How much would you pay an 11-year-old to babysit?

How much would you pay an 11 year old to watch a 4 year old for 2 hours ? 11 year old being my little sister she wants to earn money and I work from home . 4 year old being my daughter


I was 11 years old when I started babysitting.


I was babysitting at 11 years old for five bucks an hour. This was 20 years ago though. So yeah. 10/hr seems more than fair as long as it’s in your budget


I babysat when I was that age as my mom had both my brother and I before our uncles and aunt had their kids. Plus we were always at our grandparents houses, so it was more of her teaching us how to care for our future families. I was paid to “watch” my younger cousins with my brother. We came from a large family. My great grandparents had 12 children so it was tradition for the older children to keep the younger children safe. It taught us responsibility and that we have to work for things that we wanted.


There seems to be a disconnect between the replies.
Some people understand that babysitting involves participation. And so responsibility and creativity.
‘Watching’ a child is just that.

My Daughter’s father in law once complained she had nothing to do but ‘watch’ the infant and toddler.
Believe me! 'It takes a LOT more than ‘watching’


The minimum in your state I’d say?

11 is too young to baby sit in my opinion

Hi All…she said she is working from home. The 11 year-old has an adult there if needed. I agree with the $10 per/hour.


I was 11 and my parents stayed out very late. It was totally ok and my mom would pay me $10 for the whole night. That was in the 70s.

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I’d order her some pizza - but still , 11 is too young. For me … maybe 14


I wouldn’t … 11 is too young to “babysit,” … unless an adult is in the house and they’re more like a “mother’s helper” role .


She’s not babysitting alone. She’s more like a helping hand (for 2 hours) while mom’s working in the home as well. Chill out people. :eyes:

I’d say $10/hr for the 2 hours she’d make $20. I’d definitely talk to her to see what things she would like to work for or save money to purchase and fit a payment plan that will help with her goal.


My 11yo daughter is watching my nephew for my sister while she works from home this summer. She gets paid $6/hour. My sister did it based it by my daughter going into the 6th grade. $1 for every year of schooling.


I gave my 15yr old sister $40 to watch my 2 yr old for a couple hours.

For only 2 hours I’d do $20 bucks. I agree she is a bit young to be babysitting but if you are going to be home and able to keep a eye/ear out :person_shrugging: You know how responsible she is and we don’t. I think it’s a awesome way to let your sister learn some responsibility and make a little side cash while helping you out and I’m sure your daughter will love hanging out with her Aunt :blush:


Just for general info a young person can be certified as a babysitter by Red Cross at 11. It depends on the sitter. However, if they are in fact a mothers helper, and family , I think 10 is a bit much and sends the wrong message.

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You pay the same amount of money for a 11year old as you would pay a 14 or 15 year old to babysit I don’t see what age has to do with amount of money you would pay If you think the 11year old is responsible enough to take care of your children.


11is not old enough by law I also believe it to be 14


So your essentially paying your little sister to play with your child … your home so thee is no responsibility involved. I wouldn’t 11 is too young to look after a 4yo

Have to be 12 to take the baby sitting course.

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Um they can’t stay home alone until they are 12

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:joy::joy::joy::joy: appologies just read it all x

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Lord the amount of people that can’t read is shameful.


Like 20 bucks a day i think is good for 2 hours.


$15 per hour is min wage

Ok some of yall need to learn how to read and comprehend. She simply states that she works from home…meaning she will be there with her sister while she “babysits”.


At 11 a child doesn’t understand the consequences of their actions. They should only “babysit” under supervision

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I thought you had to be 14 to babysit?


…nothing lmao. I mean maybe 10 or 20 for the day…but…idk…it’s weird for family…I don’t charge family to hang out with my nephews or nieces…unless it’s like a full time thing …but that never lasts long cause I tell em I don’t wanna anymore lol


Lot of people seem to not actually read the post smh … 11 years old is absolutely old enough to watch a 4 year old for a couple hours while the mother works from home it is more then ok she’s literally still going to be present in the home. And I think $10 an hours is fair.


Reading and comprehending is soooooooo fundamental🙄


$20 :slightly_smiling_face:
Or get a greenlight debit card so she can manage her money better.

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I have a blanket rule. I don’t pay less than $20 for “disrupting your day”. Plenty of times I’d call over my younger cousins just to watch my son until xyz was completed. Even if it was 30mins they still stopped their day to come watch him. When I was doing my masters I had my 12 year old (at the time- I think anyway, she was young) cousin come watch my 3 year old so I could do homework in our home office and not worry about him. She’d come 1-2 hours and I think the most I gave her was $25. Now when someone watches my son (he’s now 7 the girls are older - driving age) I pay between $15-$17

Hm :thinking: maybe 25-30? I always pay 10$ a hour but it’s honestly up to you both.


I think for a couple hours, $10.

I guess I’m too old fashioned, but to pay a child to watch their siblings is strange to me, my parents had another child when I was 15, I got up to feed and change her in the middle of the night, not every night but often but I was never paid for it, I did it because I loved her and my mother, no other reason was needed


11 is entirely too young to be completely responsible for a toddler. I don’t give a damn about the dark ages, we know better now. Give her some extra chores she can get paid for instead.

Heather Howard she’s talking about her little sister, and she would be home while she is watching the little one. Different than sending her to someone’s house.


For an 11 year old? Probably not as much as a teen… $12-15


Too young babysit are u for real

11 teen? I would say $12 an hour.

She’s working from home while her sister looks after the kid
I’d give her 20$ that’s a reasonable amount


Same as I’d pay anyone else.

We pay our 11yr old $20 an hour when she’s helping keep an eye on her 2 siblings. But she also gets extra things she wants from us. We love her help, and don’t want her to feel like she HAS to watch them. At the end of the week, when we get paid, we pay her as well for the hours she watched them while I worked (we own a business, I work from home, but have so much to do to maintain everything). If she doesn’t feel up to it, then she can do what she likes.


I’m amazed at the amount that can’t read a post


My brother would pay me $25 to babysit his 2 kids so him and my sil could go out. our dad would be home in case of anything. If she wants to earn extra money $20-$25

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At 11 years old I was watching my 4 nieces and nephew all weekend. That was 60 years ago and things were so different back then

I babysat alot at age 11. Plus I had a new baby sister at 11 whom my parents trusted me to care for. I think it depends on level of maturity

10 an hour and keep it under 3 hours It’s still an 11-year-old.

My oldest is 22 now, my middle one is 20 & my youngest is 13. When my oldest was 9, she watched my 2 younger girls. Wasn’t for very long though, beings she was only 9

An 11 year old is too young to babysit!

Yup. It’s not his responsibility. So if he does it, it’s willing and I’d pay him to do it right and to do it like a job.

I can remember babysitting when I was a teen got . 50 an hour. Times have sure changed but that was years ago. A quart of raspberries was also .50. Back then. The good old days.

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Years ago 25 cents an hour

I would use the price as a negotiation lesson for her. It’s standard in a job interview for an employer to ask what rate of pay they expect. Ask her and go from there. Could be a great lesson for later on down the road


$10/hour would be fair if they are only staying in your home while you’re working. :smiling_face:

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:heart: I’d pay $15.00 a day :heart: plus ask her what her favorite snacks and drinks are and have them on hand.

You are there, you are family- she’ll be an expert by the time you can leave them alone together. I think $10 for 2 hours is fair. But it’s definitely way under market value here in California where you’d probably have to pay $20 :joy:.

Since she’s just going to watch her while you’re working FROM HOME… I’d say 10.

I would pay them what I would pay a regular person

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Since you are home and there is less responsibility on your sister watching her niece if something were to truly happen I’d pay less that if she were older and you were not there.

She started babysitting when she was 12

11 year old is not responsible enough!

I babysat 4 kids when I was 10


With the mom working from home and it’s just a couple of hours, I think it’s fine to have her sister watch her child for pay.
I think it’s good the sister wants to earn money.
Never too early to teach kids the value of working for their money.
There’s an adult on site and I see no problem.


10/hour but make sure it’s even legal to leave the 11 year old alone where you live, much less babysit😬

I used to babysit Friday nights (a 4 and 6 Yr old) while their mum went on a night out when I was 11. I only got £10 too. They were in bed by the time I got there and I checked in on them regularly, they never woke up. :sweat_smile:

If a helping hand for you and you can get on with your work I would say £20 x if u happy with that or maybe start at £10 and gradually increase good luck to you both draw up a little contract x

Did any of yall READ the part where she would be home working…smh. Goodness she just wants a little help keeping her 4 year old entertained while she tries to make a living.


I was 9 babysitting my 5yr old brother for a couple hours n I got a box of Mike n ikes​:rofl::rofl::rofl:


I started babysitting when I was 10, alone. I was very mature for my age though. (Obviously that was awhile ago lol) by 12, I had 4-8 kids, alone, most weekends (family of course!) It becomes a lot. I feel like at 11, for 2 hours, I’d do like $20. $10/hr. And once she gets older and starts babysitting on her own, maybe like $12/hr. I have a 13 year old son that I wouldn’t leave home with my 3 youngest and that’s purely because he’s not mature enough. I feel like all kids are different and mature at different times.


I swear, do people just read the question but none of the details?


Wonder if these parents who say 11 is too young, still fix them bowls of cereal in the morning.


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I’d do $20 for two hours. People are so shocked to allow an 11 year old to do this. If YOUR 11 year old is too incompetent, just say that :woman_facepalming: Every kid is different. Some of us have smart mature kids we can trust :joy: I literally trust my 11 year old with my 7 month baby more than I trust my 14 & 13 year olds… :eyes:

Wow yall… i was 12 watching my sister who is 8 years younger than me AND her friends AT the neighborhood pool. GASP


I’d pay her $15 or $20 for the 2 hrs.

To young to babysit, in mass. you have to be 13.

Since you are going to be in the home working and your child understands that Auntie is there to keep her occupied while you work, I would think $12 per hour is adequate. 11 is too young to baby sit alone, in my opinion, but occupying your little one so you can get something done in house seems like great experience for when she is older. Also, have pizza or ice cream and cookies for a treat.

For those saying she isn’t old enough, OP said they work FROM HOME, therefore, the sister would not be alone in the home with the children. As for your question, for two hours I think 20 would be fair. I was 12 when I babysat for the first time, and 10/hr is what I charged.


20.00 would make her happy

$20 is good! Or $22-25 as a tip($2-5). It all depends on what you can afford. But you also want to keep the childs ego in check. So too much can be an issue.

I’d let her earn credit towards something she wants . Say she wants an expensive hoodie for back to school or a fancy pair of runners , each hour she helps out is $10 dollars towards the item . It’s slowly teaching her to earn something , and the money she would of earned doesn’t go towards silly stuff like candy and stuff . It also helps you in two ways , you’d have to of boughten the wished for item at some point , and paid for helping this way she’s working towards it .

She works from home ppl !! Good grief .:woman_facepalming:
I would pay her $10 an hour. (Could be $12 to $15… based on your budget ofc)
What a great thing to do for your baby sis :heart:

There are so many people that don’t read the whole post and that’s VERY annoying. She’s not asking about what the laws are or anything else. She’s asking what a decent pay would be.
Maybe daycare isn’t an option right now, maybe her younger sister would like to babysit in the future and she is letting her help with her daughter to learn the ins and outs. This is 2023 not the 70’s, 80’s,90’s anymore. Things have changed.
In my opinion I would talk to her parents first to figure out an amount and then you could all set down and discuss it so there isn’t any room for misunderstanding. You will all be on the same page.

10 to 15… if you trust her to watch her while you work. You are there if there is anything that she needs help with.

5 an hour if you can afford to go.put u can afford to pay

A lot of y’all seriously lack reading comprehension

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SHE’S WORKING FROM HOME…read the freaking post dear Lord :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming: she is 11 years old, entertaining a 4 year old while an adult is present IN THE HOME…maybe some of you can hire the 11 year old to teach you how to read :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:


The amount of people commenting in this post that dont even have kids is like wow !! All im gunna say is if your from
Canada no problem bubs !! Do what cha want ! I was 13 taking care of 3-7 kids at a time ! If you trust her and she knows your child good ! Id say like 20$ a day unless you want her to do house chores for you and clean etc :hugs:

I can’t remember that long ago, but I think we did $10 for the time she watched our youngest when she was a baby

In Australia, its illegal. If you aren’t physically present.
If you are home ,I’d say we are family we look after each other.

10 bucks. It’s family. Or 20 if you can afford it and being more a gift.
I babysat at 11.

Comprehension is your friend not your enemy…

She works from home
Her little sister would be keeping an eye on the child

$10/hr. She’ll mostly be entertaining the 4 year old while you work.

I would NOT EVER have an 11 year old baby sit a 2 year old. A baby sitter need to be at LEAST 14 to baby sit and personally I would be more comfortable with 16. 11? Never!!

None to young to babysit, want to lose your kids cps would be at your front door,that young not old enough to do it she a child too

And I bet they pester you anyway while you are working.Unless you pretend you leave.

Man…. It really helps if you read the entire post before commenting……

I started babysitting when I was 11. I was home alone with my sister after school every other week, and I babysat for my little cousins and other little ones on our street. 11 is definitely not too young, unless u don’t feel the child is responsible enough for that…$10/hr seems fair these days.

Really surprised by the number of comments saying 11 is too young.
My 11 year old son babysits. He has his babysitting certificate, CPR and first aid training… it all depends on the child.

Anyways, I’d say 15-20