How often do babies need tummy time?

how often does your baby have tummy time? is tummy time needed?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How often do babies need tummy time?

Reach out to your pediatrician & they can help you with that.

Talk to your pediatrician but ours says 3 times a day for 5 minutes each time.

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Even laying on your chest on there tummy is counted as tummy time


Started mine at 2 months getting tummy time, at first just a few minutes but the time grew day by day as they got stronger.


Put the baby on your chest . Skin to skin contact and tummy time all in one


I agree with all of these. I was told up to 30 minutes throughout the day. Whether it’s on ur chest or on the ground. They also have toys to help with tummy time now.

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20 to 30 minites combined. Throughout the dat.

Every day. 5 minutes at a time 3 times a day. It helps build their muscles so that can hold themselves up, and reach other milestones like crawling, balance to sit up, reaching and grabbing, holding their bottle, etc.

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I give my 10 wk old tummy time several times throughout the day. She doesn’t like it much, I don’t really time her but we’re doing it. Little by little :slightly_smiling_face:


We started tummy time as soon as we got home from the hospital. He would be on his tummy until he became upset and then we would pick him back up, or put him on his back. He is nearly 4 months old now, rolls from front to back, close to rolling back to front. Can sit up by himself for short periods and holds his head up with complete control.


Mine son hates tummy time. Until he rolled over on his own I didn’t make him go on his tummy…. Now you can’t keep him off of his tummy….

Bigger question! When is my tummy time!?

I do it for a few mins multiple times a day. And we started it right after we got home from the hospital

Babies can have tummy time right away. Either on your chest or on the floor. I put my kids on the floor on blankets with toys. I’ve read some babies don’t like it. My kids loved it. It gave them a chance to look around and reach for their toys as they grew older. They learned to turn over and to commando crawl early. They were really good.

As much as possible. Tummy time is extremely important for muscle strength and development. With my first, I did a few hours of tummy time every day. She was walking independently by 9 months old.

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There’s lots of ways to do “tummy time” but they need it a few minutes many times a day

My first boy loved it and stayed on his tummy so long he would fall asleep :joy: my second I started with 30seconds to a minute at a time every few hours in between changes and feedings. Currently we go for about 10-15 after increasing every week or so. Now he seems to want to skip crawling altogether and he’s barely 2 months :woman_facepalming: I’ll stand him up, full support for his upper body and head / neck, and he tries to take steps.

It’s very important for strength and development

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Yes tummy time is good

Every day form birth a few times a day. Start out doing yummy time belly to belly