How much to pay a babysitter?

Working mamas!!

How much do/did you pay the caregiver to watch your child in your own home? Need help on what to pay a family member. Thanks!! :slightly_smiling_face:!

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This is way too vague! We don’t know what hours, how far the babysitter lives, if they have kids of their own they would bring, and so on! The best way to find out what to pay someone is to talk to the person directly and see what your thinking vs what they are expecting and then come to something yall both find reasonable and fair! Them being family, friend or anything else doesnt change what you should pay someone! If you would pay someone else $10/hr then even if it’s a close family member you should still pay them that $10/hr not less or more (just an example) but I’m sure you and the person will come to a better agreement than other people telling you what you should pay bc the other person might be thinking something different and might feel like they are being underpaid! Imo the best solution to any questions like this at all is to discuss it directly with the person you would be paying!


She was asking for advice not to get berated :unamused: I would think about $10 an hour ive been looking for a sitter for my kids and ive been seeing 10 to 15 an hour but if your tight on a budget i would ask them to see if they would be willing to do a little bit less


I offered my sitter for 2nd shift hours 30.00 a day for 2 kids. I worked 245p to 1045p. She came to my house and was allowed to use my Wi-Fi and eat my food & have whatever to drink.

My grandmother watches my 2 kids during the day and I pay her $25 a day

Do it daily not hourly . . Depending on age and how far they drive would say anywhere in between $20-30 a day .
I paid my mom 10 a day per child . So 20 a day . She had access to my food ect . She didnt have to bring anything. But when I took them to someone I paid 15a day for my baby and supplied formula baby food ect . And 20 for my son and she fed him and i just supplied his diaper . They was 6m and 1.5

I paid $20/day for two kids full day.

We pay $12/hr. 1 kid.

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I have 3 different babysitters i use one is 12 i pay her 2 an hour and she does it at her house the other one is working on getting her license and i pay 3 and then i have a family friend that i pay 3 and they both do it at their homes

Also depends where you live. 35 years ago it was $125/week in DC suburbs.

Also, your town/county should have a list of certified child care providers in your area & you can call them for rates as a benchmark.

20 plus food 9 hrs. Use of car.

1 kid. Drop off at sitters $100 a week, 8 hour days, drop off at 6 30 a.m. pick up at 4 p.m.
Kid is 7 months. Sadly, age does play a factor!

Pay them whatever you woukd pay non family

I paid 50 a day x 1 girl, sometimes is 2 hrs, sometimes is 8 sometimes I take her, others she pick her up, and if is less then 3 days still give her the 150, if I dont use her at all, still give her 100 for the week

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I watch my nephew for free

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I can watch 2 kids full time 10 hours with food

It all depends on where you live and what cost of living is for your area

I’d give her thirty bucks . Always over pay its like including a tip. That is a full day lunch and snack . If you are generous she will want to babysit. Job security

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To keep a happy relative , pay them the same as you would pay a stranger .

Whatever you and your sitter are comfortable with, shoot her a number that your happy with and see if she agrees, I pay my baby sitter $20 per hour to look after my kids in my house :slightly_smiling_face: x

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