How often do you and your partner go on a date kid free?

How often do you and your partners go out on a date kid free? I feel like it’s so tough to do with all of the kid activities.


My wife and I go for dates twice a month plus alone time at home to watch a show or go for a walk at least once a week.
It’s so important for us and our family.
The kids get family outings at least once a month for bigger paid things, and then each get a one on one date with us moms once a month.

Never lol we do champagne and a movie after the kids goto bed

I was with my spouse 35 years and we had a date night at least once a month when they were young and added more as they got older

We go every couple of weeks.

Never. Our dates are usually when they’re asleep and we watch a movie. We don’t have family to watch them for that and or don’t trust a babysitter :upside_down_face:

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we try every month, he’s in a band so we usually use gigs as excuses to go out. We have dinner together and spend time just us before he plays .

Once every couple years maybe

We do at home date nights. We pick a movie, show, play a card game, or we play old school Nintendo. We buy take out and snacks. Have some drinks and just regroup. Its hard with 4 kids. After their in bed we do this. We’ve been doing this for several years now


Rarely ever kid free, maybe once every few months lol. We take our kids everywhere.

Once a year if were lucky!

Try to schedule at least once every two weeks or once a week. Depending on schedules at least once a month. Prioritize yourselves for once.

At least once every 6 weeks on average. Sometimes it’s 2 weekends in a row, sometimes there’s 2 months in between, but on average we go every 6 weeks

Not often enough, maybe once every few years.
But we’ve been together 8.5 years and no divorces in sight here lol. We’re doing just fine

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If you don’t prioritize your relationship you won’t have one. Your kids need you to have a healthy and solid relationship with your partner more than you realize. Too many people are prioritizing the kids over everything else and then wonder where it all went wrong. Happy Healthy Parents produce Happy Healthy Children.


Our Anniversary. Hard to get away with a special needs adult child who needs full care


The last time I was 9 months pregnant. Our youngest is nearly 4 :sweat_smile: still no complaints, I prefer not to pawn my kids off.

Never. Eldest is almost 6

Try at least once a month… Even if it’s just to the grocery store and a quick sit down dinner, it will help. For us, the ride alone without kids is reviving and the conversations are GREAT.

We get out alone maybe once a year. Don’t have any family though so makes it harder to find someone.

Our biggest issue is finding a sitter, so date night is far and few between. :confused:

What’s a kid free date :sweat_smile::joy:

Maybe once or twice a year…we just do dates at home after the kids are in bed.

We are having a kid free evening this weekend (1 night only) for the first time since this time last year. It’s our anniversary & the only time I ask my parents to keep all 3 of mine at the same time bc they are full of life & can be a handful lol she takes them sporadically throughout the year, sometimes 2 at a time sometimes 1, I would say a handful of times during the year, but on this weekend only we get a night to just focus on us and it is much needed by the time it rolls around. We are celebrating 8 years married this weekend & we usually go out for a simple dinner but I honestly think this year we are not even doing that. We are ordering in and staying home bc life has been so hectic and we are so ready for time together alone that we aren’t wasting time going out :slightly_smiling_face:

Prob every 6 months if we have a event other than a planned event we don’t go out as no baby sitter, pretty impossible if u don’t have anyone for kids and think a lot couples with kids in same boat, but we do have a lot time together as kids spend a lot time in rooms doing whatever lol x

Out out? Shit maybe 4-6 a year. But after our 3 littles are in bed for the night we hangout almost every single night. Listen to music watch our shows and movies. Maybe smoke have some Drinks. Laugh ect

When GenXers were kids, parents didn’t attend every single game and practice for every kid. They dropped them off at practice and ran errands. They carpooled with other parents on some game nights.

As families have shrunk, every child gets more 1:1 attention. Little known fun fact: today’s children get more 1:1 time than kids in the 1950s did.

It’s out of control. Parents are hovering too much. Kids aren’t becoming independent. It’s a huge over-correction.

Marriages must come first, with kids a very close second. Not so fun fact: divorce rates spike soon after the last child leaves home. The parents have little in common after devoting all their time to work and child rearing. It’s not working.

In other words, MAKE time for date night at LEAST twice per month. You’re doing it for the kids as much as for yourselves.


Lol if not once a year, never.

Very seldomly. I think we have had two nights the last year where we did something just us two for a bit. So usually our time together is when the baby goes to bed and we hang out watching our shows, making late dinners or baking cooking and movies. :yellow_heart:

My heart break for all of you. We
Go once to twice a month. Usually when I have to work on Saturdays my MIL will take the boys over night Friday.

My mom once told me that the key to a healthy relationship is time together(alone), and time apart to be your own person.

Atleast once a month we do dinner or a movie or something like that. It’s so important to prioritize time together even if you have to do something at home or something more affordable.

My husband and I haven’t had a kid free day since we had our first 11 years ago, we probably do need a date night but we had over 6 years with it just being us with no kids. Even our anniversary we take our kids with us :woman_shrugging:t4:

Well we have 4 girls 8 and under so never. Actually this year for our anniversary it was the first time we went out alone in 4+ years lmao. We have strict bedtime rules no one comes down after 8pm. That way me and him get a few hours every night to watch a movie or tv or game or anything really as long as it’s in the house lol. 12 years it’s been working for us and people are often jelly of our connection… But it’s simple. Just make sure you normalize hanging out kidless even if it’s at home. We don’t live near family and I’m a sahm so no baby sitter budget lol.

At least once a month we do date night or date day/over nignt away no kids no gran kids just us x

6 years ago lol due to disabled child needing constant care x