How often are your kids with their grandparents?

How often are your kids with their grandparents? Without you present.I swear most my friends, the grandparents have their kids more than they do lol. So im just curious.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How often are your kids with their grandparents?

We live with my mom. So she sees him every single day. When we didn’t live with her she would pick him up and take him for a whole weekend even when she lived 2 hours away I would take him to her if she wanted to see him. I never went out or did anything when he was at her place and just cleaned stayed home and chilled.

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Never. We don’t live near them and they don’t know my kids well enough for me to feel comfortable leaving my kids alone with them when we do visit. But we also rarely get a babysitter either.

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I’m a Great Grandparent who lives close to 6 of our 17 Great Grandchildren and we are very active in their lives. Watch any number of them at least 4 days a week. They are great kids an we love spending the time with them!

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My parents and in-laws live in different states so not too often. Sometimes I’ll send my kids during summer/winter to stay for a week or two with my mom. She has a small farm lol

Wish they all lived closer tbh :joy:

I live a little over an hour away from my daughter and grandson. I take him at least twice a month, Friday night to Sunday afternoon. If I didn’t work full time I would have him more. We meet halfway! I love spending time with him!

Anytime I ask pretty much but I am considerate of their time and their patience and I help with whatever they need being money or running errands or fixing up their house. My 8 year old gets picked up from school by my dad every day and stays with them anytime she wants but my baby only if I have an emergency for a few hours tops

With my daughter we lived there for the a year between age 1-2. After I moved outI didn’t drive and my mom worked full time…so she never went unless I went too. Around 5 when she was more self sufficient it was almost every weekend through grade school. Now that my mom is retired and we live right around the corner she gets my niece a few times a week (sister and fam live with me)

My mom will keep my 3 year old for a few hours for doctors appointments & important things I need to do then every once in a while overnight. And then she keeps my 7 year old about twice a week where she lives 2 miles from his school & it saves me some gas money thankfully

Once a week my youngest visits her grandparents for a few hours. My older two it was less often (different dad, so different grandparents) more like once a month they’d stay the weekend. My mom would have spent every single day with them if she was able to, she just wasn’t well, and isn’t around anymore.

My husband’s dad visits every Sunday. His mom maybe every other week. I take my son to my mom’s every Thursday, and she babysits once a month so my husband and I can go out for lunch or a movie or something. But he never stays the night away and when we go out it’s never dor more than 3/4 hrs at the most.

I pretty much have to beg my mom to keep my kids. I can get her to keep them for an hour or two every once and a while. My dad keep them once while i was sick his girlfriend helped him I was up stairs they were downstairs but other then that never. So…
My mom once told me “I didn’t tell you to have all these kids” I only have two. Smh now that I’m older I know now why my sister and I lived with my grandparents til we were in middle school!

Like never. My daughter used to stay the night with one grandma quite often but that stopped and my son doesn’t stay with anyone. Not by choice he is 11 and never wants to go anywhere.

My mom and step dad take my two oldest kids in the summer. Sometimes for a week sometimes for up to 4. It really varies. They live a few hours away.

My inlaws havent seen my kids in over 2 years and haven’t watched any of my kids in over 4 years. They live 10 minutes away.

My 2 year old only once in awhile for one or two hours they babysit for like date night or something. My teen likes to go over there like every other weekend.

My son is almost 2 and the first time he’s gone with grandpa was in September lol . We’re so attached to each other I like him home w me . But my dad expressed wanting to have his own relationship w him so Since then he’s gone twice , for one night on beginning of Oct and this past weekend went OT w grandparents. Once or twice a month is more than enough for me . I miss my baby when he’s not w me :weary:

My mom tried to get my oldest every other weekend and did for years now we have a younger one so I’m waiting for her to start taking her too😅

Our daughter gets dropped off at my parents every school day at 6:15, my mom takes her to kindergarten at 8:15 for us. She has a sleepover maybe once a month foar us to have a date night

Do you mean take them for the night without you or like hangout with everyone as a hole? Or somewhere in between?

Both set’s of grandparents (for our kid’s) do it differently. But also both set’s of grandparents live very different lifestyles, and different personalities. Neither is better then the other, there just different.

I wish mine would hang out with my kids more lol they live 10 minutes down the road and we barely see them

Technically always haha. My dad lives with my husband and I. My mom and my husbands parents are all dead. So my dad is his only grandparent. When I was working my dad would take him to school and pick him up 3 days a week. That’s about it tho lol.

My parents take care of our daughter while we are at work. So weekends/vacation for our 8 hrs and school days from 630 to about 9 when she goes to school. Otherwise she is with us if one of us isn’t at work.

My daughter is with my parents 4 days and 3 nights, some weeks. I work three nights a week

I’m a grandparent and I get might every other weekend if possible… . Lol more if possible.

My parents rotate one if not two out of 3 kids each weekend. My mom house sits and keeps all 3 kids one weekend every 2-4 months so my husband and I can recharge our batteries and have us time.

Almost never. Except during this pregnancy while I was in hospital and husband was with me

Not often, especially not during the school year but it’s more of a schedule issue between everyone, not because nobody wants it. All of their grandparents would take them for the day with no problems.

0 amount of time because 3/4 of them are passed and one has dementia and lives in a nursing home.

Never unless my inlaws babysit for me on occasion

My parents and grandma used to be our childcare while we worked. So they had them Monday through Friday 9-6 (they rotated days/times). We moved about an hour away so they don’t anymore. They’ll get the kids maybe one or two weekends a month for a night.

My daughter and grandkids live with me, so I get to see my babies all the time!!!

My mom keeps all 6 of her grandchildren once a week. Esther Friday night or Saturday night.

I walk two of my grandchildren to school in the morning, and pick them up after school.

Rarely. Only if we reach out to get it planned. We find it pretty disheartening tbh

I keep my grandson who is 1, a couple times a week. Now he has a new sister and I’m ready to keep her too🤗

Few times a year. They see them many many times. But overnights only a few times a year.

I’m a gma to 7…I have at least 1 5 to 6 evenings a week.

Never until they were 7 and asked to stay the night. That might happen twice a year.

14 hrs a week, while we are at work. The rest of time I’m always there.

rarely. We live 30 mins away from both grandmas.

Whenever they ask. Lol. Sometimes it’s a lot and sometimes it’s never.

Usually about 24 hours a week

Maybe one weekend every other month! :woman_shrugging:t3:

Maybe once a year on the odd occasion :woman_shrugging:

My kids when grandparents ask for them or kids ask to go over there mostly on weekends occasional weekends

One set of them never, other maybe once a year for just a few hours

Don’t compare yourself to others.

Pssshhh unfortunately I don’t have that luxury. The grandparents that are alive have proven they can’t be trusted with my kids without me present.

Last time I left them with my MIL the youngest was just under a year old. She agreed to keep them while we took a 4 day trip to Arlington to attend the internment of a soldier. When we got home I had to spend 2 days reassuring my older girls that me still breastfeeding my youngest was perfectly safe and healthy. My MIL who never even attempted to breastfeed had spent the entire 4 days telling my 3 oldest that I should have already weaned the baby and that nursing that long was unhealthy and dangerous.

That was 5 years ago. 2 years ago, while I was present, she pulled my oldest daughter off into a room away from me to tell my daughters boyfriend (on face time) that she did not raise my husband to be the way he is and that it was my bad influence. Daughter got pissed and yelled absolutely not as she stormed out of the room. At the same time my husband came in asking his mom what her problem was. We haven’t seen her since and it’s been so nice. My kids are better off with no grandparents than with toxic, narcissistic grandparents. :woman_shrugging:t4:

Literally twice his entire 13 months of life.