How often do you and your kid eat out?

How often do you and your littles eat out? It’s just me and my daughter and some nights it’s easier to just grab something quick but I’m trying to manage my money better. So the better question to ask would be is what’s your spending limit a week on food (for 2)


IMO, whether you have to budget or not, figuring out how to prepare quick, delicious meals is a struggle many of us have. Maybe suggestions on meals that can be made/pre-made and easily reheated without compromising flavor? For example; one ‘go-to’ in our home are chicken buffalo wraps. We use frozen breaded tenders and cook them in the air fryer. By the time those are finished cooking, I can have my lettuce, onion and tomato chopped (or whatever you like). Add some pre-shredded cheese and whatever sauce you like and wrap it up.

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If you’re uk there’s allot of places where kids can eat for free at the moment. Especially with it being the Easter break :slightly_smiling_face:

When I was living in the city, it was way to easy to eat way more than we ever should have. Now that I live in a smaller town, it’s easier to manage. I have a family of 4 plus all the extra kids my kids bring home. Lol

We budget 200 a week for a family of 5 this is Canadian I live in a small town so options for eating out are extremely limited I keep freezer to oven meals for when we don’t have time or I don’t feel like cooking this could be a frozen pre made but at home mac and cheese or lasagna ect

My daughter and I eat out as often as I can afford to, I try to at least take her two times a month ( one day every other week )
She gets to pick most of the time.
We went out to eat once a week a while ago but groceries are getting so expensive, and even fast food rest prices are getting insanely expensive as well .

Wendys is a great option they still have a 4 and a 5 dollars meals that include everything, burger , fries and the drink ( if my place to go if my budget is tie )

Once in a blue moon. We rarely can afford it :woman_shrugging:
I honestly don’t get how people can eat out so much.
Although we are on food stamps and I am so very grateful for that. I also enjoy cooking so it’s okay.
We spend about 150 on groceries per week. Family of 4 sometimes 5 (ones a baby though)

Depending on how old your kid is. Take advantage of places where kids eat free with adult entree. It will definitely make eating out cheaper.

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We hardly go out to eat or get take out it’s just so expensive. There’s 4 of us & easily we’d spend on average $50, depending on where we go but even the cheapest places we spend that much.

One a month we go big shopping $300-$400 at a time then about on average $100-$150 every week to keep up with what we run out of

Really can’t afford to eat out, it’s been quite a while since we have.

Because people have incomes that are all across the board…and food cost may vary depending on location…I imagine you’ll get a variety of answers. I work in financial planning…great job by recognizing this is an area you might be able to tighten up the budget. I suggest you download a budgeting app or you can Google budgeting planner to help you figure out what a reasonable amount to spend is, based on your income and financial goals. Good luck Mama :heart:

Way too often honestly :sweat_smile: after work its so much easier to just grab something because I get off work close to her bedtime.

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On just food out to eat or groceries?