How often do babies eat?

How often, and much do you feed your baby, and how old is your babe? Yes I know the guidelines & how much I feed mine, but just curious to see what other babies are eating. Mine is 7 months old.


My baby is 2 months old and she gets between 3-4 oz per meal, 8 meals a day.
Sometimes she gets 5 when she’s super hungry.

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My 11 month old still eats every 3 hours-ish. Usually solids, then a 6oz bottle a little afterwards.

My 10 month old has breakfast lunch and dinner and still takes a 8oz bottle 6 times a day

Mine is 3mo, eats 4.5oz til bedtime then usually eats about 9oz, sleeps through the night, then 4.5oz every 3 again

My son is 1 month almost 2 and he eats about 4.5 - 5 oz every 3 hrs

My son is three years old but at 7 months old I use to feed my son 3-4 bottles with 2 “meals” whether it was baby food, oatmeal or mashed up table food.

My almost 6 month old eats 6 oz bottles about every 3 hours. When he eats baby food he’s eating 4oz of foor and a 4oz bottle. My bub has been a big eater since he was born.

My 7 week old will eat 1 1/2 oz up to 2 1/2 oz some times every 2 hours some times every 3 hours… I cant get her to take more than the 2.5 oz at a time

Mine came out of the hospital drinking 4oz every 2 hours but by 7 months they were drinking 8oz every 4 hours about.

I always fed whenever he was hungry. I didn’t believe in starving him if he wanted To nurse. It’s a bit harder to tell how much he’s taking in with breast milk so I always just did it based off him and it worked out well for us.

Two mountain dews, half a pack of oreos and a full bag of cheetos and then for dinner 1 whole rotisserie chicken and a side of potatoes with cheesecake as dessert
ages 9, 5 and 3


My 1.5 year old eats breakfast with 4 snacks through out the day with lunch and dinner

My not even 2 month old eat 6 oz ever 4ish hours he’s been a big eater since he was born his first hour of birth he ate both ounces within the hour

5 weeks old and he guzzles down 3-4oz every 3 hours or so.

My son is 2mn and eats 4oz every two or 2 every hr

My 8 month old gets 4 8oz bottles a day, with one or two solid food meals in between.

My 9mo eats 3 meals a day. Usually what ever im eating. But he eats grits, eggs, biscuit and gravy, sausage, bananas, chicken, pork chops, veggies, rice, spaghetti etc just in smaller portions. And drinks an 8oz cup around 4 to 5 times a day. Maybe sips on some apple juice/water at lunch.

At 6 months old my nephew eats stage 2 baby food 3-4 cups a day can eat some table food and gets formula/ juice on demand. My daughter was the same at that age

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Feed them when they’re hungry
Feed them enough to fill them up

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7 months old my son was drinking 9 oz of furmula ever 4 hours and eatting 1 to 2 tubs of baby food a day along with a tabel food snack once a day. Hes now one and eats tabel food like no other! Eats 3 meals a day 2 snacks atleast 18 oz of juice/ water and 20oz of milk

I let my daughter tell me when she was hungry. I can’t tell her she’s every so many hours :roll_eyes:

I feed her on demand. She will take anywhere from 4-6 oz every 4 ish hours. We also give her whatever we are having at meal times.

My newborn(week and a day old) goes from wanting to eat every 3-4 hours to wanting to snack every 30 minutes-hour. I spoil my babies with the titty :grin:

2 months old and sometimes I just give him one tit. Other times he takes both tits. Just depends on if he wants both or not :woman_shrugging:t2:


My 7 almost 8 month old is eating breakfast, lunch , supper and bedtime snack, with a little snack In between , and has 2-3 8 ounce bottles a day during nap time and bedtime…
she’s on solid foods.

1 boob when ever she wants! :joy::joy: I breastfed on demand, no bottles for us. She is 12 months. It was the same with my oldest

You’ll learn what to feed your baby. I think every baby is different. However, keep track of what he/she is eating

My daughter is 8 months and gets a 5 ounces of water 2 and a half scoops of formula 2 scoops of rice and a jar of babyfood in her bottle twice a day then she eats real food during the day in between bottles

If he’s hungry then I’d fed him

I have 7 month twins. They eat solids in the am usually 1 jar then maybe some oatmeal…then a 6oz bottle. They usually eat 2 4oz jars of baby food for lunch followed by 6 more ounces of milk then I do another 2 4oz jars at dinner then a 8oz bottle for bed time.
Somedays they eat a little more or less but basically that the gist. Every kid is different feed them until they’re full. My son will spit it out when he is done. My daughter has the jaws of life and just wont open when shes done. You’ll learn your baby.

My ten month old baby girl eats three meals a day plus a snack once a day and I still breastfeed her whenever she wants it which is a few times a day and a couple times at night

When my kids were that age…they would get a bottle. First thing in the am. Or BF(was only able to BF my daughter) then when I ate breakfast she ate yogurt and some type of fruit in baby food form. Then they would be fed a bottle or I would BF in between breakfast and lunch…then they would eat solids with me for lunch and so on and so forth :slight_smile:

7 months old mine was eating Gerber oatmeal mixed with formula for.breakfast and usually took a 4 oz bottle or cup with it. Lunch baby food with a 4-6 oz cup or bottle, dinner he would get a food and dessert baby food the. 4-6 oz.cup or bottle. I found he was hungry about every 2 hours so I fed him as required to satisfy his needs. I offered baby food along with cup and or bottle.

My baby is 2 months old and she gets between 3-4 oz per meal, 8 meals a day.
Sometimes she gets 5 when she’s super hungry.

My (almost) 6 month old breastfeeds on demand but it’s usually every 2 hours give or take. If she’s drinking a bottle she’ll eat anywhere from 4-6 ounces. We haven’t really started solids yet.

One month and eating 2-3 ounces every three hours

7 months and eats everything we eat :slight_smile: but less spicy ( i wash her meal) lol

My 8 mo old nurses for 15 minutes every 2.5-3 hours. And will occasionally have a baby cookie :woman_shrugging:t2: