How much to pay a babysitter?

I have a 6 month old and a 2 year old . I was wondering what should I pay a babysitter for watching them from 5pm-10pm. 3 days a week. My 6 month old goes to bed at 7 , and my 2 year old goes to bed by 7:30/8. They will be fed and bathed before I leave for work. Thank you .


I would say $20 is fair

Yes I would say 20 a night as well

I do 10 a day but my sitter knows I am hurting for money while trying to get the bills paid so she lives with me

I would say $20-$30 depending on whether or not the 2 year old is potty trained

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I’m with everyone…$20 sounds fair enough since they’ll be sleeping most of the time.

I’d say 15$ per child but it also depends on who u are having babysit… The lady who watches my son who is almost 3 I pay her 20$ and she supply all the snacks sometimes gives him baths since i get off so late… also it depends on your income if u can afford more dont tqke advantage of someone’s kindness… These are your babies good childcares hard to find…


$5.00 an hour sounds very reasonable.

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They are your world?
How much are they worth?
Ask babysitter what they think is fair


I always charged $5 per child per hour. They may be sleeping, but you’re still asking someone to be committing that time to your home and children…so, though the kids are sleeping, they’re still “working”. That’s like telling a waitress she has to be at work for 5 hours but won’t get paid to be there durring hours there are no customers.


That’s 5 hours baby-sitting 2 children. I would think at least $10 per hour = $50.


20-30$ is a fair price each day.

Hinestly find a sitter that is willing to work with you. I babysit a 6year old and a 4 year old while i have my 1 month old. I watch them 5 days a week from 3pm to 10-1030pm i only ask for $50 a week amd they end up just throwing diapers and formula to help me out if it wasnt enough. Just find one that is willing to work with you :slight_smile:

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Nancy Ken Gilbert I agree people want so much to just babysit

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I would say 10 per child. 20, you only working 3 days a week 5 hrs is only 15 hrs and not telling what ur paid hourly , you gotta put what u make in to consideration to make sure you break even where it’s worth working after paying a sitter.

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This is my post I have been a single sahm mom since my 2 year old was born. The babysitter is a very close friend of the family. Im going back to work so at first money will be a little tight . She understands completley . She said don’t ask her it’s up to me . Just wanted to get an idea for what would be fair. Tia :heart::heart::heart:


I would pay $20 flat after the kids sleep they will be sitting watching t v or on their phones

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$40 for 5 hrs ? If she’s working min wage it’s not even worth working

I pay $20 a day for one kid

Just to babysitting?! Remember you are leaving the most important thing in your life with someone you trust… No money amounts to knowing your child is safe and being taken care of how you would…


Theresa Friedrich i didn’t realize it was 5 hours only

Karin Isaacson some people dont make alot of money…

Liane Wood. But that is not the babysitters FAULT. If one cannot afford to pay someone to take care of the most important people in ones life, it would be better to stay home.


Billie Woods Strong. I agree

I would say $10 to $15.
My sitter watches my 6 month old 6 30 to 4, 5 days a week and I pay her $20 a day

Where I live I’m pretty sure it’s 10/hr for 1-2 kids