

4-6 oz every 3-3.5 hours ish… always have a spare… I introduced cereal at 4 months, too. That’s up to you though.


My doctor said to take the babies weight and multiply it by 2.5 and that’s how many oz he should be having a day. My baby is 8lbs 6oz and having between 21.5 and 24 oz a day at 3 weeks. I give him 3.5oz every 2.5-3.5 hours

Each baby is different, my oldest ate 6+oz by 4months, my 2nd was a premie and only ate 4oz or so until 6months or so and my 3rd was strictly breastfed but nursed for an hour every 2-3 hrs after about 2months. Lol. They will eat until full and then stop.

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Mine were taking an 8 oz. Bottle by 4 months. I fed them when they were hungry.

Babies are different make sure u keep track on how must they ate and when between feedings. Normal is 4 to 8 oz every two to four hours.

My 4 month old eats about 40 oz of formula (8 oz bottles) as well as nursing twice a day and eating 1 oz of baby food at dinner. Then again, he’s an eater.

I have a newborn under 1 month and he eats 1 to 2 oz between 2 to 3 hours. I want him to eat more so he can sleep longer but it gets better with time

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If it’s BM its always 4oz your milk changes. 3/4hrs sometimes more due to growth spurts.

Just make sure the caretaker has plenty… all babies are different and occasionally baby is just having a hungry day

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Babies are not able to eat this you it causes leaky gut which causes eczema and other issues.

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My pediatrician always said if they seem full and content and growing then they are fine.

Juice at 4 months? Wow that’s huge your 4th month old should have a 4 to 6 ounce bottle every 2 and a half to 3 hr period I work with infants in a learning center!

Every baby is different, I gave my baby 6-8 oz at night and she slept through the whole night because she was full. Bottom line is you do what’s best for you and your child.

Mine will be 3 months he drinks 4 oz every 3 hrs and at like 9 or 10 he drinks 5 oz and sleeps till about 3 am and drinks 4 oz and then sleeps till about 8

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My baby make 6 oz. Every 3-4 hours he’ll drink what he wants.

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My daughter wouldnt drink more then 4 oz but she would drink every 2 hours for the longest

If I remember correctly, my son was taking 5 oz every 3 hours. And he still is at 8 months.

Why do Moms always laugh at peoples questions on here?


My son was on 6oz every 4 hours.

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Take your babies weight subtract one from it and divide that number by 2

My four month old eats four ounces at a time and eats twenty to twenty four ounces a day (from midnight to midnight)

About 6oz every 2 to 3 hours. Or if really hungry 8 oz . plus u can start solids cereal

That varies by each kid honestly even for people who have multiple kids

Ask your doctor. Every baby’s needs are different - if you cannot reasonably feed on demand, ask for medical guidance.

Depends on the baby, I think my son was having a half a deal of baby food veggies and about 4 oz of breast milk or formula.

My girls were eating 8oz bottles and baby food plus juice

If baby cry’s when finished with bottle try adding another ounce! Mother of five.

I always thought the general rule of thumb was around 24oz in a 24 hour time frame. Whether 6 4oz bottles, 3 8oz etc.

Our baby girl ate around 3 ounces every 2-3 hours. She eats 5-6 ounces now and she’s 11 months old.

My daughter is 5.5 months old. She takes 4oz feedings every 3 to 5 hours.

4-5 oz every 3 hrs was how my chunky mama ate. but she never went over 6 ounces in bottles. shes now 10 months old.

My daughter slept 12hours a night without waking at 4months🤷‍♀️ and ate 8oz every 3 hours throughout the day while awake

My son was taking 4 oz every 2-4 hours at that age.

At 4 months old my daughter was drinking 4 oz

Do 4oz-5oz and 1 small solid a day.

My baby was drinking 8oz by 4months every 3 to 4 hrs

How old is the baby? How much does it weigh? See the babies drm

According to the USDA they should be driving 4-6oz every 2-3 hours.

Why aren’t you asking your pediatrician?

We feed my son whenever he’s hungry. Your baby will let you know when they’re hungry and when they’re full.

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Every baby is different. Check with your baby’s pediatrician.

As you can see by these comments every baby is different. Get to know your baby’s needs.

Idk why people are laughing at this. Another mom is asking other moms for advice. You guys are just being ignorant

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We over eat here in America . They will let you know when there hungry.

By the way, way to go momma! That is not easy!

If she cries pick her up, feed her, or change her. When you breastfeed, you have no idea how much they get, so let her determine as long as she’s growing

It depends on your baby …

The baby will let you know if they need more.

As much as he wants when hes hungry.

Shouldn’t u ask their dr

When mine were that age they were pretty on spot with 2-3hrs between bottles, they had baby food at meal times. They were drinking full bottles at that age so they were started on solids at 4 months

I never go off the charts. You know when your baby is hungry, and the baby will let you know when they’re full. My son is 4 months old and has been eating 6 ounces every 2-4 hours for 2 months. My daughter was smaller than him at birth at ate 4 ounces for what seemed like forever. Every baby is different.

My one only ate 6-7 oz 3x a day then my other was breast fed every 2-4hrs and I was pumping roughly 10 oz so 10oz every 2-4hrs but she came out over 10lbs 2-3 wks early lol they had to find her a size 1 diaper and I had to return all the newborns to the stores :joy: and the light eater is 3 and can still fit 18 month pants in the waist but is as tall as a 5yr old (thank God for the button elastics in pants :sweat_smile:) the 10lb baby is 2 and wears her sisters 3t and is tall too.

Currently breastfeeding my 4 month old and he nurses ever 4hrs or so.

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Every baby is different