How often do you bathe your babies?

Babygirl is 7 weeks old how often do you bathe your babies this young ?


I did every night at that age to try & get him into a routine. I didn’t use soap every time tho. Most times I would just let him sit there cause he loved the water & still does at almost 8 months old.

I bathe my 1 month old every other day.

Every 3-4 days or so unless a bath was a necessity (as in baby was visibly soiled and bath was required) some docs recommend 1 a week.

I incorporated what I called a cleanup routine into bedtime routine on non bath nights including a massage.
Every child may vary though. My middle was only bathing every other or two days when she was a toddler up until 3 cuz her skin was so dry and sensitive. My youngest is now one 1/2 and typically bathes every other or every day because he’s sooooo messy.

Bathing was part of my bedtime routine right from the start.
I gave them a nice warm bath right before bed but only used soap once or twice a week. The rest of the time I just used water.
Then lotion and powder (not talc). It helped get them into the night/day routine.


Every 3 days or so unless they really need it as in pooped out of their diaper up their back or down their legs or up their belly!

We spent a long time in the nicu and thats what they did there too. I asked a lot if I could bathe her more but they said its not healthy and its safer and protocol to only do a deep bathing weekly for newborns

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Ya weekly, they dont get that dirty as not moving around - clean inside mouth (gums) and face as needed during the day. Obviously if they get sick (puke) or have blowouts then would need a bath more often.


Once to twice a week as was recommended by peds.


Our doctor said 1-2 a week is plenty because they aren’t doing much to get dirty or anything like that. Bathing too often can dry our their skin and strip it. Just make sure you’re wiping down their rolls (if they have any) and wiping their neck often.


Nice warm bath almost every night. I didn’t always use soap… After wards lots of lavender and chamomile baby magic lotion :blush:


My son was a spitter so he got one every day- spit up smells gross, my girls got one every other day

It depends. My sister, legit, literally everyday :woozy_face: I on the other hand… Not :joy::heart_hands: if they stink or I can’t remember the last time I bathed them. But I shower them. Not bath. And my sister will not shower them, she uses a bath.

My daughter’s 3 every day she gets a bath


Every 3 days. As bathing everyday can dry out their skin & my baby already has eczema as it is.


Once a week unless super nasty for baby under a year, 1-4 twice a week unless needed otherwise.

Showered under water daily. No soaps until 1. No shampoo yet at 5.

Full body twice a week. Under neck and diaper area daily if needed. Just to avoid too moist of an area for yeast to grow. You want to keep those areas fresh.


1-2 times a week at that age, unless needed. They have terribly delicate skin at that age and it dries out so easily. Sponge bath in between wash days. I also found it so much easier to have a shower with them (have a face towel under them for grip).
Now my baby’s older (9m), he has a bath every night, sometimes twice a day because his food literally goes everywhere but his mouth haha. He has a bath now too because “toys+fun”.

Not lying btw, I found scrambled egg in his bum crack today :rofl::rofl::rofl:.

Once or twice a week. Sponge off in between. Babies skin doesn’t make oil like ours does. You will dry them out bathing too often.


Omfg I don’t have my glasses on and thought this post said “how often do you BATTLE your babies” and afyer reading the comments and figuring out my error I can’t stop laughing right now :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Our specialists, obgyn, and pediatricians all said weekly is great unless they are really soiled as the new skin gets dry and ripped easily, they said after 6 months, swap to every few days, then as toddlers every other day unless EXTREMELY sweaty or dirty.

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My son freaked out at baths as a newborn (we were pretty inept new parents when we gave him his first bath in the sink) so we’d put the baby tub on top of the dishwasher and run it and keep the lights low—maybe just the stove light on—so he’d be more comfortable. Vibrations, steam, quiet—sometimes he’d fall asleep! We kept a warm washcloth on his body as we used another to wash him.

He graduated to a sponge form that cradled him in the bathtub as he outgrew the baby bath and then became a little whale in the tub as he got older. Both my kids grew to love bath time.

The sitter used to wash him at the warmest point in the day, then dry him off & put baby-safe cream all over him before diapering and dressing him. My daughter just followed her brother’s lead. I’d say “Time for a b-“ and there’d be two little piles of clothes on the floor as they ran squealing to the tub. :smile:

1-2 times a week if breastfed and every other day if formula fed. Soap once a week, water baths for the rest.

Every few days … unless they puke or poop everywhere

Every other night! My little one has severe eczema so we always soak in the tub. I always thought it would dry the skin out but the dermatologist told me it’s actually good for the skin to soak in water and just pat dry :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Every 3-4 days? That’s nasty. Every day before bed