How much to charge from in-home daycare?

I’m looking to start an in home daycare in Iowa. How much do you all pay (hourly or weekly) for daycare and what are some things you expect from your provider?

$280 a month 5 days a week 9-1pm.

I provided, diapers, wipes, sippy with dink, food.

They have music, curriculum, a visits an ecology room weekly.

I think you should consider on what you are offering (snacks, meals, drinks) that type of thing. Are you doing a curriculum or just letting them play and nap but interaction from you of course. The more you are going to do with them, the more you should charge. Me personally I would pay for my 5 yo, 25 an hour, 50 for half day or 300 for 5 whole days. Figure it out if you don’t want to do everyday, like 3 days minimum whether half or full. There’s so many variations of what to charge. Its hard to say what sounds fair or what sounds cheaper or too much. My sons daycare charged $15 for every 15mins later after closing. They did offer overnight and weekends by request, had to show proof of work hours. She didn’t do it for a “night out”