How much should my toddler be talking?

I have a 2 1/2 year old. He is not speaking very much. He still says mama and dada. He can say approximately 30 word’s. Mainly one word at a time, unless it’s thank you. He comprehends well and he seems to be up to par with other thing’s.
What can I do to get him to speak more than one word at a time. Any books, websites, or video’s? Thank you for any advice!


Start by making him try to speak. If you’re giving him things when he points or grunts, why speak?
Start there and if there’s no improvement within 60-90 days, talk to his Dr regarding speech therapy. :two_hearts:

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30 is right on target

That isn’t anything to be worried about in my mind. Especially if he comprehends what you’re saying. I bet one day he will just open up and talk

You can have his hearing checked… my son had to get tubes twice to help with his talking

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My son and daughter were both in speech therapy. I was told I basically had to train them how to talk from the beginning, so explain everything that you are doing when you do it ie, we are putting your foot in your shoe, we are trying your shoes, we are putting your coat on, we are zipping up your coat pretty much everything you do. You might feel weird about it but it really helped, that and go to play groups or spend time around other kids his age.

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He may just not be ready also remember boys black a little bit behind than girls you can take him into the doctor and ask but some of the things that you can do is make him ask for things and not point and say who but actually make him say please and thank you and ask exactly what he wants as far as food or activity Etc that helps a lot

Keep talking, listen when he talks. My 5th child was slower to talk but he also had more access to videos and my iPad. I researched and found that the games helped his memory but watching videos the evidence showed reduced speech. Now he is 10 years old and is speaking normally.

Do you have other children ?? Is he around other children regularly ? Do you read or talk to him a lot . Do you make him use his words or like a lot of us know what he’s wanting and just give it to him ??? Give it a little time and work with him a little and see if it helps . Has he had a history of ear infections ??? Have you spoke with doctor ??

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I was wondering about his ears too Patsy.

My son & daughter got evaluated by our school district and my daughter got free preschool. My son I didn’t I know about it he’s older, but I used sign language and he communicated with us he eventually dropped signing and talked. Find your local school and see what they can do.

My daughter is 3 and speaks well but still has her gibberish. All kids learn in their own time…as long as he is speaking certain words and responds in english or baby he is on track. Dont push him…it comes in time. My daughter liked to be sung to…she likes rhythm…all kids are different but if hes speaking 30 words at 2 and a half…i would say hes on track in my opinion

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Just read to him… Like a lot! Talk to him about things that are going on in the world around him…
My daughter is 2 1/2 and she’s already talking like a grown up :joy:

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Do you talk to him and expect an answer?? If not, start…once you get him started, he won’t stop ever…good luck. LOL


Please have him tested for autism

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Two of our grandson didn’t talk much, they both had hearing tested and they were both had good results. Seems like 6mos after they both became very chatty boys. Read books and show the pictures

My grandson was a late talker. I remember discussing my concerns with my older sister and her response was that every person she had ever met could talk. Good point!

Don’t freak out about it too much. My son was the same way. He is not autistic he is just speech delayed. He goes to speech therapy twice a week and it helps a heap ton. The therapist suggests preschool too just to help him interact with kids his age more. No worries Mama!

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don’t worry, they all do things at their own pace!

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Some kids just don’t talk much at that age, my more 20 yr old didn’t talk till he was almost 4 and there is nothing wrong with his speech and my 3 yr old doesn’t talk as much as some his age but he understands just fine. They learn at their own pace so don’t rush him he will talk as he has need to.

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My son was like that. He would say words here and there. Once he turned 3 he wouldn’t be quiet lol. It might just be a boy thing. My son is perfectly fine and is a super intelligent and fully speaking 5 year old now

My oldest boy talked a lot. Was saying at least 3 word sentences at 18 months. My youngest didnt start talking alot till he started school. Every child is different, maybe they just need to be around other toddlers.

My girls seemed to come out of the womb talking, but my son didn’t talk in sentences till he was 4.

Leave him to do his own thing. He is able to say words and will have lots to say in his own time.

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bring it up to pediatrician… Maybe look into speech therapy too.

Mine is the same way mostly he is starting to say more and more I was concerned because his big brother started talking early and a lot. The pediatrician reassured me he is doing just fine for his age.

My son was a late bloomer. He was like 2 and… like 4 months, same thing… he didnt talk. He turns 3 tomorrow and talks ALL THE TIME. everyday there are new words. Give it time, that’s my opinion.
Make your child ASK for things. Ask for juice, ask for a snack, ask to be changed. If you are always on top of it (like most of us mamas are) the child has no reason to talk, your reading his/her mind…
I also made my boy try to repeat me, one word at a time, hed say “juice” and I’d sit with him till he either got it or got frustrated with trying to say “may I have juice please”

My son is will be 21 months in a couple days and talk a lot know a lot of words, alphabet, counts to 10. I know this is a little above average for his age. I swear to god it’s because he watches super why on PBS they do number letter read from “books” we also read a couple books a day. I talk with him a lot as well, as him questions that require an answer and give him the time to respond even if he babbles back that’s good! I don’t think he needs any therapy yet! I would say if he isn’t talking by three then look into. Also talk to your ped if you are still worried!

Ask him questains.Encourage him talking.