How often do your babies nap?

How many naps does your 1 year old have? The past week or two my little man has either only been having 1 nap or no naps and hes getting so grumpy


My lg has only ever had one nap since she was born she is almost 2 now and hardly ever takes a nap now. I think it depends on the child to be honest

Use to be 2 naps but around 14 months it went to 1 .
Sometimes he dosnt take a nap and goes to bed early. Hes 17 months now

My little guy is 8 months and has to take 2 naps a day and maybe a cat nap too otherwise his crankiness level is insane. He requires sleep to be happy. Still goes to bed at a decent hour though. I say whatever works for you and your little one.

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Make sure you keep to a schedule it helps alot it depends on if they are teething or over tired. 1 year olds usually take 1 or 2 naps both are short or one big one. Mine to almost 2 hours when she was 1 now she’s 2 an take maybe a half hour or 1 hour nap

My son stopped taking naps at about 18 months.

1 nap for mine… he’s 18 months. Gets up by 7ish, lays down from 12:30 to usually 3pm. In bed for the night by 7:30

I can tell you want this 66 yr takes. If not working, I usually take a quick 45-60 minute nap after doing my 6-7 mile walk & afterwards I’m not a bit grumpy. I had a hard time on & off getting my kids at 1 yrs old to take a nap. But if I brought them outside to play, they NEVER had any trouble going down for a nap after lunch & usually slept little longer than a hr :slight_smile:

My baby is 11 months she still does 2. I don’t remember when my 3 year old went to 1 but it was before she was 2. It’s when they start walking I think. They are too busy getting into everything to have time for 2 naps.

One nap at 1. By just after 2 no naps

My oldest took 2 naps until 2 and is now 3.5 and takes 1 a day.

2, mine didn’t drop to 1 nap until about 14/15 months

My son is 13 months and we do either 1 or 2 a day. It really just depends on our schedule and how he is. I think we’re holding on to the 2 naps more than he is but he gets cranky at night with just 1 nap during the day.