How often do your kids stay at their grandparents?

How often if ever do your kids spend nights at their grandparents house?


My little girl (2.5) stays at my mums every other week and my dads once a month

Never. My parents never ask for my kids much less see them. My kids couldn’t pick out their grandparents if they were standing in front of them.


As often as my parents would invite them to. My mom typically asks a couple times a month and I try not to turn her away because they love the time with her. She tries to have them over individually so they have one on one time with her.


Sadly enough… never… :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging: my family just isn’t like other families… I have my kids 24/7… unless they are at school. I wish it was different… but it’s not. So… I just keep it moving… nothing I can do about it.


When my oldest was younger, before school age, he was with his Gma 50% of the time. Once he started school, it went to every other weekend. Now that we have moved away, it’s whenever we can travel her way. This year, she didn’t get to see him, last year though, he had a really good visit. Now I’m just thinking it’s someone se turn to Travel our way.

Hardly ever. My son pretty much lived with them because they traveled for my dads job and he wanted to go with them. But how I have both my kids full time and hardly ever ask for help. My son stays home now period he won’t stay anywhere else

Ummm it’s been probably 7 or 8 years since they spent the night. They only see them a handful of times throughout the year.


I love every minute of it

When they were smaller (they are 9 and 13) they were frequently with my dad and stepmom. They watched them for us every time we went out and one day a week during the summer. Once they were each 5 yrs old they starting spending one week during the summer with my in-laws. My dad passed away in 2020 and we are able to leave them home together now so my stepmom doesn’t watch them as much and they aren’t as comfortable going to my in laws

I’m a Gma to 7 grandkiddos. My policy is always if the kids or their parents ask as long as I don’t have work the next day if it’s the 3 littles (ages 4, 3 and 1) the door is open and they can stay anytime. The older 4 (ages 13, 12, 10 and 8 ) can stay anytime even if I have to work as I work from a home office.

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My youngest one comes to stay with me every weekend the older one used too also but now he is a teenager and has better things to do

My child is 3 and so far never. We tried a few times but he gets upset for me and no one wants to deal with it so probably never

My children have a great relationship with their grandparents, with my mil, if they could go over every day to visit they would! They take turns having sleepovers on weekends with her, I’m happy they have such a great relationship :blush:

I try to let my kids see their grandparents often. Their grandparents love them to bits❤️

Never….lol we live next door to our in laws though. So when I was in labor with my youngest my MIL just stayed at our house with them and they can sleep in their own beds that way :woman_shrugging:t2::joy:

Never. When my oldest was younger it was pretty often because my oldest and sister are close in age.

Every other Friday they stay with their grandma and grandpa after work/school Friday and come home Saturday before noon. Sometimes they choose to stay home instead.
They don’t stay at my moms house and their dad’s mom does not wish to know them :woman_shrugging:t3:

Every other weekend. My mom & step dad get her Friday night then bring her home Sunday afternoon twice a month.

When my boys were younger (they are 20,19 and 17 now) they stayed every weekend from Friday night until Sunday mid afternoon. My parents wanted that. Now my parents live with me so my daughter (7) sees them everyday.

Mine are all grown
But I loved having them when we could

Mine go to my ex in-laws every friday. They are very involved. My mom lives with me and watches them when i work etc.

Up until my son was 3 he spent 1-2 nights a week with my parents so I could have time for myself.

Not too often, but my dad lives next door so they are always over there.

Me and my mom are super close and spend a lot of time all together. (mind you I don’t drive and she helps us get around) but oddly enough they don’t stay the night very often. It could be more but realistically maybe once a month

Prob 3x a week. We live beside my parents & they are crazy about my children. I let the girls stay with them whenever they want. :slightly_smiling_face:

my boy sleeps over on needed basis! but we go over there almost every weekend!

My family is a bit different and dont get the opportunity but once a year

Every weekend and school break lmao my kids come home and tell me their plans…they’re 10 11 and 14

A handful of times a year

I have my two grandson pretty much anytime I want them for sleep overs ,

My parents take my son everyother weekend

How much are ye charged out of interest .(might sound insane but just wondering)

My house is always open to my grandkids and they stay whenever they want. Problem is GiGis house is boring lol.

My oldest is 4, youngest is 5 months. My oldest goes pretty much anytime he wants or anytime they want him. Usually at least one sleepover a week. They love having him. My youngest hasn’t gone for a sleepover yet because he’s a tiddy baby and no one but me can feed him :rofl:

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when ever she ask for them i run there to drop them off :slight_smile: but she went back to her country now and will not be back for at leastva year :frowning: i miss her help so much. she slept there like once a week

I like to try to get my babies at least every other month for the weekend…they are all pretty grown 10 being the youngest now…so kind of hard to schedule sometimes

Never. We get zero time off.

Never. Not that we wouldn’t allow it, but there’s been no reason for it yet. Plus my in laws live about an hour away in the next province.

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I would let my son stay with my mom anytime our schedule lines up and money (she’s two hours away one way) bbbbuuuutttttt that other side tho…… no… just no way in hell…. Hell would freeze over 50 times and be a safe haven before that happens.

My 10 year old son and 2 year old daughter stayed with my mom once when we got married for 2 or 3 days. Otherwise never!